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Williams Sonoma is an American retailer of cookware, appliances and home furnishings. It is owned by Williams-Sonoma, Inc. and was founded by Charles E. (Chuck) Williams in 1956.

One angry customer of Williams-Sonoma mentioned their delivery and customer service as terrible: "In early December I ordered from Williams Sonoma and it was supposed to be delivered as a Christmas gift. It is not December 28, 2019 and the item still has not been delivered. I called customer service today and was told that there is a new estimated delivery date of January 7, 2020. At no time was I notified of this change. When I asked the customer service agent why I had not received any communication I was told that delivery dates are estimates only. Excuse me! That is absolutely unacceptable. While my husband and I were debating whether or not to cancel the order the customer service agent hung up on me. Perhaps Williams Sonoma is unaware of their competitors policies. I strongly encourage you shop elsewhere especially if you are relying on delivery by a specified date. There are many many websites that offer the same products along with good communication and customer service, and you'll probably get your item ahead of schedule. Shop elsewhere."


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Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Everything else. Management and supervisors bully agents The bait and switch. They offer benefits up front But expect to be fired within 90 days. They will doctor time clocks Constant intimidation and pressure to meet metrics. They will push you to train in furniture within a week So they can fast track you put the door. Your job security is determined by ratings And furniture will kill your metrics 95% of my phone calls were either someone wanted to speak to a manager right away or their furniture took months to arrive and when it arrived it was damaged When you have a customer that wants to speak to a manager you have to go on a waiting queue and wait times can be up to an hour. Managers don’t want to manage and managers especially do not want to deal with their employees or the customers The ratings system is unfair and biased. Training is terrible. You are the scapegoat for everything Williams Sonoma does wrong. Which is a lot. It shouldn’t take almost a year to ship peoples furniture or other products. When you do ship the items. Make sure they’re not damaged or used. Williams Sonoma is another mismanaged company That holds its employees accountable For mistakes being made by upper management and other executives"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"- Loss of core company culture and values - Unsustainable work loads - Lack of good leadership in tech - High attrition"

Former Employee - Agent says

"Slave to your chair - you are on the phone constantly and it never slows down"

Former Employee - Lead says

"Racist, good ole boy Sr Leadership...Unethical practices"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Toxic culture, poor management, poor training, high pressure for low pay, bad insurance. They allow customers to treat employees poorly."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Terrible training...they rush you through just so you can get put on the phones quickly and then do not provide support from supervisors when you are stuck and need help on the phones because of the lack of adequate training. I quit 2 weeks in."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Sales goals and credit card goals with high interest rate"

Former Employee - Operations Manager says

"You are given no direction with unrealistic expectations. It is rare to meet someone who enjoys their job. There is a complete lack of diversity in leadership. Public ridicule and verbal abuse is common. 10 hour days are expected and weekends too. I would not recommend a job here to anyone who values their quality of life."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"30 minute lunch, very low pay, I've had trouble even getting paid, worthless "benefits". They hate their employees."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"Salary - lowest paying retail partner in our city; no training on the 500+ products - they say they send videos you can watch "on your own time" - absurd; managers are solely focused on securing WS credit card accounts - with a 30% interest rate - no customer should sign up for this."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This job was horrible right after the first two weeks of training, which are by the way just modules you read and are expected to remember. Right after the modules you're thrown into taking calls and it is a horrible, draining experience. The customers are rich and entitled and believe you should be able to do anything that they ask of you even when you explain that it is impossible. The mangement team is horrible at helping you and insisit you use the Carebot and articles why you listen to a customer bereate you and when you ask for help their very dry with their responses to you. You have to take constant notes in the system while your talking with the customer which can be tedious. The pay is also 12.50 which I think is ludcrious for all the tasks they ask of you. They also reiterate constanly that you are being watched so watch what you say and how you say it. I know they moniter your calls so it is not necessary to constanly repeat that. It's like they use it as a fear tatic. I could not take that stress and had to walk away. I was drained and dreaded work everyday.Overall, I would not suggest anyone to work at Williams-Sonoma Inc. None.Short Breaks, Horrible Management, Horrible Customers"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The most horrible company i ever worked for. They are a high end retailer, and cater to rich people needs.. They are a money driven company, and have no regard for the employees. The wages are extremely low, for the amount stress you get. The customers are horrible and the . The company managements is poor. the company cares nothing for the employees, absolute disaster . The worst company i ever worked for, never work hereNoneManagement sucks"

