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Westlake Chemical is an international manufacturer and supplier of petrochemicals, polymers and fabricated building products, which are fundamental to various consumer and industrial markets.The company was founded by Ting Tsung Chao in 1986. it is the largest producer of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) in the US and ranks among the Forbes Global 2000. Westlake Chemical operates in two segments: Olefins and Vinyls, and is also an integrated producer of vinyls, with substantial downstream integration into polyvinyl chloride (PVC) building products.

There is absolutely no sense of continuous improvement, very little team atmosphere, few rewards. Some talented people but many do just the bare minimum if even that. Many mistakes made on jobs and safety policies are not always followed.


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Accounts Payable Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The mangers will talk down to you micromanaged so old school no casual Friday's over worked if you aren't liked you won't move up snobs all around high turn overWe would like to apologize for your experience and thank you for sharing your feedback, we can definitely see how frustrating this would be. Westlake is normally known for our “family” like culture and recognizing the vital role our employees play in our success. Your comments have been discussed with the responsible team leaders to ensure positive changes are implemented."

Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"Unless your a lead or a supervisor here, your voice has no weight. If you try to stop them from potentially making a mistake they will overlook your concerns. I felt unappreciated and devalued working there. I have more than 13 years of industrial experience and working at the facility made me cringe at the decision making from management. If your looking for a good place to work, look elsewhere. This place will only aggrevate you!!!!Thank you for your feedback. We are disappointed that you felt unappreciated and devalued as two of Westlake’s core values are our People and Quality & Continuous Improvement. In situations like this we encourage you to sit down with your Human Resources Business Partner to discuss your concerns and feedback to improve upon the situation. We hate to lose good, experienced employees."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"worked nightboss was not a good oneco-worker was good with work withpaybad place to work"

Manager Network and Datacenter Operations (Current Employee) says

"CIO and management have different stories when they do communicate. Definitely do not follow the following quote: "It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” - Steve Jobs The wrong management was put in place. They tripled their size with one acquisition and were not prepared to grow, nor do they have the capacity with current management.noneworking for them"

Extruder Operator (Former Employee) says

"Management shows favoritism. Time off is almost impossible to schedule unless you are part of the click. Safe only matters in appearance, safety equipment is taken from assigned locations without notice and sometimes never assigned as needed. Work load is completely unfair, example, some people never leave the break room and some, like myself, never see the break room, ever. Policies are enforced with biases and prejudice. NOT a place for anyone who thinks for themselves or wants career advancement. Pay, that is the only proevery other aspect of this jobWestlake takes your concerns very seriously. Westlake is committed to providing not only a safe work environment but one where employees feel they are being treated with dignity and respect. We strongly encourage you to contact a Human Resources representative to discuss the concerns you’ve raised in this review. or report your concerns through the EthicsPoint Hotline (either by telephone or online, and anonymously if you prefer)."

VCM Operator (Former Employee) says

"Vcm unit is a labor camp. Vcm has a high turnover rate. Operators quit every few months. There is no line between management and operators. Nothing is confidential with management. The Vcm unit is very unsafe, something bad will happen.Great payVcm unit is labor camp"

Quality Inspector (Current Employee) says

"No sense of continuous improvement, very little team atmosphere, few rewards. Some talented people but many do just the bare minimum if even that. Many mistakes made on jobs and safety policies are not always followed.Westlake takes your concerns about safety very seriously. If you do not feel comfortable having a discussion with your Human Resources representative, we encourage you to report your concerns through the EthicsPoint Hotline (either by telephone or online, and anonymously if you prefer). Safety is our top priority and at the forefront of everything we do."

Operator (Current Employee) says

"Most departments are good, Ethylene is the absolute worst place to be assigned. The Operations Superintendent has a reputation of being a first class tyrant and he takes pride in that. There is a lot of politics and back stabbing that goes on here. People stay because of the money, lots of overtime and you better work it or else! Besides the money it is miserable. If they got rid of some management it would be much more productive. Safety is a joke and they really could care less as lkng as it doesn’t affect their bonus.We are sorry to hear about your experience in a particular department. The working relationships between coworkers and the culture of the work environment are very important at Westlake. We encourage you to sit down with your Human Resources Business Partner to voice your specific feedback and ideas for improvement. Safety is Westlake's top priority. Our objective every day is for all employees to return home safely and in as good of health as when they are arrived at work.Our EthicsPoint Hotline allows you to report workplace concerns (i.e., HSE, employee relations, inappropriate behavior) without fear of retaliation. More information can be found on the company intranet."

