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Anadarko Petroleum Corporation was a company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration. It was organized in Delaware and headquartered in two skyscrapers in The Woodlands, Texas: the Allison Tower and the Hackett Tower, both named after former CEOs of the company. In 2019, the company was acquired by Occidental Petroleum. The company was the subject of multiple environmental cases, including the largest environmental contamination settlement in American history - the 2014 settlement related to the former Tronox subsidiary of Kerr McGee, a company purchased by Anadarko in 2006.

A former employee angrily mentioned, "I worked for Anadarko almost three years ago and I still have a sting when I think of the way I was treated there. Managers let people run rampant with their territorial behavior, huge lack of collaboration, lack of transparency. I would not go back to work there if they tripled my salary."


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"I was busy from start of day to end of day answering phones and assisting nine Business Development Engineers I learned many new techniques regarding gathering and processing of natural gas, entering field meter data, keeping the office running smoothly so that all the engineers could work at capacity. Co-workers were excellent to work with - everyone was willing to promote a team environment. The hardest part of my job was the traffic to and from work in downtown Denver The most enjoyable part of my job was the feeling of accomplishment and complete elation that went along with securing new gas wells and seeing them put into production.Every other Friday offMoved from Denver to Billings for husband's work"

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