Sales Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The managment does not want to listen to anyone to fix issues, they would reather bury thier heads in the sand. So many issues with this company. Lack of seats for staff and mamagment. Supervisors shuck reponsibitlites hoping someone else will pick up the slack. Great discounts for the store and online.Lack of organization skills"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"If you don't believe me, call the customer service number anytime eight-eight8-nine22-four119. Regardless of day or time, you will hear, "we are experiencing longer than usual call times...." BS! More like, long hold times are normal and we don't hire enough people. We take your money and it will take forever to get your stuff and when you call to complain, I have to listen but can do nothing about it. Ill say that a supervisor will call you, but they wont. Probably not even a supervisor, it will be a "team lead". They have no power to accomplish anything either.noneeverything that is customer"

At Home Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I read all the bad reviews before accepting this job but I accepted a position because I wanted to see for myself was it just disgruntled employees bashing the company or was it a nice company to work for . Well in less than a week in training, I found out for myself that the trainers do not care or even have knowledge themselves.Work from homeBad training. low pay, no help"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"This job is completely different than what was explained to me when I was hired. The lack of leadership when it comes to training instantly sets up employees for failure. When I was first scheduled to interview with Williams Sonoma, the interviewer never showed up. I waited for 15 minutes past the interview time and called the number given to me to ask what had happened. The person who answered the phone promised he would call me back to let me know what happened or to schedule another interview. He never called even after giving me a time frame of when he would call. I did not receive an email or any form of contact from Williams Sonoma until 3 days later for an interview reschedule. The interview went great and I was hired that day. Then the next day, more problems began. I was scheduled for a Zoom meeting to show my legal documents. Again I showed up on time, waited for someone to show up to the meeting and after 45 minutes of waiting, no one showed up. No emails, no contact, nothing. I promptly emailed them asking what happened and the HR rep put the blame on me and said it was my fault. After all of that was sorted out, I began training. By day 3 of training, new rules were added that were never explained to me nor talked about in the hiring process. When hired, I selected the flex schedule option that best fit my schedule, but did not know until a week after making the selection that the selection offered to me was not one I could even choose to begin with. So now my schedule and plans have to change because of the company’s inability to communicate properly. Which showsPayEverything else."

Work from home customer associates (Former Employee) says

"I was hired for a work from home customer associate position we had three weeks of training, after five days I was told I am Being terminated because I was behind with the training. When I explained to the HR person that was because they kept stopping me to fix their IT issues she said there was nothing that she could do. Basically I worked five full days from 10 am to 6:30 pm and was not paid. They should at least let trainees know what they are getting themselves into from day one, that they have to keep up the pace with the training otherwise they would be terminated. Very misleading!Work from homeMisleading abt training"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Trainers are TRASH, AWFUL communication, they will suspend you (fire) and won't use that verbiage so you can't get unemployment. The worse company I've ever worked for. Shauna from HR was mean, condescending, and nasty. The trainers have no idea what they are doing and its hard to believe this is a multimillion-dollar business that can't even keep us with its own system."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Don’t do it, it’s not worth. The only good thing about it was the people I worked with. The company it’s self if horrible. If you request time off you’ll never get it cause it won’t get approved. There’re the 50 minimum.People that you work withEverything"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"They will block you from getting any help or applying for unemployment especially if you are in a Right To Work State. Run Away From This Company. You can do much better.DiscountsHigh turn over"