Chemical Operator/Bulk Handler (Former Employee) says

"Some management people were great, but those few that were bad made it difficult. Advancement was usually determined on how well you were liked and not on experience or qualifications"

Board Operator (Former Employee) says

"Westlake is a good place to work. The fellow operators were all great to work with, good working environment, If you can go to work and not have any medical setbacks you will be fine.Fellow operators were great peopleno coment"

Site Safety Manager (Former Employee) says

"Provide oversight to multiple work areas. Audit on going safety programs and work activities for compliance. provide training and new hire orientations."

Assembler/Production (Current Employee) says

"I have been here for a couple of years and the covid protection pay covers us if we or a family member is diagnosed with covid, it is called coronavirus response act. We should all get tested weekly but these companies are about their billions of dollars, the virus is real and more precaution need to be made.Decent payPoor management"

Puller and Receiver (Current Employee) says

"If you value happiness avoid this place at all costs. Pay and benifits are average but you will work long hours 6 days a week to compensate for extreme mismanagement. The place is a disorganized mess and safety is just about chcking off boxes on an insurance form somewhere.We know that the demands of professional life may be overwhelming at times and that work-life balance is important to our employees. We want all of our employees to be happy in their role and to enjoy the people they work with and the environment they work in – our employees are our greatest asset and a safe work environment is our top priority. Safety concerns should be reported to your immediate supervisor, another member of management, Human Resources, the Office of the General Counsel, or Westlake's reporting hotline, and you may report your concerns anonymously if you prefer.We encourage anyone who has feedback or ideas for continuous improvement to reach out to their supervisor and/or Human Resources Business Partner to discuss the details."

Manager - Total Rewards (Current Employee) says

"I would say that if your want to work at Westlake you will need to put in a LOT of extra hours! It is definitely NOT an 8-5 company Pay is generally fair but the hours required tends to burn people outGood payLOts of work and Lots of hours required"

Buyer - Purchasing (Current Employee) says

"As I said, this is a very fast moving, fast paced job. I love working with the SAP software, and love learning new things. I had been in purchasing for many years, over to payroll, then back to purchasing. There were a few changes in the area of purchasing, but picked back up pretty fast.Not a problem in you just need a break on your eyes and need to walk outside to take a break.I have asked as other in out dept to work from home, I am not given the right to work from home on weekends, This is keeping me behind other in progress amount"

Extruder Operator (Former Employee) says

"You start out through a Temp service and no one at the plant has the authority to hire you. Some temps have been there months up to over a year waiting to get hired on full-time. If you work hard and prove yourself as capable you still have to wait for unknown reasons to get on full time. Bottom line; you do the same work as full time employees for way less pay. The company doesn't have a training program so its learn what you can on the run. No set breaks or lunch so if you get a chance to eat its a bonus, the supervisors or leads will not fill in for you to catch a beak.its a pay checkLeadership or lack there of"

Process Operator II (Former Employee) says

"The company is growing very rapidly but the personnel are sometime more concerned about your everyday life rather than the job. That create a bad working environment and pretty unhealthy. Management is alright, but needs a lot of improvement. They really are starting to care more, but the overall culture need to be improved. It is not a very motivated place to work. The company is not bad thought. Their are bonus and competitive pay which is better than more, but sometime they can squeeze a little tight on budgets.Competitive Pay and BonusBad Personnel and Management"

HR (Former Employee) says

"Do not get into the HR field here! You will be very disappointed! This department has been having problems for a while, high turnover rate, negativity, and toxic work environment. Most of these problems are due to the HR Manager, who you can't trust. This person will go out of their way to make your life miserable, very passive aggressive, mean-spirited, and talks down to you. This manager tries to get information from you about other employees in the department, there is no trust, and overall a very TOXIC work environment in that department.toxic work environment!"

EHS (Current Employee) says

"Inexperienced and arrogant management unwilling to accept suggests from other levels of the organization and little to no career advancement opportunities."

Operator (Current Employee) says

"Management is cut throat! They will work your fingers to the bone! Definitely "production" over "safety" You aren't treated fairly by some supervisors.Pay and benefitsManagement"

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