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Wayfair Inc. is an American e-commerce company that sells furniture and home-goods. Formerly known as CSN Stores, the company was founded in 2002. Their digital platform offers 14 million items from more than 11,000 global suppliers. The online company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Wayfair has offices and warehouses throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Wayfair operates five branded retail websites: the main Wayfair site, Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane, and Perigold.

A customer left this review, "Horrible service will never buy at Wayfair again. Order a bed and was delivered missing a part, I called costumer service and was told that the part was no longer made. Then I was told that maybe by July but was not sure. I now have a bed that my son can not use even though I was given a discount that was not enough for the aggravation that I went through and this is not the firs time I decided to give Wayfair a second chance and they failed big time. HORRIBLE Horrible service, do not buy from Wayfair."


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Amy says

"Wayfair should stay out of politics. Their corporate pandering is noted. On my listen to steer clear of..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Wayfair full-time for more than a year Cons: Management will look for a reason to get rid of you once you are on a written or a final. Once COVID hit and they sent everyone to work from home, there was no care given for their physical or mental health and agents were always being pushed harder to do better with no work and life separation. They are still expecting more and more out of their agents with no added benefit to them with the ever looming threat of do this or be fired. Anonymous surveys are not anonymous and you cannot put your honest opinion in them without negative repercussions on your career. You are not allowed to voice your opinion when something negative is seen in the culture or you will be removed. Through “proper channels”. The proper channels are a verbal warning which is never known to you until you are then put on a written warning. A written turns into a final even after shown improvement and a final is termination as they will find any reason to terminate you. Even if it is something minor that can be resolved by a ticket or an email."

Current Employee - Business Development Representative says

"I have been working at Wayfair full-time for more than a year Cons: Terrible Sales Org No opportunities for advancement no career development conversations to speak of Zero actionable coaching or training The worst initial job training program Below industry standards for benefits from a tech company Zero sales spiffs or meaningful incentives to overachieve A nose diving sales culture Two pompous libs at the helm"

Former Employee - Senior Manager says

"I worked at Wayfair full-time for more than a year Cons: - I graduated from a tier 1 university with an MBA - and can honestly say this was the worse career move I've ever made. The culture here is so toxic. There's an organizational change every 2 months. In the span of 1 year, I had 4 managers! HR does not know how to attract managers who actually have experience managing people"

Former Employee - Home Delivery Concierge says

"I worked at Wayfair full-time for more than a year Cons: the culture of diversity was a bothersome to upper management"

Former Employee - B2B Sales Consultant says

"I worked at Wayfair full-time for more than a year Cons: everything - useless managers, they throw ideas at the wall to see what sticks - too bad you are the lab rats they're running this experiment on and your compensation is sometimes effected by this because new measures or expectations don't allow you to optimize it. this company makes you feel incredibly unvalued. nepotism is rampant. the people the managers befriend become the people who quickly move up the line (so coincidental!) and real, talented professionals are looked over. I honestly can not say enough bad things about this company and experience working there, everyone was miserable and always looking for any other job to end the misery. You will hate life when it consists of people calling you about their broken furniture and canceling their entire order. so much out of your control that can really end up impacting your take home money - which is why we are there. stay away, its worth looking for a little more time for a job that will value you as a human and actually help you grow professionally."

Former Employee - Cs MANAGER says

"I worked at Wayfair full-time for more than a year Cons: Director lead with fear based strategy Irrelevant feedback in reviews Unsupported when seeking help"

Former Employee - Associate says

"I worked at Wayfair full-time for more than a year Cons: Everything else about Wayfair in Savannah, Ga is a Con, the management sucks and it makes everything else suck"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Wayfair full-time for less than a year Cons: Leadership isn't always transparent. Teams change frequently and reorgs happen from time to time. Wayfair grades its employees on a very hard curve during the employee review process. What might be considered "excellent" at another company may be considered "average" or "needs improvement" at Wayfair. Don't get comfortable. Solicit feedback regularly so you're not caught off guard by anything. You may think you're doing well and the next thing you know you're out the door"

Former Employee - Terminal Manager says

"I worked at Wayfair full-time for less than a year Cons: Too much leadership leads to a game of telephone. Company needs to ask themselves if a majority of these regional leaders are necessary. Certain leaders have indirectly expressed their disdain for the company's efforts to support BLM and have constantly spoken of Covid either not being real or being a political agenda. Just not a fan of politics in the workplace."