Customer Care Representative (Current Employee) says

"At first, things seem really great and you will be happy for the first week or so. Then you will realize just how ill-prepared you are for the actual job functions. You do not have a lead/supervisors support because you are constantly told to use online resources or this ridiculous automated service called "CareBot". The customers are always extremely upset with WSI due to the fact their orders are constantly shipped late, broken into pieces by careless delivery members OR just a completely different item than what they bought online. If you are the type of person who wants to help customers feel satisfied - you will never do so at Williams-Sonoma because you're basically just encouraged to sweep their issues under the rug and quickly move on. If you have that "heart of gold" they explain during the interview and application process you will be subject to terrifying phone calls and/or constant threats. It will make you feel like you're such a failure that eventually you will just end turning your phone off. Customers are constantly complaining about wait times and their issues never being resolved and that is very rightfully so. There are thousands of CCR's but since there is no accountability a lot of the reps do not even take phone calls. This is what slows down wait times and if the rep is actually working on the telephones then most of them are waiting for a supervisor. I was most recently 38th in line to speak with a supervisor only to be told that I needed to check my notes, online resources or ask "CareBot" then the supervisor promptly hung up on me. I was terrified toRemote, 40% off online purchases (if you find the time to shop on breaks ONLY)No support, no way to properly service customer base, low pay, bad hours, short breaks, heavy workload, unrealistic expectations for CCR."

Customer Care Agent (Former Employee) says

"The training after Day 1 was extremely hostile. Trainees were talked to any kind of way by the training supervisor (This was just the training that started on June 8, 2020---so yes--VERY RECENT). You were placed into "punishment rooms" by the trainer if she thought that you were looking at chat or trying to get answers from coaches....Day 3 training, I resigned, but not before I let corporate know about the rude and hostile treatment by the trainer. Those of you who are entering training, be prepared to keep track of the days and times that you are being mistreated, try to screenshot conversations if you can and try to record hostile conversations so that you can present these to corporate of evidence of your mistreatment...best of luck to those who make the decision to put themselves through this....I'm worth so much more than what they give me credit for and I have no problem walking away from WSI to give myself to an employer with more professionalism.My standards are too high to work for Williams Sonoma...A hostile training environment will ALWAYS lead to a hostile work environment, believe that.RemoteNasty Attitudes, Rushed Training, Ugly Leadership, Hostile Training Environment"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Lot of information to process in training.Push through training. Trainer was very inpatient and not friendly. Tells you what you can't do. but than she does it. Really such a hypocrite. The company has unreal expectations. Very low pay. I had to spend out of pocket expenses upon accepting this job. I was told that I could work at my own pace, but than on the next day to be told that I was behind. On the 7th day of training to be told that I was suspended without pay for 3 days. After speaking with HR I have a better understanding of this company. A company of this magnitude having warm bodies in position. Company needs to do a deep dive and clean house starting at the top. They need to fire everyone on that training team. A very stressful company to work for. I wouldn't recommend working with this company. Worst company that I ever work for."

Seat Upholsterer (Current Employee) says

"The most unorganized place I've ever seen. Can't match things up to get orders out and nobody knows why. Lies get told everyday and you never know what's really going on. Very stressful and frustrating."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Poor training, poor support, only can get about 1/10 of the questions that you have answered, they push quality but they don’t help give quality customer service."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Just the absolute worst. Min wage, 0 training, weird point system, 10hr days, little management. They are outsourcing within their own country. WIlliams-Sonoma deserve a walk of atonement. SHAME."

