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The Williams Companies, Inc., is an American energy company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Its core business is natural gas processing and transportation, with additional petroleum and electricity generation assets. A Fortune 500 company, its common stock is a component of the S&P 500.

A former employee of The Williams Companies said "Williams Companies do not seem to appreciate experience. During my time there they had several temporary employees who would do the position as long as 2 years. The policy instead of hiring them on was to post the job and hire from outside."


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Former Employee - Construction says

"Do not work here. I dont know one person in here that last more than 6 months to a year with out getting fired or laid off! Management is messed up! And they do not pay their bills ! You will work 50+ hours a week and will have no more social or personal life!"

Project Analyst says

"secretive workplace, lots of closed door discussions, layoffs suddenly and positions never refilled"

Former Employee - Project Coordinator Specialist says

"Compensation, empty promises and too many secret games being played. There is also a disconnect between upper management and there's also a lack of direct."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not uncommon to hear the statement, "I've been doing it this way for 30 years, I don't need to change now.""

Operator 2 (Former Employee) says

"This company has a bad reputation for letting people got for no reason people that have proven good work ethics. Worked here for four years company hired some new guys with very little experience had me train them come to find out they was making more then me went to management about it got told life isn’t fair you still got a job don’t you."

Supervisor/Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company is constantly in redesign mode. Everyone is always in fear for their job, not knowing if the next downsizing will cause them to lose their job. Management appears to Love keeping the employees in a constant state of worry. Terrible leadership and inept managers and manager selection. It's not about a persons skills, its political and who you know or which of your parents formerly worked for the company.There are none!political, stressful, terrible management, inbreed promotions, did i mention stressful?"

Field Accountant / Materials Field Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Every company in pipeline does things differently and usually works well with contract employees to get the job done. You never know how long your job will last so you do the best you can.Fast paced environmentNo direction"

Contracts Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The company saves money by hiring 3rd party. If you had a competent manager who actually knew something about leading people, you may find yourself in a great position. However, after meeting many of the managers/supervisors, this situation is scarce. I worked 50-60 hours a week, as the newest member of the team handled almost half the workload out of 4 employees, presented structured flow process for future new employees, redid outdated documents, implementing updated formulas to improve productivity, and helped out in other areas besides my own. I constantly sought to better myself and was continuously asking for feedback on how to improve. Then one day after work, the day after I was told I couldn't have a yearly review because I was 3rd party, I was called up by my staffing agency and told I didn't need to come back. No reason was given and when I sent my prior supervisor a message thanking her for the opportunity and asking if I could still use her as a reference she did not respond. Too many people looking out for numero uno and not enough teamwork going on.Horrible Leadership"

Op tech (Former Employee) says

"Williams is all about their bottom dollar and shows no real regard for employees. They preach a big game but will do everything they can to make your job more difficult. I have never worked for a shadier company.No "free lunches" at this companyGetting hired by them"

cashier (Former Employee) says

"They are a very corrupt company who pretty much own most of the town in which they are based from. There wasn't much to working there, but it wasn't fair the way they treated their employees. And everyone who worked their was miserable.Discounted groceriesCorrupt"

Bakery Assistant (Former Employee) says

"EVERY SINGLE WOMAN WORKING THERE WAS NASTY!! I was on a trial period to begin with and the owner who was meant to be observing me wasn't even there to observe... all the young inexperienced girls where bit*chy and nasty about other colleagues and most customers!! Worst job in my life!nothing what so evereverything"

Superintendent General (Former Employee) says

"Owner's were not as legit as they should have been to stay in business.everything bad"

