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Westwood is a town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 16,057 in 2017. In July 2005, CNN/Money and Money magazine ranked Westwood 13th on its list of the 100 Best Places to Live in the United States. Boston magazine included Gay Street in Westwood on its list of the Best Streets in the Boston area. It is the 9th wealthiest town in the state of Massachusetts.


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Land Surveyor (Former Employee) says

"Really poorly run operation. Decision making is made up in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. There are branch offices all over the country, swapping jobs, placing blame and otherwise creating a giant mess of every project. There is little in the way of quality control and the same goes for procedures and protocol. Daily and weekly meetings are kept to a tight schedule, for this is to insure the aforementioned blame game is not delayed."

Surveyor (Current Employee) says

"This company is in no way interested in anyone concerned with quality. Management is made of people who brown nosed their way to the top. They got there by pumping out garbage work of extremely poor quality. If you have any self respect and take pride in your work, you will not fit into their culture. Cons: There are numerous cons to this place. Lack of oversight, poor quality products, unorganized, cluster duck protocol."

Professional Land Surveyor (Former Employee) says

"Straight up, bald face liars. Extremely dishonest upper management. They talk the talk, but absolutely do not walk the walk. You will be forced into a contract status to start. Stay away from degrees centigrade too. They are sleeping together and treat people like cattle. You can do better anywhere else. Trust me, this is a cut throat company and they do not care one bit about you as a human being. Cons: Readers choice, you can pick any negative word you can think of and it works here."

Crew Chief (Former Employee) says

"This is the worse company you could ever work for. You get lied to all the time and they could Care less about you . Don't bother having a family with this place. Did I mention they don't really know what their doing Cons: Traveling, low pay"

Survey Data Technician (Former Employee) says

"Not enough work. Cons: Not enough direction"

pipeline suryeyor (Former Employee) says

"always outside and traveling all over the country met a lot of new people"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Project Manager for the surveying of transmission lines. The management would not listen to the way power lines were to be surveyed. I had to argue and back it up with Board rules. Cons: Everything."

Party Chief in training/Surveyors Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Most days I would sit in the office waiting for the surveyor to send me on a job until roughly 3 P.M. and would have to end up working until somewhere around 6-7 P.M. due to lack of management."

Transmission and Distribution Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Many good, hard-working, talented professionals being mismanaged into the ground. Administration and management are more concerned with growth of company through acquisitions and ever-growing business contracts than supporting employees to produce quality engineered products. Disorganized management protects toxic, unproductive employees. Very few experienced staff are overworked to meet poorly managed schedules and also "train" growing number of new graduates. Training involves throwing new hires into large projects with little oversight or guidance. Cons: burnout, administration, project management, advancement, career growth support, training, management protects toxic employees"

Environmental Specialist (Former Employee) says

"At times can be fun and laid back and at other times it is chaotic and disorganized. It seems like the company lacks true vision and is only focused on expanding operations and profit margins. There are some fabulous people there to work with, just as long as you work with the energy markets. Cons: Management"

Land Development Intern (Former Employee) says

"Didn't have the best training, they through you in and had you ask questions as you went along. It was 95% autocad and 5% gathering plans and making trips to city hall for pick up or drop off."

Louise Ann says

"The Sims 4 was just glitchy...glitchy...glitchy. I'd had more than enough so I went online to contact EA. They fobbed me off and asked me to contact Playstation. I called up Playstation who said the poor gameplay is definitely not their responsibility and to take the problem up with...wait for it...EA! That makes sense when u think about it as EA made the game...playstation are just the console u play the game on...I mean I'm pretty sure it would be glitchy on xbox too! So I went back to speak to EA...and they are refusing to accept any responsibility...they're refusing to acknowledge any kind of fault with their products. Well...EA...I suggest u read my review and thousands of others...clearly...you suck egg."

Joseph Vieira says

"Its the biggest heap of cow dung on the market. EA are nothing but a bunch of crooks. They take your money and give you the worst game play to date. Lag Lag Lag.  They have the nerve to blame you and your PC lol What a Joke !!!!  If that was the case why do other more graphic and broadband intesnsive games work perfectly well??? NEVER BUY ANOTHER FIFA GAME AGAIN and Im going to roast these thieves on all social media platforms to show then for what they are."