FSA/CSR (Former Employee) says

"Work at Home opportunity was a complete mess. Nothing went as it was explained, we had an horrible trainer, how didn't want to even interact with the class. You can never get any clarity on ANY QUESTIONS. WASTE OF TIME. These folks have the nerve to still be paying $12 measly dollars an hour. The same Ish they offered me back in 2012. Get a Grip Williams Sonoma"

Customer Service Associate (Current Employee) says

"This has been one of the worst experiences my life. $12/hour is not worth being screamed at, cursed at and belittled for 10 hours a day. At least 80% of customers are rude and petty. I got lucky that my current manager is super helpful, but the 5 (in 3 months) before him all sucked. I was lucky if they responded to email. Using carebot is a joke. Sometimes you will wait for up to 45 minutes in line for a supervisor and then it’s a toss up if they are helpful or rude. It’s extremely difficult to get a supervisor to speak to a customer. The ones who want to help are so nice I feel bad for lumping them in, but seriously the bad outweighs the good. Don’t expect to ever be able to use any of your paid time off. And God forbid you actually get sick because sick leave has to be requested 4 days in advance. It’s not actually for being sick it’s for preplanned appointments. So you’ll have to get an attendance point if you’re really sick. Ridiculous. Also, sometimes they hand out attendance points for no reason and even though you send requests to your supervisor and they put in requests for removal they never get removed."

Work from Home Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I interviewed for this company several weeks ago for a work from home position. It would turn out that they had to revise all the offer letters because it was a position for the contact center instead. I couldn’t take the job, because it didn’t make sense to travel so far for pay that wouldn’t be acceptable to me. Later, they call offering the job to me again because they changed it to work from home since we started to see an uptick in COVID-19. Okay, seems fair. This should have been a red flag for me, but given the situation, I decided to take the job and give it a shot. I was originally supposed to start later in April, but they called me to ask if I could start sooner. I accepted to start sooner, and I think that made me lose one day of training because usually they start training on Monday, this one started on Tuesday, odd. Everything is 100% work from home, and that sounds like a nice gig, right? Wrong. They do their training through Adobe Connect with about 57 other people and that is considered a small class. My trainer says hello in the morning and then goes MIA for the rest of the training time while maybe only checking in once or twice throughout the entire day and then at the end of the shift. All the training is based on modules. There are no real interactions with anyone in your class other than maybe chat, but that is so informal and not really used for networking/resources other than if you have a question. No matter how fast I try to move through the modules, I’m still behind. When I’m not behind, I’m fighting with the modules glitching or having to constantlyfull benefitshorrible training"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Training is absolutely HORRIBLE! The trainer does not help you. They will place you on suspension, and then fire you for unjustified reasons. Pay is not worth the stress. This company does not care about their employees or their customers.NoneEverything"

DGC says

"We have been using a couple of All-Clad sauté pans for a few months. I was chatting with my wife while she was cooking today and noticed her finger was bleeding. The edge on the frying pan has gotten so sharp that she brushed against it and cut herself. I don\'t know what the story is with the edges getting worn like this, but it\'s super dangerous and I wouldn\'t recommend them to anyone."

Myob says

"Charged me $270+ and never received the product. Customer service has not answered any of my inquiries. But more than that based on what employees are saying about their experiences, I don’t want to order from WS anymore. "

Mark says

"I ordered the “ brod & taylor folding proofer & slow cooker” which was on back order but was told it would arrive on 11/23/2020 if I ordered that day 11/3/2020. I have received two updates, the latest yesterday 11/28/2020 stating the item should arrive between 12/4/2020 and 12/7/202. This will be returned once it arrives. I found a different merchant yesterday that is sending gone out with two day free delivery. I will never again do business with Williams-Sonoma. I guess they don’t care about their reputation or customer service!"

Helen Alvarez says

"Absolute ineptitude at it's worst. I will never do business with this company again. They have inconvenienced me beyond all belief, hung up on me and failed the customer service industry on every imaginable level. A business like this should close."

