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Evergy is an American investor-owned utility (IOU) with publicly traded stock that has its headquarters in Topeka, Kansas, and in Kansas City, Missouri. The company was formed from a merger of Westar Energy of Topeka and Great Plains Energy of Kansas City, Missouri, parent company of Kansas City Power & Light. Evergy is the largest electric company in Kansas, serving more than 1,000,000 residents.

Westarenergy offer no benefits to contractors and unpaid holidays, according to an actual contractor at glassdoor.com

"No benefits whatsoever if you're a contractor. No paid vacation. No paid sick time. No paid holidays. If you aren't on the job, you aren't getting paid. Health and dental are through whatever contracting company that you had the misfortune of winding up at. If you want it, expect to pay through the nose. It's actually pretty depressing. When the employees get extra time off to celebrate a special occasion, say for instance the Chiefs win the Superbowl, don't expect to get time off for yourself. You're just a contractor, not an employee."


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Former Employee - Analyst says

"After Westar/KCPL merger, many legacy KCPL employees left company. My department had majority legacy Westar upper management. It was a shame to see the legacy Westar employees keeping their jobs and the legacy KCPL employees being shoved into different job functions, therefore leading them to leave the company voluntarily or being offered a severance."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The call center treats employees terrible. Any other department, you are still treated like a human. If you're in the call center, you're a number. You might as well be cattle.One of the highest paying call centers in the areaMicromanagement, Encourages Tattling and Spying, Toxic Work Environment"

Operator/electrician (Current Employee) says

"Good pay Good benefits Company provided ppe Quarterly lunches Work life balance not very good unless management Clear line between blue collar and white collarQuarterly lunchesWork life balance"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Due to the botched merger with KCP&L, this company is now viewed as a bad one to work for. Most of the people are good people but the way the entire corporate team kept hammering home that the deal was a sure thing really has turned off a lot of people. We went through the entire year long process that included new roles being laid out, people getting promotions and demotions, and people who chose not to join the new company and take a severance. Now the deal has failed and they expect everything to go back to normal, it's "business as usual" as they like to say. We won't really know what damage this abortion of a merger will create for a few months. Who knows, maybe the "For Sale" sign will go back up in the front yard and the whole process starts over again. That would be really good for employee morale."

Operations Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"There a lot of good people who want to do good things working for Westar and like most large companies, there are some who can make life extremely difficult for the people who work for them. Working rotating shift work is draining and takes its toll on the family."

Worker (Former Employee) says

"If you want to be micromanaged work here. It seems like you need to check in to go to the bathroom. As I had read in a previous review, it is so bad that everyone is afraid of making the wrong move and getting fired. It is no fun working like that!!!noneManagement is bad"

Worker (Current Employee) says

"The general mood in the General Office is very uptight. There seem to be a lot of unspoken rules. A lot of people were worried about doing some (minor) thing wrong and getting fired. Very much an old white guys club at the top and the next generation of leadership being groomed is also a boys club. Lots of cronyism. The culture at the energy clubs has a frat boy feel. Every other word is the f bomb and there's a definite 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' sense about them. Don't bother speaking up about anything that needs improving, you will be dismissed as a troublemaker."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"I’ve worked there for over 5 years and if your not a supervisors favorite then don’t expect to move up in the company. Supervisors sit in each other’s office laughing so loud it can be disruptive to the working environment."

Meter Reader (Former Employee) says

"Read electric and gas meters Learned nothing that would help with future employment Management played favorites, Most coworkers were great Hardest part was the weather, and dogs Enjoyable part was also the weather and dogspay, most customers were friendlyeverything else"

Administrative Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Westar Energy has long been known as a great employer. Unfortunately the culture has changed as demands have greatly increased on the employees. Moral is declining as generating units are shutting down and jobs are being eliminated or moved."

