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WhatsApp Messenger, or simply WhatsApp, is an American freeware, cross-platform messaging, and Voice over IP (VoIP) service owned by Facebook, Inc. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, makes voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other media.

"Whatsapp sucks..." says "dreudian" on a Reddit post on May 27, 2018:

"Whatsapp sucks... You have to give your phone number to people that you hardly know just to use WhatsApp together then you have to add them as a phone contact. If so many people didn't use it, I would delete it and never look back. Way overrated. Let a PGP key app go mainstream, I will never utter WhatsApp again. Lol."


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E K says

"Owned by Fakebook. There are better and safer communication platforms. Signal and telegram."

Billy Cadman says

"owned by FB! Facebook which was founded as an app to rate girls by guys at Harvard !
The original well intentioned founder of WhatsApp resigned due to trust & privacy issues.
They only ever act in there own self serving interest . Signal is the new whatsapp."

Andy Clay says

"Yet again a miss call number, so I stored it and reinstalled WhatsApp again. Claiming to be from a business how they got my number I haven't got a clue. Also you can get numbers from WhatsApp via a pc. Clearly not safe and a breach of data. There was a column about this on Google page. Even sent this link and photo of it head lines, only restore links which does not do anything. Come on be a responsive app and trust worthy, after this deleted app."

Rebecca Holien says

"Horrible site.... and have been a victum of scam profiles. Men contact you with fake photos and then ask for money or gift cards. I have even had a man try and blackmail me. DO NOT BE A VICTUM!!!!! DO NOT USE THIS SITE EVER TO MEET MEN... ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A RELATIONSHIP!!!!!! RATE IT AN ABSOLUTE SCAM APP!!!!!"

Uriyel Dill says

"Poor service"

Ngoc Yen Banh says

"Closed my accounts. Not going to use a service that suppresses free speech. New terms and conditions are for communism"

Iaaniya Mitra Khan says

"This app was fine, but their new privacy policy is scary and intruding. No respect for user data or the users at all. the new privacy policy will track what business you go in contact into, what you buy when you log in log out how much you stay logged in and potentially even your contacts. All that info is going to be share with fb so that it can be sold. the new privacy policy is really very scary and sets a precedent that violate everyone's right to privacy. everyone that has at least a little of sense and respect for one self should move to signal or telegram. tell your family and friends about it and get the hell out of this app."

Hashim says

"The new privacy policies of watsapp is scary. We use the app only since it give much importance to privacy more than any other app. Privacy policy must change other wise we will chose signal for sure. We don't believe Facebook after American election issues. Be cautious with your customers and always remember "customer is the king"."

fMill says

"I will be switching to telegram now as Whatsapp is going full facebook and sharing all of my chats and files with everyone under the sun. Extremely bad for privacy. Get out while you can."

StevenA says

"Bloated beyond belief -it's just a messaging app!"

Ladybug says

"This app is only good for messaging. Video calls even voice calls are always having issues. If you uninstall you have to wait like days before it allows you to reinstall. Least ive had to wait was 49hrs. Smdh. It doesn't allow you to share your background chat wallpaper when sending message to the other person it only shows up on your side."

Andy Clay says

"Strange message from Bangladesh number, how it appeared on this app clearly not a secure site now have deleted it. Reinstalled app after three had a call from yet again Bangladesh clearly there are many floors with this app, this proves WhatsApp is not secure and scammers trying to get personal information ie identity theft!!
Again deleted it reinstalled it again after a couple of days another call Bangladesh this time no longer use WhatsApp gone for good, not a responsive site reported problems none of which has been sorted out. - 1/10 no stars rating from me."

Jonathan Roberts says

"Very disappointed with 2 pin verification. Don't understand why they've made it so difficult to reset. Had new phone. Forgot pin. Tried resetting through email. No joy. What a load of rubbish. Got to wait 6 days to try and reset. They having a laugh. All my other apps no problems."

customer - Paul Crow says

"Ever tried dealing with this mob?Wait 24 hours - doubling every time you don't follow their non-existent rules - they are pathetic. Ask them a question - they IGNORE you - since being taken over by big business - they have introduced customer malaise. What did I do wrong for having to wait a week? Bought a new phone & tried to transfer to it! Naughty me!"

nozhan frouzandeh says

"worst app ever...
1-you must be in the chat to listen to a voice and when exiting the chat voice would stop.
2-when I remove a massage means I didn't want to be seen, then WhatsApp inform that I have removed it...
3-i want to edit my text, is that so hard to add?
4-what about showing how much size is downloaded and uploaded of each file so that we know how long we should wait????
5-for WhatsApp windows: YES I am connected to my phone, YES...YES...YES"

William Kovatch says

"They are like the communists control the amount of messages to only one per user with the excuse of the corona virus, that control is only done by totalitarian and communist governments, there is no freedom to move to Cuba or Russia"

Hassan ali says

"Was good app but the new privacy rules are a big no. Will be shifting to telegram"

BroskiBerry says

"Completely unsafe, any WA group pretty much means all members will have your private phone number. Just use Telegram."


"In general, I like WhatsApp. It has it's faults, but would miss not having it. Of great concern is their latest Privacy Laws. If you don't accept them you can't use the service. The main issue, the complete opposite to privacy, in that they will be sharing all your personal information on other platforms, including mobile phone numbers. Very intrusive."

Irene Zendie says

"It would be cool to record a voice note to status instead of just writing."