Nancy Goodman says

"Tried to return new, unused item under the "Extended Holiday Return Policy ... purchases made between October 15 through December 26 can be returned until January 31, 2021." It was ordered 10/27/20 and attempted return 1/4/21. First call to CS said "return window is closed" and she stated she was unable to override. Response to subsequent email was met with "go to customer service" on website. Website also states "not eligible for return." Fortunately, I had taken a screenshot of my order with the above policy, and once I found that and called again, the agent knew exactly to what I was referring and agreed to send a return label. Of course, I understood that shipping charges would be removed from my refund. Still, they made it as absolutely difficult and time consuming as possible. Doubt I would have prevailed without my screenshot of their policy. Two stars, reluctantly, since I was finally able to return. EDIT: return label was never received...changing to 1 star"

Paul Dubois says

"I ordered two sets of appetiser plates (4 in each set) in November 2020 to be delivered to my Mother for Christmas in Canada. One set of plates arrived and the second set was never received. Emailed customer service and never received a reply. Called Customer Service Team (long distance due to my living in the UK) and was told that my second set would be dispatched. Nothing was sent. Have again emailed Customer Service and heard nothing. I will now contact my Credit Card company to dispute the charges from WS. I have also contacted the Better Business Bureau in BC (Canada) to lodge a formal complaint against such poor business practices. It is a shame as I like their products. I already had a previously sub-standard experience with this company when ordering online so I cannot recommend to others to use their website."

Joanna Griffin says

"On 18 Dec 2020, I purchased the Breville Smart Oven Pro with Light, SKU 8795283, from the Ponce City Market store. Due to the item being a gift, I also paid for gift wrapping. I was informed it would be over an hour wait time for the wrapping, and since I did not have the time to wait I returned 19 Dec 2020 to retrieve the gift. I was in complete disbelief upon receiving the item, as it was the absolute worst gift wrapping I’ve ever seen. As you can see in the images the paper size was not properly selected to cover the box- therefore producing two large boxes on either side that someone cut and placed paper inside; there is tape showing all over the paper; and the bows were not properly placed on the item but instead have Williams Sonoma stickers holding them in place. Suffice to say, I was embarrassed to even present this poorly wrapped present to my friend, but what choice did I have as there was over an hour wait for gift wrapping. I’ve been a loyal customer of the store for decades, and have never had any present wrapped in such a horrific manner. I’m unsure which associate performed this task, but they definitely should be trained on proper wrapping techniques. Also, any associate who would allow such a poor representation of the brand to leave the store should also be retrained. When I reached out to customer service to complain about the poor wrapping job, I was told there was nothing they could do to assist me in the matter. This is completely unacceptable and not I have come to expect from Williams Sonoma... I guess this is their new normal."

EK says

"Mixed review. I ordered several items a month or so in advance yet just getting notifications now they can’t be fulfilled and cancelled. I think 2 months is quite a bit of a long time to ship a 3day item and then cancel it without a reason."

Linda Bergseth Armstrong says

"So angry! I ordered an expensive casserole dish for my husband for Christmas and it came shattered in pieces - very poor packing job! I took it to a store close by and they simply ordered me another rather than ask me if I wanted a refund. It was promised to me by Christmas. Just got word it will be delivered the first week of January - and it will probably be broken as well. We will not shop here again- ever!"

Elise Martorano says

"I ordered a set of glass measuring cups from their website. They arrived completely shattered because the box of measuring cups had simply been placed in a bigger cardboard box with no packing. I called and asked for a replacement, which they sent right away. Exact same issue with the second order. So I called back and asked for a refund. The rep said that I could get a gift card or a refund. I opted for a gift card because I planned on going in person to buy the measuring cups. He said it would be arriving in the mail, and after a couple weeks it never did. I called back and asked where it was, and that rep said that I had been mistaken and that they don’t send gift cards in the mail so she would issue me a full refund in 3-5 days. It’s been TWO WEEKS and no refund."

Corinne Wiesner says

"I was registered for my "virtual" wedding through William Sonoma. Because of this, people sent me packages through the mail. Their packaging is the worst I have ever seen. For example, I got a rolling pin in a cardboard box the size of a full-length keyboard. I got a pizza stone that was wrapped in a box, which was in a box, which was in a larger box that could have fit 10 basketballs. Everything was as poorly packaged as these two items. For the 20 gifts I received, many of which were fairly small, I have managed to fill our recycling bin with broken-down cardboard 4 times. I love the quality of the gifts I received, but I feel like I should cut out meat and stop driving for a year because of the horrendous wastefulness of this packaging/the delivery of each item, one at a time, and the subsequent environmental impacts. They really need to do better, especially as a company based in California. I expected that their standards for environmental-consciousness should be much higher. I would recommend going through a different store that offers more eco-friendly options for packaging, shipping, etc..."

