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Worldline is a French payment and transactional services company founded in 1970.


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Jaromír Kijonka says

"To add a new project takes ages - over 3 months. Terrible communication! Stay away from them!"

Hubert Lvf says

"Phone support is horrible: you wait 30 min, then they tell you that you needed a code of 4 digits to make a certain request and hang up. you then have to call another line to get that code. Really hate them forever now."

Luca Proculo Gentile says

"I use Ebay and Paypal to buy a lot of stuff. One of the features that I like of ebay is the cart, where you can save the items you want to buy and pay all in once, so it´s easy to buy many small things in once. When I use that feature Wordline blocks my mastercard. Their reasoning is: ¨multiply transaction to chinese sellers seem suspicious¨. Really annoying, I am considering switching to visa."