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Wild Kingdom, also known as Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, is an American documentary television program that features wildlife and nature. It was originally produced from 1963 until 1988, and was revived in 2002. The show's second incarnation aired until 2011 on Animal Planet in the United States. A third incarnation streams webisodes on a dedicated Youtube channel.


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Zookeeper (Former Employee) says

"Overall, there is a lack of management, investments, job oversight, job security, and medical involvement. Due to the degree of hands-off handling of the animals, it was nearly impossible to make an accurate note on animal health and to administer vaccinations/medications. There were many dedicated workers who were undervalued and undermined due to a lacking management system and a complete lack of owner reliability."

Zookeeper (Former Employee) says

"Please do not support this business. I have worked as a zookeeper there and can tell you first hand that management is terrible. Everyone in charge is either racist, sexist, greedy, or any combination of the above. They pay most of their workers minimum wage, we work weekends and holidays, and most of us are never given any paid time off. I have been made to feel an immense amount of guilt the very few times I've gotten sick and needed to call out of work over the years. This place is severely understaffed and we as workers are underappreciated for everything we do. Cons: minimum wage, toxic management, no PTO, understaffed"

Zookeeper (Former Employee) says

"Working as a zookeeper is manually intensive work, on top of dealing with visitors all day, this job is highly underpaid. Although, working with the animals is an amazing experience it is not worth being underpaid and undervalued as an employee."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Although the managers were very kind, it was uncomfortable to see the conditions from the inside on how the zoo worked. Additionally, it was disturbing to see how the animals were treated. Cons: No free lunches, short breaks"

Ride Operator (Former Employee) says

"At first I thought this would be fun to work at, but my first day was full of unorganized information. I did enjoy that friends were easy to make, but was not a good fit for the position"

Ride operator (Former Employee) says

"at the beggining of the summer it was almost impossible to get 20 hours of work a week. they over hired people. i would get sent home because other people were suppose to work an hour or two later & had nothing to do. the managers are dramatic. it was fun meeting the new people."

Ride Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Tell you few rules and simply move along. In light of covid or whatever people may call it I think the treatment of others may have slightly been forgotten. Cons: Animals and some staff"

Ticket Sales (Former Employee) says

"I sold tickets for rides to the customers and dealt with mild customer complaints. Cons: not a permanent position."

Certified Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Management is skeptical of most new hires but gives them an opportunity to earn trust. As they gain confidence in you, you are given the opportunity to learn the bigger, more complex rides."