Darin C says

"I wished I had reviewed all of these reviews before doing business with Williams & Sonoma. Order an expensive gift for my mother for Christmas and paid for gift wrapping. Unfortunately it showed up on my mom’s doorstep I the original box and no gift wrapping. Although they would do is refund the cost of the gift wrapping, no offer of trying to make up for ruining my gift surprise for my mother for Christmas. I have loved all of the products from Williams & Sonoma, but they have lost a customer for life."

Catherine Shaer says

"On 11/12 I ordered an Advent calendar to give as a gift. On 11/19 I received an e-mail saying it had been delivered. Since it had NOT been delivered I called WS customer service only to be told they had no idea why I had received the e-mail, but the anticipated delivery date was 12/2. I then asked to cancel the order. That is when the "fun" started. Although there was no indication on the WS site that the calendar was to be shipped by a third-party vendor and WS is not allowed to cancel. They have to send the request to the vendor and that takes time. I was told that the item might be shipped by the time the cancellation was approved. Therhe is nothing on the WS site saying the item comes from a third-party vendor nor is there anything saying it would take 3 weeks to be delivered. WS has a very bad review profile and I can see why. There are a lot of companies out there. I don't need WS."

Terri Bilenki says

"Called store where I purchased turkey gravy for a price adjustment. Clerk was very polite but NO they don’t do price adjustments. Okay explained coerced into buying when I did because clerk told me “oh no this won’t go on sale this year with the way things are going”. Called customer service and explained situation again. Again told NO price adjustments. What retail business does not do a price adjustment? Asked for manager and rep either accidentally disconnected or she hung up on me. Called back to speak to manager and again repeated situation. Never spoke to one. Rep contacted manager while I waited 20 min for manger response which rep relayed to me. Again NO price adjustments! So lesson learned...either wait until week of Thanksgiving to purchase their turkey gravy or better yet purchase elsewhere because honestly they don’t practice good business."

NoSoupForMe says

"We received a gift set that included a soup base. It was open on arrival and quite spoiled. After a 50 minute phone call, I was told we would not be receiving a replacement. My friend had ordered the soup base as for a specific reason for special memories. I was told I could drive 45 minutes and see if our “local” store might sell it to me! During the height of the pandemic, me, a disabled senior is supposed to drive 45 minutes to see if they have the soup and see if they will sell it to me! Are these people insane? My friend and I both lost on this. No gift for me, money spent by her for nothing."

Aisha Harris says

"Horrible customer service. Called with a very simple issue--getting my order paired with my existing account (same address was used, so this could have happened automatically with another company). No effort made on part of representative; waited on hold 50 mins to speak to a supervisor, never got through. Called back on the day my order (a Cuisinart can opener, sent as a gift) was supposed to have been DELIVERED (still not paired with my account, but I had the order # for tracking) and it was listed as "BACKORDERED." No email or other notification had come to let me know that it wasn't in stock or that it would not be delivered. The online system won't allow you to cancel or edit an order even seconds after you have placed the order. I was able to cancel the order through the representative who answered my call, even though she told me the order would be delivered on time (even though it showed backordered an undelivered, unshipped, etc.) Astonishingly bad service - esp for a company that I thought was high-end."

Shabaka Moore says

"Awful. Received my new blender in the mail and the lid was cracked. 3 weeks later I am still waiting on a replacement. EVERY time I call I am given different information. The worst"

Meaghan says

"Unbelievably bad customer service. Take your business elsewhere--they will not cancel any order coming from a 3rd party vendor (even if that item is out of stock, or doesn't arrive anywhere close to the delivery date), and will refuse to refund you until the item arrives (which they can't give you a date for, because apparently they can't communicate with their vendors) and you go through the hassle of shipping it back to them (after you already tried to cancel the order). They will make absolutely zero attempt to make it right. I literally talked to 8 separate customer service reps, none of whom offered anything other than a "whoopsie! too bad!""