Control Room Operator (Current Employee) says

"For the operator, the climate is a key contributor to how your day will proceed. Depending on the type of fuel used at the plant you may spend much of your time outside checking the condition of or actively removing ice, snow, or be involved in any number of coal ash related activities. Regular rounds are made on each unit and each having a different route, but similar readings taken on individual units. Although generating units may appear the same, each one has different characteristics and slightly different piping configurations, making each totally unique in both overall capacity and operation. Typically the operations teams work in crews of 3 or more people, qualified at different operational levels, and given separate areas and equipment to monitor and care for. In the fleet currently (2018) work schedule involves a forward rotation of either 12 hour or 8 hour shifts consisting of both days and nights. The operations department decides per plant on an agreeable shift rotation to cover all the necessary functions and equipment needs. Days, nights, evenings, weekends, holidays, are expected to be worked when scheduled as there can be no interruption of electricity as it is an essential service. Safety of plant personnel and equipment is of high priority as is training and understanding of each system and its intended design parameters. Compensation is usually a little higher than the average wage due to the adverse temperatures, demanding shift schedule, and higher degree of training needed to run multiple complex process systems simultaneously. Generally the benefitsVariety of work, higher than average compensationGruelling shift schedule, missing family functions, health related concerns"

Journeyman Lineman (Current Employee) says

"good company when started 35 years ago, work ethics are dwindling fast, not what you can do,,its who you know, mangers with no experience in the field. employees only their for check no pride in the workhome"

Salaried Professional (Current Employee) says

"Pay is acceptable, but hours required are much more than 40 hours a week. Some managers are flexible, demands are high and not much tolerance for learning the job. Other employees might feel different."

Contractor (Current Employee) says

"I was originally hired on as a contractor and the plan was to be hired full time after a certain period of time, but the recent merger activities have delayed the hiring process indefinitely."

Warehouse Clerk (Former Employee) says

"should of had more management in how they wanted things run correctly...They were not prepared as they should of been...It was a new contract for temp work that they were putting in new meters in all of wichita ks.. we had to set up ajnd organize how to do all of the meters that came out of old homes and businesses and new meters that were to go in"

Server (Current Employee) says

"Pay is good for the area as are the benefits. The culture and corporate attitude are very dated and need to be updated. Younger workers will probably choose another company in the KC area vs working here because the attitude, culture and advancement opportunities are all very old school.Get to wear jeans, onsite fitness center, good payNot a "fun" environment, no real perks outside of pay and benefits"

Westar Energy Contractor (Former Employee) says

"The key to success is to be open to change. Westar has had it's share of change over the past decade. I have found in my work experience that it is the people at Westar that make the transitions and moves easy. In society today it is hard to find a job much less one that pays well and you enjoy. The co-workers here look out for each other making my job more enjoyable and make it easy for me to show up."

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"i only was there a few months but everyone is really nice. friendly work environment not many places like this anymore. i just cleaned the yard to help cut overtime"

Contract Meter Reader (Former Employee) says

"Typical day of work: downloaded your route(s) for the day and literally walked house to house and read the customers gas and electric meters. Dealt with happy and unhappy customers every so often. Dealt with good and bad dogs because you have to enter 95% of the customers back yards to access the meters. We were out no matter the weather - rain, storms, heat and snow. Management: some were enjoyable and trustworthy and some not so much. Co-workers: They were all great people to work with. Hardest part of the job is really just the terrain and amount of dogs I dealt with. Most enjoyable part of the job were my co-workers. The job isn't for just anyone. It is much harder than what meets the eye and I was capable of doing the job it just wasn't something that I particularly enjoyed day in and day out."

Pre-Relief Operator (Current Employee) says

"Management does not seem to know what's going on. Training is almost non-existent for new employees. Current employees are willing to help teach but are still quite reserved."

Utility Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Westar Energy is unique in that it customer's don't have a lot of choices for their service. It takes a very thick skin to work in the call center, but can be fulfullingGood paycompetitive atmosphere"

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