Technician (Current Employee) says

"Have worked for this company for a while now, and they continue to micro manage everything each employee does. They are concerned so much with safety that they just create more and more and more procedures and paperwork. I literally have to spend an hour on paperwork before I can complete a TEN MINUTE job! They say it is to keep us safe, but it is really just micromanagement so that they have data that you did everything correctly if something were to go wrong. I get wanting to keep us safe, but there is literally a new requirement every other month. Combine the increasing administrative work and increasing expectations with the ongoing cost and staff reductions and it actually makes it unattainable. Corporate very clearly does not have their pulse on what is going on in the field and are literally trying to manage from their glass towers.Benefits and compMicro managing, toxic culture, cost cutting, no understanding of how work gets done, paper pushers"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"In some ways, Williams is a good company, but it is exceptionally biased. I was recently told, by several on a hiring team, that it is nice to have someone "like me" getting the job I put in for. Not so subtly, the point was made that I got the job primarily because I was an "under represented group." Ugh... it's hard enough working for a highly conservative, closed minded company and an even more so group of peers, but to be treated in this way and for the company to be proud of it actually smacked of more than just bias. The pay is decent and actually pretty good benefits, but the culture is very negative and leadership is so blind to what is right and wrong I honestly don't believe they can even see what they are doing wrong. Then again, what do you expect from a company that is based in Tulsa, OK, openly supports Republican candidates with questionable Morales (look at who their PAC provides money to), and who has only old white men with one woman on the the senior executive team.BenefitsBiased practices and employees"

emplyee (Current Employee) says

"*****Cons ***** ***HR is bought and paid for, dont count on them for anything. At the local level or at the corporate level. Invetigations dont follow through and no one in upper or middle management gets punished. Corporate does not care about the little people who do the work. ***Passive agreesive retaliation ***weak hearted management /no direction ***most managers are very poor leaders ***Dont trust or count on upper managment to back up you up in a tight spot. They will try and push you in front of the on coming train to save themselves. ***pay scale is lowest in the san juan basin ***benefits are low overall ***Drug / steriod use is done by some managers. ***bribes : with upper management, from middle management : elk hunts, water hauling contracts, IF you doubt start looking at how many team leads got their jobs under which upper manager and what they all have in common: they are Yes men and bribes. ***NO CAREER opportunities, the developement plan is a joke! A person has to get signed off by someone higher and the they are usally managers that are bitter, sullen, and angry people. ***Annual reviews are time for mangers to retaliate and "get even" ***Annual bonus = those are tied to the annual ratings and they are lowered to adjust how much money tulsa / corporate sets aside for annual raises and bonuses. Tulsa sets aside very little money for the san juan basin/ Bloomfield FCA and so the ratings are lowered to meet the low money. = you can work your heart and be an AA+ rarting, and at the end of the year get AA regular to match the money that isget experience in oil and gas field, plants, I and E skills in farmington, bloomfield, gathering area."

Operations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Williams is in it for Williams. Previous companies I've worked for understand that they are only as strong as their strongest employees. These companies take huge pride in educating and growing their employees strengths. Well if you were dumb enough to get hired on here, keep looking for your next opportunity! Congratulations... You are now a number! That's it, nothing more! United Healthcare is their insurance provider and it is horrible. One of the most expensive insurances in the region. United Healthcare also provides less insurance for this higher cost, as compared to Blue Cross/Blue Shield. When it's time for them to start cutting costs, management doesn't account for the $100K you saved the company in the previous year, but you can dang well bet that the managers will cut your throat to protect their own! I hope you have another place to go... Quickly!1/2 ^$$ Severance Package, Make your own hours, but get your work done.1/2 ^$$ Severance Package, Incompetent YES-Man Middle Management"

Field Accountant / Project Support (Former Employee) says

"When requesting hours to be paid, Manager got extremely irritated. I was then let go unexpectedly. The department is one large clique of employees. Most of the "team" are friends and they disregard the Contractors as if we didn't exist. No job security and no respect."

Accountant (Current Employee) says

"Constant re-organizations and potential office closures have had a negative impact on employee morale. You don't know from one day to the next whether or not you will have a job or what city it will be based out of."