Kerim Atayev says

"I placed an order for SMEG kettle on October 17 2020. And payed for rush delivery. Almost after 2 weeks I canceled the order. Since they didn’t ship it. And they couldn’t tell me when they going to ship it. Every time I call them they telling that this item is a “back order”. When I asked what does it means they told me that they don’t have one part to make it one order. Kettle should be packed in OEM pack. What does it mean missing part? So I ask them is it new or refurbished. Cuz I payed for new item. They keep telling that it’s new. So why it’s not one part in OEM packing???"

Holly Fence Picket says

"A shower gift was ordered through Williams Sonoma for my so . The package supposedly was delivered, but was not actually received. The company would not work with the recipient but said they would only speak to the ordering party. The recipient is who confirms receipt or not. I am NOT going to ask the person who sent the gift to contact them. We would not even have known a gift was ordered and paid for if the ordering party had not asked. Every other company worked with us but not ws. Order from Bed Bath and Beyond - a much different experience. WS was not helpful in resolving the problem of not receiving the gift. PASS on ws"

alicia meyer says

"I placed a large order of dishes for my boss to replace his entire kitchen set a few months ago. The first order arrived and half the dishes we received were completely shattered and in pieces which is clearly unacceptable. I contacted the company to replace the dishes, the new order arrived promptly however ONCE AGAIN half of the order was shattered. I contacted customer service once again, this time my boss was FUMING. After speaking to a manger for over TWO HOURS it finally seemed like we had things straightened out and were going to be able to get the dishes we wanted, but of course half of them were now out of stock. We had to completely return all of the dishes, but were instructed NOT to return the shattered ones because it's a safety hazard, but we would still receive a full refund. So we went ahead and placed a THIRD replacement order, while we waited for the money to be refunded, but were told that because part of the order ($350 dollars of the order) was paid by gift card, that we would have to receive another gift card IN THE MAIL. We held off on placing part of the third replacement order because we wanted to use the gift card WHICH NEVER CAME. I reached out to the supervisor we spoke to who seemed like she had rectified the situation and of course I could not get through to her via her extension. I've called probably 9 times now. Finally I gave up and attempted to speak to a new supervisor who told me that there was a mistake made and that for some reason the dishes that came SHATTERED were labeled as a MUST RETURN which is why we never received the rest of the refund via gift card i think, things are still extremely unclear *insert infinite eyeroll emojis here*. She apologized profusely, and I kept my cool. She said that in the next week someone would be reaching out to explain HOW we would receive this "Gift Card" refund. It's now been over a week and I've received no correspondence. I've now been on the phone with a regular employee who is refusing to transfer me to a supervisor for 33 minutes while she sits there and goes "Hmmmmmmmmm" HELP!!! This company is TRASH"

