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Winthrop is a city in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 17,497 at the 2010 census and as of 2019 the population has grown to an estimated 18,544. Winthrop is an ocean-side suburban community in Greater Boston situated at the north entrance to Boston Harbor, close to Logan International Airport. It is located on a peninsula, 1.6 square miles (4.2 km2) in area, connec


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Adjunct Professor Tax (Current Employee) says

"No support"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Did not enjoy working at Winthrop. I would not advise any one to work there. They treat their employees horribly and it is a cut throat place to work for."

Adjunct teaching Advanced Video (Former Employee) says

"One of those do your work no drama places. Worked doing graphic design and social media promotion. Was in an office at a computer. Easy job with no interruptions or in office politics. Cons: low pay"

Academic Computing Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"This place is not for the person trying to develop skills. Nothing is written down most tasks are learned via word of mouth. They will require that you have lots of experience but will not compensate you for this. Cons: Work long hours and no true holidays"

NP (Former Employee) says

"I have heard horror stories about this institution after working there and experiencing it for myself. I am a professional who was accused of stealing toilet paper, no clocking in appropriately and dressing unprofessionally. Ultimately after 2 months of employment I was told I wasn't working out and was fired by the two white women who was suppose to help me get acclimated to the culture. These ladies complained and nit picked , made up lies and kept reporting it to whom ever gave them authorization to fire me with out even a discussion. Don't work here !!! after leaving I found multiple law suits concerning racial discrimination toward Winthrop hospitals and Hispanic patients always told me how they were mistreated. This is a whites only facility. Cons: layers of caucasion management"

Custodian (Current Employee) says

"A Good day work is when there is not to much to do so you can be at your own pace . I learned at lots a work because you enteract with young people who have a lot of fact to learned about the real world and i can give them some real fact to what to expect and the unexpect. My co-worker is no the problem we get alone fine and commcation with one another and solve the problem if and but more of the time the day ruin very smoother daily.The hardest part of the job is when the student are taking their finals exams and we have lots and lots of trashs everywhere.The enjoyable time on the job is when it done and i have done my best and no complain that the enjoyable parts. Cons: President Day's Election coming up"

Police Officer, Corporal (Current Employee) says

"Winthrop University is an ok place to work although salaries may not be the greatest, the benefits and earned time off are nice. Ok work atmosphere, have a wonderful supervisor."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Loved being around the students.the job was challenging because of poor management but the students made it up.instead of working together the other supervisors worked against each did nothing to bring unity.never had enough supplies"

User Support Services Technician (Current Employee) says

"The amount of work available depends on the time of year. At the start and end of a school semester there are too many tickets generated on a daily basis to keep up. Summer break is overly busy as well. Other things to note: The campus is wonderful and you get to travel all over it to work on equipment and interact with various users."

Tutor (Current Employee) says

"Working for Winthrop University is beneficial because it typically allows employees to do their homework while at work. However, it does not provide enough hours to give a substantial salary for college students."

Administrative Coordinator - Student Affairs (Former Employee) says

"Great opportunity to work with faculty, staff and make a difference in the lives of students that will shape their careers and lives in their future.."

Resident Assistant (RA) says

"Winthrop University is a great place to work depending on where it is. This university takes the time to prepare you for real life work experiences. Winthrop is AWESOME!"

Office Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Typical minimum wage job on campus. Spare time to do homework and study."

Phone Interviewer (Former Employee) says

"I earned minimum wage and no benefits, but that is to be expected for a temporary work-study job. For similar reasons, I do not have much to say for job security or opportunities for advancement. So, I have no complaints. Cons: Monotony"

Cook/Prep (Former Employee) says

"had its ups and downs need to look at things better as far cleaning it was ok and it relly did have its ups and downs depends on the day and how many people worked that day Cons: better management and cleaning"

Global Engagement Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"It is a great student-centered institution of higher education that cares about students. I would have preferred if it were run more like a business. Cons: few advancement opportunities"

LANDSCAPE CREW LEADER (Current Employee) says

"Winthrop is a very relaxed place to work with great benefits. The work load can be hard at times, but your not as pressured to complete. your're also allowed to work overtime if needed to complete assignments. Overall, Winthrop is a decent place to work."

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT (Current Employee) says

"Good start for production in the sports field. Camera, bug op, replay; great understanding for the basics of the field. Management ok to work with. Pay could be better"

ED Tech/Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"WUH was a great hospital to work at. ts a great learning hospital or a long time career. You have to have a heart working in the medical field and enjoy taking care of sick patient and Winthrop was great at it Cons: not enough room in the ER"

Athletics Operations Internship (Current Employee) says

"Very nice people, work with your schedule speciality if you are in college taking classes. Cons: internship"