Camran A says

"Company is absolutely horrible. My account was hacked on Apex Legends and the Origin launcher even CLEARLY gave me a message one more than I was unable to log in due to the account already in use. Literally the warning popped up on my launcher that someone else was using my account. I immediately changed my password and logged in. All of my character skins were different, my rank was different, and I had different friends on my friends list. Once I changed my password I thought it was over. Then the company banned me. I have been playing this game since the beginning of the release. A week one player!! I thought no worries, I could just get my account back after explaining what happened. Mind you this company should be able to see the log ins and activity on my account and even where the people logged in from. NOPE. They refuse to do anything. Claim I'm the one that cheated. All they do is close my case submissions. They even refuse to respond to my BBB complaints. I have spend HUNDREDS of dollars over the last few years on this game and they completely tossed me aside like the trash. RIDICULOUS. This completely is garbage, their support is garbage, and they treat their customers like garbage. HORRIBLE. COMPANY."

Jens Heissel Petersen says

""Worst Company in America""

J L says

"Additional stars can appear in loot boxes, along with duplicate items and more negative reviews."

Casper Olsen says

"EA has the worst servers in the world i disconnect really often to ea due to the shi tty ass servers they have its so insane and completelly ruins the experince playing on their platform like fifa if you disconnect from the server for 1 second you get a DNF :("

Babosh Addo says

"Fck this $hit game ea are some w@nkers"

Jesse Keating says

"Terrible company, everything they do is either rigged, broke, glitched or just plane bad. I hate this company with a passion I will never buy any of their games ever agin"

Harmoni Pickering says

"I have no idea what to do so I guess I'm posting here. Last year (2020) around March I purchased a game bundle of Sims 4 (1 EP, 1 GP, 1 SP) to add to my base game. After buying the game my husband was unsure of the charge and flagged it on our card. I noticed when my account got banned and my games disappeared. I checked my bank and when I realized what happened I immediately called my bank to allow the charge and then went on EA help to fix the issue. I included copies of my bank statement showing the initial charge and cancellation, then the most recent, updated charge that went through to prove that EA had indeed received the money for the games. After emailing back and forth with a rep, they unlocked my suspended account and "closed the case", but did not put my games back onto my account so I could not play them. I reached back out and was told they could not give me my games back and told me to make sure I didn't purchase them through a third party. When I explained that I bought the games directly through them they ceased all communication with me and "closed" the second case. Since then I have tried to open multiple cases, including screen shots that prove they received the money and that it went directly to them, not a third-party. I have been repeatedly ignored, even when asking for a customer service phone number to talk directly to someone to fix the issue. Trying to log-in today I find that my account is again suspended/banned and the website won't even let me "open a case" to talk to someone. Anyone know how I can solve this or speak to someone to figure this out? I am so fed up with EA and them stealing my games/money. I will never spend money with EA again!"

Jesus Jimenez says

"This company is trash i cant play online because they decided to block my account and i have no way to contact them. Please go bankrupt and spare us from your utterly disapointing games."

notsuchagirlygirl says

"This company was great, now it's just all expensive crap and NO imagination. $35 for one Sims 4 Expansion Pack? No way, never. Not only that, but I got EA Play and a ton of free DLC, but aside from two, TWO cheap packs, I could only get 10% off on the rest of the DLC."

jjb_clan justin says

"***** you thanks to your Fifa, for 8 years now, when I touch your game, I've only been depressed, angry and sad."

Hudz says

"I cant even make an EA account because every time I get and Email for verification the code is always invalid, and I cant even get customer support because guess what? You need to log into you account to get support, so overall, horrible account creation/ verification system, horrible customer support and yeah."

Robert Hartley says

"pay to win loot boxes and not supporting the smart delivery are the only reason i dont buy EA games along with there badly paid developers."

Tanisha Hanlon says

"Horrible online support. I purchased simcity through as it says it is now 64bit compatible when purchased through the Apple Mac app store however wanted to keep all my games in one place as I have the Sims 4 through origin. On the origin app i purchased it, then went to download and it said it isn't supported by my mac. I tried getting an answer from EA online chat for a resolution to download the game considering it is compatible when purchased elsewhere, but the online tech was slow and unhelpful. I am unable to get a refund as i purchased it 3 months ago even though I had not been able to download it. Will not purchase through EA when the support is so horrid."

Hrco says

"Worst customer service ever. You pay, and when you can’t use it, you have no one to turn to."

Will Brown says


Patrick Schiffhauer says

"EA SUPPPORT 1 Month 4 Cases and stil No Answer from EA Support Dont understand why they have a Support Goodbye EA!"

Sean says

"Ea have turned their games into pay to win concentrating on getging money from microtransactions. Games are laggy and scripted."