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Wild Waters was a Water park in Silver Springs, Florida. It was the sister park of Silver Springs Nature Theme Park in Silver Springs. Because Wild Waters was adjacent to Silver Springs, it had many trees and shady areas. There were picnic areas, a snack bar, and an open-air fast food restaurant counter. The park also had a sand volleyball court and a gift shop.


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cashier (Former Employee) says

"Hot even indoors, no airconditioning, pay was horrible and not family orriented even though it is a family park."

Life Guard (Former Employee) says

"it is a fun place to work at, however you never know if you,re gonna work there on a certain day if you dared to come to work. Cons: never certain if you're gonna be picked to work on that day."

Life Guard (Former Employee) says

"It was something to do during school holidays"

life guard (Former Employee) says

"worked as a life saver and well managed person loved my job and i made a career change to security guard because i love providing safety to other people. Cons: healthcares"

Sales and marketing Duties (Former Employee) says

"Everyday is a fun day in the organization and an adaptive environment too. Management skills and communication skills just came in handy during my working period with this Organization. Cons: night party emergencies"

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Mostly we operated on big functions ,we could be called in for preparation eg prep the fridges make sure you will have enough beers,ciders,cocktails,spirits,vodkas,whiskey,rums,cognacs, etc Cons: Long hours"

Lifeguard (Former Employee) says

"looking after patrons to the park and training and exercise daily, a great way to have a weekend job and earn extra money... making sure everyone was safe and secure everyday Cons: Nonoe"

Pool assistant (Current Employee) says

"We work long hours in hot conditions with no lunch breaks. Management does not really care about staff. We do not work permanent. We come in when called to do so"

Customer Service/ Sales (Former Employee) says

"Was an awesome summer job, i have learnt to handle cash , the most enjoyable part of the job was being able to have fun. was not hard at all i learnt how to clean grills, how to do sales"

Head Lifegaurd (Former Employee) says

"It is an excellent start for school leavers. Positive working environment with other school leavers."

Life Guard (Casual) says

"* Currently I am busy with my final exams and working part time"

Park Services (Current Employee) says

"On a typical day at work, (unless told to work a different position) I start out at 8:30 AM to 9:55 AM blowing leaves and pine needles off the park's concrete walkways. After the park opens at 10:00 AM I can be found roaming about the park in search of garbage, and when I come across any it gets swept up and thrown away. All the while every 15 minutes I check the three bathrooms and see if they need cleaning and I clean them if need be. From 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM, we start the mandatory bathroom cleanup, then we take out the trash from all the trashcans. Cons: Short lunch break, rude GM, poor management, exceedingly high prices."