Legal Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The day was a typical office day, come in, go to your office, swing by attorneys offices to collect paperwork to draft, draft, file and serve and repeat. Management is poor, they side with an old lady who is 60 years old rather than make her upset they turn around and blame everyone else. The office manager tries to keep everyone happy but in the end it is up to the shareholders what happens. Even when the 60 year paralegal gets access to another paralegals email to snoop and start drama they side with her.fourlough dayspoor managment, dramatic co workers, invasion of privacy"

Customer Service/ Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I wish not to speak on my experience with afni. I would not recommend anyone pregnant looking for employment to work here."

Designer (Former Employee) says

"Do try to hard, no one cares. You can bust your behind forever but when it comes time to make the shareholders money any loyalty you have shown does not matter, they will kick you out the door."

Senior Electrical Designer (Former Employee) says

"I was promised by my consulting firm that after 3 months I would be hired on as a direct employee. I found out two contractors in our department where hired on after be lied two by the management . It was definitely a case of age discrimination.NoneBe lied to by manager and contracting company."

Land Rep (Former Employee) says

"When I started, hired by manager who lied and treated you horribly. Micromanaged, created toxicity, didn’t let you do your job or succeed. That person was fired then I was trusted to do my job and it was awesome; however, by then, I already found other employment.Mixed bag.First manager."

Asset Integrity Specialist III (Former Employee) says

"I don’t feel like writing a novel so I’ll be brief. Working here is dangerous and sucks the joy out of your day. If you’re not on e of the old Transco people you’re treated differently l. Everyone is so afraid to lose their job they throw each other under the bus. There were 4 deaths during my 3 years there. HR is CLEARLY working for the management side if they even respond to you at all. But hey they pay well."

Veronica Gerber says

"Tried to stop the totally unwanted catalogue and - guess what? - it's bloody impossible. So my bid to do my bit to save the planet (paper, plastic and post) has again failed and will just recycle these useless booklets as best I can. Presumably House of Bath and the related companies are fine with their approach as I guess their margins are such that anyone dumb enough to place an order far outweighs all those who bin their catalogues. Having read the various reviews below I am amazed that they are still in business but given that contacting them is so difficult they are blissfully unaware of the need to change their business practices and ethics. As with others, I cannot award less than one star so perhaps something for Trustpilot to address in response to contributor comments?"

Ade UK says

"I've been trying to close Mums account or at least stop mailings. Today received 3 emails saying post had been returned and to get in touch regarding her account. This comes off the back of 4 emails where they point blank refused to help me on this. Mum has dementia, is now living in a care home by order of the social services, and does not have the capacity to read and understand their communications, let alone speak with or write to them regarding this. They asked if I had permission to deal with this on Mum’s behalf and, as her son, have all the permission I need. So far I have cleared her rented bungalow, closed her council tax account, closed her rent account, closed her utilities including Gas, Electricity, Water, BT phone and broadband. I’ve also asked all other retailers who she has been past customers with to help out by stopping her mail and, with the exception of this company and partners, all others have stopped the post. The only way I can get them to stop sending post is by returning it so, by all means if they want to continue to waste their money on marketing they will receive NO sales from go ahead. It’s no skin of my teeth. I’ve got more important things to be worrying about, like enjoying the little time I have left with my Mum."

Coral says

"I would have given 0 stars but there doesn’t appear to be the option. My mother in law places regular orders. She’s a pensioner and even small amounts of money matter. She was overcharged in two items. Only a few pounds but wants her money returned. You can’t get through by phone and they haven’t responded to the three emails I’ve sent. Without a response I can’t establish what the issue is and it may be that the money isn’t owed but waiting over 3 weeks for a response is unacceptable. COVID is not an excuse for not appreciating your customers."

Louise Cracknell says

"Absolutely shocking customer service and general ordering process. Given them ample opportunity to correct error in their ways, but are just totally complacent and have no care. Customer service is zero. Will absolutely NEVER order anything from them and hope that they are a business that does not survive beyond these unprecedented times. We need more faith in online shopping."

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