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Weather Channel Sucks. The Weather Channel (TWC) is an American pay television channel owned by the Weather Group, LLC, a subsidiary of Entertainment Studios. The channel's headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. Launched on May 2, 1982, the channel broadcasts weather forecasts and weather-related news and analysis, along with documentaries and entertainment programming related to weather. A sister network, Weatherscan, is a digital cable and satellite service that offers 24-hour automated local forecasts and radar imagery.

According to THE WEB ARCHIVE website in the fall of 2012, the Weather Channel began to assign names to major winter storm systems. The channel's management stated the decision to start naming notable winter storms came as a way to more easily spread knowledge and raise awareness. By naming winter storms, TWC stated that the public would find it easier to follow storm information, social media will be able to refer to and discuss the storm, and people will have an easier time referring to the storm after it occurs. However, critics of the Weather Channel insist it is a way to further hype winter weather, especially on the heavily populated East Coast. Critics contend that (south of Boston), many other areas of the United States actually experience much more frequent and intense winter weather than the East Coast, but don't have as large of a media market. THE WASHINGTON POST reported that in response, the National Weather Service announced on November 7, 2012, that it would not recognize the Weather Channel's names for winter storms, stating in a press release that it "does not use the name of winter storms in its products. Some commentators have suggested that naming winter storms may give them undue importance in the public eye by drawing parallels to official names given to Tropical Storms, which are significantly more severe and devastating than winter storms, by the National Weather Service. References to the names are generally limited on TWC-provided forecasts seen on NBC's news programs.


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"•The biggest “con” is that upper management/senior executive level see employees as expendables, chattel. Rather than appreciating that we do the work that allows this company to exist, it has been heard by some executives that “...they should consider themselves lucky to have a job”. No appreciation for how some of us turn our lives upside down to meet or exceed their expectations. • Low-balling EVERYTHING: equipment, software, schedules, staffing... but NEVER executive compensation. • benefits decrease every year • morale continues to decline, folks get fed up and leave, positions not back-filled... those who remain left with more workload, & morale declines further. Even among folks who came here with a PASSION for meteorology and communicating weather info to the world"

Former Employee - Sales Executive says

"They paint a great picture but management does not support. They get you to accept then the dating is over and the BS flies. The turnover says it all. I wish I never joined the firm it has ruined the solid work history and reputation I had with my clients and advertisers."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where do I begin? Management keeps creating fake new VP levels Too many upper level managers need to be shown the door CEO is clueless to all the problems Way too many middle managers (like 6 VPs and countless others) Pay is so messed up and unfair Management thinks they know everything and can't take criticism or open to suggestions Management is always disrespectful Management is too "CNN" Pay raises are terrible They give Bonuses occasionally and claim that's how they can give you a pay raise. That's not how bonuses work. They rarely promote within (unless your the favorite) instead they hire a freelance No investment in retaining employees since you can always be replaced by a freelancer There are many low levels with certain expertise that make TWC what it is that are treated like dirt and we are the ones who make it happen. No advancement in many departments"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of opportunities for advancement and leadership. Management plays favorites and overlooks top players, causing some of the best talent to leave. Constant restructuring. Teams are understandably dejected and unmotivated. Questionable hiring standards and lack of managing those who are not performing up to standard, causing team members to pick up co-workers' slack."

Former Employee - Manager says

"IBM is great, but TWC has not wanted to integrate. Lacking leadership and direction. People leave or are forced out every week. The good people have moved into IBM or left."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"incredibly cut throat environment to come to every morning"


"This place has turned into a zoo."


"-The open floor space is just too open. -Toxic culture -Don't bother to go above and beyond your job they don't like that here. Just stay in your place. - In my interviews they said there was a work/life balance. Nope."

Current Employee - Systems Analyst says

"A lot of sexual shenanigans, especially among the older employees. Promotions and choice assignments are handed out more freely to women who develop "personal relationships" with their bosses."


"Lack of strategic direction from management. Constant change at the senior level and reorg after reorg"

Programmatic Manager, Digital Products (Former Employee) says

"Working in the programmatic department was very intense. There was only 7 people on the team at first and 1 month after I started we were down to 4 people. By the time I left there were three people.Big name companyPoor management team. Very self serving. Do not care about employee growth or mentoring."

n/a (Current Employee) says

"There is no organization, no leadership & poor management. They promote managers but no regular people. There is more mangers then regular people. They come up with fake titles to give pay raises to those managers that are in good w/ senior leadership. A lot of favoritism for poor employees while the great employees tend to leave the company. Management couldn't lead anyone out of a paper bag. The Senior Leadership doesn't care about employees which is so sad. Benefits as in Time off is the only thing good. Pay is terrible, they don't give cost of living increases (skyrocketing costs in Atlanta), Medical insurance is getting worse by the year. Coverage going down and costs going up. All employers around the area continue to raise salaries and this place falls miles behind. Avoid working here at all costs."

