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The Wiggles are an Australian children's music group formed in Sydney, New South Wales in 1991. Since 2013, the group members are Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, and Emma Watkins. The original members were Field, Phillip Wilcher, Murray Cook, Greg Page, and Jeff Fatt.

The following is a mother's review on stuff.co.nz, "The Wiggles are a band most parents would refer to as both a blessing and a curse. There's no doubting that Lachie (the purple one), Emma (The 'lellow' one), Simon, (the tall, red one) and Anthony (the blue one, the OG) can belt out some catchy tunes. They're my go-to when witching hour is upon me and I need to entertain two children for half an hour. But on the flipside, those ruddy earworms get stuck in your head. The 'poppadom' song haunts my dreams, the kids have major meltdowns when it's time to turn them off and the biggest upset of all: when they decide to play their New Zealand tour in venues that hold approximately six people and children miss out."

User "christybarb" writes a review about The Wiggles TV show on the "Common Sense Media" website on August 8, 2011: "My 2-year-old is really starting to watch the Wiggles, she really enjoys music, I think they are ok, but in the past month or 2 of watching, I find there are 2 different types of shows. The ones with Greg seem to be more catchy and more educational, the ones with Sam seem very theatrical and have zero educational value, even my daughter asks to change them, its too bad, they seemed like they started educational and ended up selling out and not doing a good job at it, so I guess we will stick to the old ones because I really don't want my girls watching TV with no educational value, I am really surprised at Sprout for even having those episodes on."


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Andru says

"Pathetic service 4 bikes ordered trying to use service and even cash in the end and still all messed about by terrible staff with no education"

Neil Lewis says

"Purchased a very expensive ebike - arrived damaged (no floor to bike box) - parts missing - Wiggle suggest fix is to buy missing parts from a German website (7day delivery time) and not their problem..."

Wiggle Customer ex says

"Product not what I expected (not clear from website) and arrived damaged. Eventually got through to the online chat and was told they would not provide return postage and did not acknowledge the damage to item. Clearly they are struggling. Got cut off without having chance to escalate problem to management. Have found the CEO's email address, I hope he deals better with his customers than his customer service team."

Mr SAGOO says

"delivery takes the p. i payed 4.99 for next day delivery. and guess what, the following day is no delivery. this is the 2nd day now and i dont think ill be getting then. chat is always busy. u need to fix up the courier service. hermes is the worst one."

R Pan says

"Did not receive the item. Its been lost in Hermes's depot. Wiggle won't refund me until they finish their investigation which is taking over a week now. Worst retailer I've ever dealt with."

Dan says

"Ordered mountain biking shorts. Delivery was promised 17 days ago. It has been lost in transit since then. Wiggle is refusing to ship a replacement or provide a refund."

Burnham Lyn says

"I bought $109.00 of merchandise for bike clothing. I spent over $100 and had free shipping however I was charged $30 plus delivery fee . I have contacted wiggle twice and told me they would contact me I’m still waiting. I have received the produce but no word of my refund Come on wiggle I’ve been a long term customer for 9 years"

Ed Clayton says

"Signed up for Wiggle+ unlimited premium delivery a few weeks back, tried to order some parts again this week but was told it's not available. However, they were completely happy to charge me for delivery. Their customer service team have been dodging questions ever since, and trying to stretch the meaning of sections in their Ts+Cs rather than admit that they're at fault."

Andrei Toma says

"I ordered a jacket for Christmas 2019 at the beginning of December. Wiggle assured me it'd arrive by December 20, it came in late January. I initiated a return, shipping it back was expensive and I had no use for it since it was too late to use on my trip, after arguing with customer service via email Wiggle said they'd credit me $20 for the shipping costs. I sent the jacket back, the RMA said I'd get $143 back. After the jacket was processed and returned they credited me $123 (the claimed the $20 was a promotion). Don't do business with dishonest merchants."

Fred Rumming says

"I have been a Wiggle customer for years and spent a fortune with them. Just bought a pair of Shimano MTB shoes. I am a size EU 47 and was sent a size 40 and paid extra for express delivery. I am certain that I "clicked" on 47 but when customer services replied back to me they very coldly said I ordered a 40. So, of course they are going back and as immaculate as they arrived. This is the second time I have dealt with Wiggle "customer services" in the past 5 years. Not impressed. I have decided I am going to spend my hard earned money somewhere else and no longer use Wiggle. I suggest you think long and hard before you order."

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