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Wesbank is the installment finance division of FirstRand Bank. WesBank is South Africa's largest provider of loans for cars.

Gareth shares his disappointing experience on hellopeter.com, "It is so sad that Companies Like Wesbank treat people with such disrespect. Lockdown has destroyed millions of people's lives - COVID has destroyed even more. I fell behind on payments on a motor car and could not pay. Now that I'm starting to get back on my feet and tried to make arrangements with WESBANK - they are not interested in assisting. They would rather take the car and sell it cheaper and try to get what they can from you! Disgusting Company!!!"


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Former Contractor - Senior BA says

"Senior Management and EXCO continuously make bad uninformed decisions and NEVER learn from their mistakes Single handedly collapsed the IT department trying to save costs which ended up costing them much more Management including ICT management not qualified to run a bank Promote outsiders instead of internal staff Continuously lose great people to other banks"

Current Employee - IT Support Technician says

"Not getting paid my worth"

Senior Systems Analyst says

"Low staff morale, staff not motivated"

Current Employee - Enterprise Architect says

"Lack long term strategy and long term investment"

Data Processing, (Former Employee) says

"my first job straight from school. was paid R175 per month had a very junior position but used to help out where and when I could so as to gain experience. did learn a lotgamined banking experienceleft for more pay - better job"

Collection Agent (Former Employee) says

"We were required to work shift and long hours with less pay.And had to Temp without any promise of being permanent. A great company to work for , the Managers are kind and motivatingFree lunchesTemping for a long time"

Financial Administrator (Current Employee) says

"I have worked for WesBank for 16 years. It would seem like there is no possibility to move my career upwards anymore. I have been in my current role for 11 years.In-house gymNo career aspirations"

Accounts Legal Officer (Current Employee) says

"Good company to start at, provides you an insight of a call center environment, also is the best company a student can start at whilst completing their degree / diploma. I learnt that every experience is essential, no experience is little or insufficient."

Financial Administrator (Current Employee) says

"feels like we are back in school. Management favours who they want and the whole culture has changed. Monitored. Checked on. CEO not friendly at allGymFavouritism"

Financial Administrator (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work includes being able to work on computer systems that work well.Good working hoursPromotion only available to certain people"

Accountant (Current Employee) says

"Traditional environment that has tradional culture and traditional expectations on approaches, problem solving and behavior. e.g the culture is based on job titles and less on collaboration of competencies.PredictableOutdated"

Customer accounts officer (Current Employee) says

"time management targent driven negotiating team work is core, communications not getting feed back working with people that enjoy what they are doing half days, off days full paidlong hours"

Debt collector or credit controller (Former Employee) says

"I used to travel a lot as that was my function to vist dealers throughout Limpopo and Maphmalanga. I use to travel about 15000 per month. I had a company vehicle and all the benefits that goes with work that I was doing. towards my co workers we had a goods understanding. When we had a problem we use to discuss as a team to solve the problem or query we had. The hardest part of the job was when a salesman loan the new vehicle to a client and they knew that was against the bank rules than I have to view the vehicle the client's work place. My most enjoyable part of my work was when I reach my target every month. Something I work long hours on the road as some dealers are about 400 kilometers from my basis station. But was not a problem as I loved my job.Yes Lunch was at my disposal as well as sleeping out.Some days I worked long hours"

HR Consultant (Former Employee) says

"the company is great but the people are not, its a toxic environment to be in. I worked for the organisation for 13 years but over the last 3 years it was just very toxic and not a nice place to work at."

Payment Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This is the job where i learned most of the banking staff, i enjoyed every moment with every worker and management of course, the was never a dull moment during my stay with Wesbankfree lunches"

Corporate Finance Marketer's Assistant (Current Employee) says

"it was sometimes hectic and other times it was quiet depending on the day of the month. Usually month ends were hectic due to payouts of our deals, the begginning of the month was a bit quiet.i have learnt so much in terms of different job specs i had till my current.we were working as a team and whilst learning that "different strokes for different folks" but the same goal which is to be productiveto explain why they have not been approved for financeproductivity and the drive"

ADMINISTRATION (Former Employee) says

"a lot of fun but for some not everybody enjoy it, cultural and entertainment was not good. nepotism and favoritism, no opportunity to learn a new things, they don't recommend the peopleYes we only get it months endNot realy long hours if you need to balance your work"

Sourcing Specialist - Procurement (Former Employee) says

"No clear direction in terms of procurement as a result procurement has been merged with FNB procurement department. Most difficult was leadership that did not have procurement experience."

ETL Developer (Current Employee) says

"Getting to do projects, enhance existing jobs.I learn that technogy without business knowlegde is no pointI work in a soapie :) drama, supportive team, but the work got to go. You can approach anyone and be approached by anyone.Call out nights :(Finishing great projects and rewardsrewardscall out nights"

HR Manager (Former Employee) says

"I moved to a large corporate to experience the culture within a large company. Although I did learn a fair amount the main reward was meeting my business partner with whom I started Hunique SolutionsCorporate experienceShort time"

Human Resources Generalist/Specialist (Current Employee) says

"A typical day involves constant interaction with Management, leadership and staff around the various facets of HR i.e. Change Management, Learning & Development, Industrial Relations, Org Design, Remuneration and Benefits, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Project Management and day to day conflict resolution. The culture's one of mediocrity, however with the right attitude you'll be able to advance your career. The most enjoyable part of my job is the daily business interaction, as well as setting up and training staff and management on the implementation of various new HR methodologies, policies, practices and procedures.Great Benefits & OpportunitiesSluggish work environment"

Financial Officer (Promoted) says

"Printing of bank statements and allocations thereof to the customer accounts. Following up on the unknown bank deposit by calling the bank and asking for proof of payment. Balancing the bank recon. I learned to work under pressure and to be dead line driven Management listen and work together with the staff to overcome challengesBank benefits no bank charges"

Roving Marketer (Current Employee) says

"WesBank is a great company to work for , have been in the motor trade for the past 8 years. There roles are quite similar, need to challenge myself more.Get to interact with customers directly and our dealers and being able to work from home.Long hours and constant training of Finance & Insurance Managers"

Asset management officer (Former Employee) says

"Wesbank is a great company to work for but if they can change their management style it will be the best company to work for."

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