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Wilfred Van Norman Lucas (January 30, 1871 – December 13, 1940) was a Canadian American stage actor who found success in film as an actor, director, and screenwriter.

A fan shaared this comment in a forum, "He's not really a horrible director, more a flawed one. He doesn't really know how to give instruction to his actors by most accounts. Harrison Ford and Ewan McGregor both have made jokes about how his favorite piece of direction is “just like that, only better.” Some actors can work with that. Others cannot. So as a result, performances can be all over the place. He's also not the greatest at recognizing when dialog becomes cumbersome or stilted, so he'll occasionally consider a shot finished when another director might go for another take. I've heard this referred to as “not having a suck filter.” A little overstated, maybe, but there's some truth to that I think. He's just not the greatest at identifying when something isn't working. But the guy knows how to stage a scene, and has some really creative ideas. He's the kind of director who really shines the most when he's got other people to collaborate with that can make up for his shortcomings."


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