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management is unethical and lacks integrity. They cannot be trusted and will throw their employees under the bus.good co-workersway too many vps and directors, no internal promotions, cafeteria only accepts cash like it's the 1960s, this place sucks all around"

Vice President, (Current Employee) says

"The company used to be a fantastic place to work. But since the new CEO came on board (the 3rd CEO in 5 years) it's been downright awful. He is a multimillionaire who owns his own jet and also happens to be formerly with Bain Capital, the company that owns 1/3 of the company and primarily runs things. His job is plain and simple: sell the company as fast as possible now that Bain and the other owners have had it for over 5 years after buying at the peak of the market for an overpriced $3 billion. The CEO didn't even bother to move to the headquarters? He still lives in Boston, where the company has no offices.TV ratings are in the dumps (except for the 20 days out of the year with huge storms and despite a lot of web and mobile users, the company struggles to grow revenues on those platforms.Hardest part of the job is dealing with highly political management, and particularly countless VPs, SVPs and Chief whatever officers who are all new to the company and don't want to hear about the subtleties of the business and operations from those who have been there.caffeteria, health benefits, good locationmanagement, ceo, way too many vps"

Associate Producer (Former Employee) says

"I would love to write that my time at TWC was a positive experience. That is not what I can say. The first few months were exceptional. I was getting paid on time. I was working five days a week after being promised at least three shifts (more on that later). I even decided to forgo Thanksgiving AND Christmas Eve and Day in order to work. Then the New Year hit. I was given a chance to work a different shift in a different position (temporarily; for a week). I didn't do too well but the senior producer said I was getting better. Cut to the next week and I haven't been scheduled. Then another week by. And another. I'd gone THREE weeks without working. All the while I was emailing my manager -- the same person who told me I'd get a couple of shifts a week -- to see what the deal was. It took THREE emails to get a response. Finally, I got two shifts back in my original position. I made a couple of small mistakes. Fine, no big deal. I ask about my schedule and get one or two more shifts the following week. When I return, I'm babysat by one of the senior people. I still do my job. And then my contract is cancelled. My manager wouldn't even tell me my contract was ended a month early. She had ANOTHER COWORKER email me after a week of not responding to an email. Ridiculous. I was lied to about how often I'd be working. I was let go with no real cause (I know this is right-to-work Georgia but bear with me). TWC was supposed to be an opportunity for me. Instead, it felt more like a high school where the bullied kids finally got to be in charge and pulled the same stunts asSnacks; Water; ParkingManagement; Closed off whisper conversations between higher ups"

Operations Project Management & Capacity Planning (Current Employee) says

"Terrible place to work at..all round. Management is uncoordinated."

Senior Manager, Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Awful management that just wants more, more, more while the few execs - all from outside companies - wait to cash out. CEO doesn't even work in the same city as HQ - or for that matter, a city with any Weather Channel operations.Cafeteria, locationCeo, management"

Sr. Engineering Program Manager (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy working for The Weather Channel, but there's no growth within the company and the morale has gone down due to new ownership. I would like to get back to working with a meaning and direction."

News (Current Employee) says

"I was sold the dog & pony show..they made everything look great from the outside. Once you start though, everything quickly changes. Most employees FEAR the dreaded Layoffs. Management is so lost and clueless that it's a joke. Equipment does NOT work. Overall, just not a good place to be. Run away as fast as you can.Plenty of PTO time, Decent PayEverything else"

Senior Angular2 Developer (Former Employee) says

"My favorite is On The Eights. I love the background music. Sometimes they play Spandau Ballet. Or Toto. But never too harsh: always pleasant. Goognargh."

Integration/Operations Project Manager (contract) says

"You really have to want to give back to the community if you work at OCPS because you don't get paid much for your "labor of love.""

Producer (Current Employee) says

"The Weather Channel continues to lead the way in forecasting weather coast-to-coast. Top-notch meteorologists deliver live weather around the clock, providing life-saving information to millions of viewers."


"Too much office politics. War between Executive Management and you can't work there if you don't choose a side.Salary ComperableExecutive Management Poor"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management drinks their own cool-aid, believing they are the next great leaders of the corporate word, and respect only those who follow their group think (or engage in personal relationships with). What was once an excellent product has turned into a click-bait bastion. Managers chase corporate buzz terms like crack in a pez dispenser while ignoring their jobs of mentoring, coaching and guiding their staff. Run away.Nice offices, some perksManagement, lack of purpose or leadership"

Producer (Current Employee) says

"The leadership of this company is a mess. The CEO has changed directions every six months since he came on board in 2012. The executive team lacks integrity and can often be heard stabbing one another in the back in the hopes to get ahead. Line workers are overlooked so that the company can create more VPs and SVPs."

Revenue Accountant (Contractor) says

"See "star" rating above. A typical work day is consumed with responding to email from internal team member. The workplace has a diverse culture of employees. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with a great team.Great department to work with!N/a"

Post Production Video Editor (Current Employee) says

"There is a "Cool Kids" hierarchy at TWC. If you're lucky enough to be a part of the "in-crowd" the limit is the sky. If not, your upward mobility is stalled."

Account Manager, Distributions (Former Employee) says

"The company has an okay culture. There was some division in my team and the employees felt a sense of uncertainty about the future. The position I was hired for was terminated less than a year after it was created which was very perplexing."

Media Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I transferred the same Media Operations skills to the Weather Channel. The job lasted 6 months."

Producer (Former Employee) says

"The Weather Channel, during my tenure, was managed like a medium market station. It was disorganized and employees in the newsroom were almost pitted against each other on teams"

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