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Westbury Bank is a full-service bank. The bank accepts deposits, makes loans and provides other services for the public. West Bend Mutual Insurance Company was founded in the West Bend, WI, in 1894 and West Bend Savings Bank (now Westbury Bank) in 1926.

An anonymous employee wrote on Glassdoor: "It's very clear that hourly employees are not treated as equals. If you're salary you're in the safe zone and are treated as untouchable. The rest of us are easily disposable, regardless of how long you've been with the company. The best way to describe them is "cheap". One of the lowest paying companies around. They will cut your hours without batting an eye, require you to take longer unpaid lunches, eliminate positions, even take away coffee machines to save a penny, but spare no expense when it comes to anyone salary (management, commercial, executives). But rest assured that they will constantly remind you of how great it is to work there. Very little advancement in career opportunities and technology. It's difficult to compete with other banks when they offer services that westbury doesn't want to pay for. Little communication to employees. We get updated once a year through a companywide conference call. They don't take criticism well and don't welcome opinions."

A different employee wrote: "Worst executive management team ever, starting with the CEO. Treats employees horribly, new and tenured. Numbers go bad fire employees. Of course, they all have golden parachutes in place. Unethical and greedy group."


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supervisor (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend westbury bank, a change over in management has reduced compensation and paid time off in recent years Cons: compensation and paid time off, no advancement"

Personal Banker/Teller (Former Employee) says

"My previous position at a different financial institution had awesome benefits along with commission for selling different types of accounts. At my interview for Westbury, they kept talking about how great the benefits, pay and commission was... However, that was not the case. My pay is the same as my previous position, and the commission was very minimal. You only get commission as a Personal Banker if your entire branch makes the goals for number of account opened. This was a deal breaker after a year. The managers don't do much around the branches and they get paid double what I did, and they push all of their work off on the personal bankers and tellers. The company i now work for pays double for the same amount of work. Cons: benefits, salary"

CSR I (Former Employee) says

"A nice company to work for with very nice people. Their training could use some updating and added compliance but overall a very nice company to work for. Cons: pay"

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