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a former employee wrote this about Weiner Co on indeed: I worked in Compliance for Caine & Weiner and my department was professional due to my management was different than the collectors. The company doesn't enforce the rules for all employees, and they have picks and chooses on who to pick on when another employee may be doing the same thing. They allow there management team to make personal calls, and speak about inappropriate conversations on a recorded line. The company also has no understanding of life situations that may come about in normal day to day life. The call center floor you have people fighting, trainers and management loud talking over the floor to where the customers are able to hear them, and the company allows loud music to be played over the floor while representatives are conducting a resolution to resolve the debtors delinquency. Caine& Winer allows management to have inappropriate relationships with the representatives, but this company is only good if your looking for something just until something else comes better.


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