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Workopolis was a Canadian website specializing in online job searching. Headquartered in Toronto, Workopolis had offices in eight Canadian cities including Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver and provided its services in both English and French. It was acquired by in June 2018 and subsequently shut down as an independent job board. It remains as a white label portal for Indeed's Can


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Rocio says

"My company posted an add in Workopolis for a Customer support position and after 10 days only 2 resumes arrived, I contacted customer support and they uploaded our logo and post it again so it would appear first that day. After 15 days and only 3 CVs we called to request a refund since the add was not what we expected and we couldn't use it at all. They said that they never give you the money back which is something they didn't inform when we bought the add. I think that in this situations (3 adds in 20 days for a position very common) they should provide a refund to the customers."