Sinista Beatz says

"I initially wrote a neutral review But after my experience I have completely changed my mind Williams Sonoma is by far the worst most immoral company in the entire world. This company isn’t worth the dog crap we avoid stepping on every day. First off as a person who used to work here. I learned shortly after training that Williams Sonoma is scamming the consumers. Period. They list items on their site that they don’t even have in stock; items which will never be in stock. Then after you purchase them. They list them as “Backordered” which is not even close to the truth. Then you sit there and wait months and months for this item to arrive only to be told it’s not going to be in stock or it was discontinued After that we are told under duress NOT to honor out of policy returns refunds or cancellations. And if we do we risk getting fired. And when we do; we are not allowed to refund the shipping cost (This is the point of this scam; to scam the customer out of shipping costs; and force them to accept a gift card or merchandise credit instead of the original payment) Also Williams Sonoma does a similar scam with the overpriced cheap furniture on their site They “sell” furniture on their site that is made in China yet is listed as “Made in the U.S.A” STILL... (After already being sued once and losing the for doing this) They list these as a “Vendor” product. They subcontract their home delivery services to shoddy hole in the wall freight centers who often break customers furniture misplace parts in their warehouses or outright just “lose” the furniture and offer at best to replace it with refurbished furniture They made us put the customers through hell to get refunds issued or replacements They force us under duress to limit Out of Policy returns under the threat that we will be fired if we do they list furniture on the site which they have no intention of delivering in less than 6 months When the customers become frustrated and want to cancel the order Williams Sonoma will refund everything EXCEPT THE $249 shipping Which is also a scam They are well aware that they are scamming the consumers out of shipping costs and they punish associates do not aid and abet Williams Sonoma in committing this fraudulent act of theft. They terminated me for “Avoiding Calls” Which was simply not true I answered every call But they scheduled us for 2 hours at times and punish us for not taking the same amount of calls we would normally take in an 8 hour day. Even if it’s slow. It’s the employees fault and not Williams Sonoma. They threaten to fire us for not participating in random unplanned sudden zoom meetings They force us to work some weeks 3 ten hour shifts then 2 four hour shifts per week Their system crashes often and they refuse to take accountability If it affects your ability to log in and work They accuse you of avoiding calls or not coming to work then punish you for that The managers do not help or want to help They punish you for trying to do your job. It’s stressful and demoralizing It sucks having to scam customers out of thousands of dollars a week because it’s your job. Williams Sonoma is a criminal enterprise I worked there. I know; It was heartbreaking. I tried under extreme duress to do my job the best I could. They wrongfully terminated me. But at least I still have my soul. If I would have stayed I swear it pretty much would have been a deal with the devil. I basically would have had to sell my soul to continue working at Williams Sonoma. They actually hate their customers and hate any employee who cares about the customer. They set you up for failure. Tell you there’s no limit on how long you’re on the phone as long as you get the problem solved. But most “Problems” take up to 2 hours to solve. Because you have to go to a system called “Carebot” for help which is basically a chat system where you have to wait in line usually an hour for an agent to respond and most of the time they don’t even want to help you so you have to repeat the process. they punish you for taking the time needed to try to solve the problem. The discount program is a scam. most items are marked up by at least 60% so your 40% discount on a few items ends up still costing 20% more than what said item would cost anywhere else. I would also like to add this one very important thing which reveals how evil Williams Sonoma is. Im a certified CNC Machinist. I went into one of their stores and checked out their products. They sell a line of pans made by “Scanpan” and the edges of these pans and skillets are Razor sharp to the touch Sharp enough to cut your skin. This is a sign of poor quality And cheap craftsmanship. Yet these pans were expensive In metalworking we are taught to “Debur” or file the edges of everything we made to avoid them being razor sharp. I am now suffering from emotional distress Because of this job I have proof of their crimes"

maria says

"While the quality of the items specifically can be quite good, if you cannot purchase the item in store I highly recommend buying elsewhere or finding a different item. It is not worth the trouble this company will put you through when ordering online. I am writing this on October 20th about an item I ordered in the first week of August that I am yet to receive. When first ordering the item during the first week of August I received a confirmation notifying that my item would arrive the next week. When the item did not arrive on the correct date I checked my order and the delivery date had not changed. Because of the high volume of online orders many companies are receiving I decided to wait it out for two more weeks. When my item had still not arrived I contacted customer service where they eventually told me my order would not be able to be shipped until the middle of September. I still wanted the order at this time so decided to wait it out, when my item did not arrive again, I checked the tracking to discover that my package had arrived to my local postal facility empty and that the company had been notified. Well, a week later and I had not been notified of this nor had a replacement order been sent! I contacted WS and they assured me I would be receiving a replacement mid October and since I had already waited this long I decided to continue waiting it out. Here we are a week after my item should have been delivered and I sign into my account to see that my order disappeared with no notice or refund! I have never been treated like this by a company and will not do this again."

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