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Ophthalmic Technician (Former Employee) says

"If ever you want to go in a trap, this is what it is. I always wondered why this company always had an opening for Ophthalmic Technicians. I took the job thinking it may be okay, and it was not. Not only was the management awful, the techs you work with are not even qualified to be techs. They either got hired because they somehow knew a worker there, or was related to them. This is an awful place and there is a foul awful stench that comes clockwise every 2 PM and it makes you want to vomit! Cons: Being there"

COT Technician (Former Employee) says

"Co-workers were not supportive, if you are just out of college not a good place to start Dr all have different ways of doing things it’s hard to understand the wants and needs of all 30 personalities"

Technician (Current Employee) says

"Wheaton eye clinic was a very good place to work many years ago. It's not like that now. Low pay and high demands like traveling to the other offices are normal. Cons: Poor management and not treated fairly. Friends of managers get more favors"

Support Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"The pay is terrible.No room for advancement or Over Time. No increase for being cross trained. Severely understaffed. Extremely chaotic. Co-workers are not supportive. Cons: Salary, Chaotic, No support from some co-workers"

Contact Lens Technician (Former Employee) says

"The Child Advocacy Center was a very sad but self fulfilling internship knowing you were there to be the life saver for many children and families in need. Cons: Compensation"

Support Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"Fast paced work environment. Required to schedule and make appointments. Little to no room for advancement. No extra pay for being cross trained. Poorly managed and severely understaffed for the high patient volume."

Patient Registration Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Great co workers but to far for my travel. Learned a lot about opthamology. Flexible schedules. Great manager. I wish it was closer to home for me!! Cons: Diatance"

Support Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"Very chaotic environment, disorganized. Hoped things would get better over time bit I have been there for three years and I don't see any improvements. Cons: Over worked not a good home life balance."