Former Employee - Senior Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at Wayfair full-time for more than a year Cons: Just about everything. This was the worst job and experience I’ve ever had in my life. The Bryan location is full of hot headed egotistical maniacs that get off on your suffering. If they notice you’re struggling they would probably rejoice with their management friends. I worked here during college after being told over the summer they would be college-friendly. It was so beyond a lie that I had to create fake documents to be able to submit a schedule that allowed me to actually go to school and study. The Bryan location has awful managers that will talk about their own employees in management meetings. If they don’t like you, they’ll find a way to fire you. They overwork you call after call and degrade you when you don’t exceed their “expectations” the whole “were a family” is the most toxic mindset I’ve ever known. They use this mindset to grind you through the holidays with mandatory overtime and limited breaks. Don’t get sick either whether a cold or cancer, you’ll probably just get fired. Don’t plan on vacations because in that time they’ll search through every single min of your calls to find a flaw. Don’t plan on making any actual friends at work either, move from your seat or disappear to go to the bathroom and they’re hunting you down. I am so beyond happy and blessed to not work for such an awful company."

Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"So in general they set you up to fail from day one. Their point system is flawed. Management is terrible. When asked about Getting promoted or looking to advance with the company they do a little to nothing to help you. Even though it was brought up many of the drivers smoke pot inside of the trucks. Cons: Terrible management, Drugs being used on the clock, m"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They dont care about you in the job they just need a person to fill the seat so if you have no life no family then this is the job for you forget your holidays and everything else. Cons: No"

Inbound Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management has a very "not my job" attitude to most issues. Very quick to offer criticism yet refuse to keep weekly appointments with employees to evaluate progress and discuss any issues. Management Definitely play favorites. If you're in Utah, watch out for LDS coworkers who are always trying to get other people in trouble and love to tattle to move ahead. If you do really well, you may be rewarded with a pizza party. You will also be expected to bring/prepare food for bi-weekly pot lucks to raise morale. Because nothing raises morale more than spending your own money to feed your co workers. Cons: Micro managed by lazy management, go figure"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Ridiculous company. They run a lot of games, smoke and mirrors trying to act like they provide this great work environment while they run you into the ground selling their cheap sauder type furniture. All the furniture is tiny, rickety, full assembly required , cheap Chinese junk. You can’t take a breath between calls because they won’t hire enough people for the busy times and as soon as it slows down they send you home so you never know what your income will be. Every person in my training class was gone within a year, this is not a long term job, they churn employees, better to find a real job at a legit company that you can build something with."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"I have worked many places in my professional career and I have never cared to take the time to share my overall feelings. That being said, I feel like I had to share my overall thoughts/experiences with Wayfair. Management is not only unqualified, but they are inhumane. They do not care about you, me, or the next person on the front lines. Be prepared to take phone calls non stop for 8 hours of your day. You are given 6-10 minutes outside of your two breaks to not take calls. If you are outside the 6-10 minutes you will be flagged as avoiding work. These minutes are primarily used for trying to catch a breath from repeatedly being disrespected by customers and non stop calls or you trying to trouble shoot the god awful website or technology that is provided by Wayfair. As soon as you hang up the phone, it rings instantly. You are expected to take phone calls for 97% of your work day. If you are outside of that, you will be told you're avoiding work. Sales numbers/Quotas do not matter to these people. This is a Customer Service job labeled as Sales. You can hit quota every single month and you will still be let go if you are not taking call after call. Let this be known. A BILLION dollar company provides desk top computers that sit on your desk with no computer mount. These monitors literally lean against your wall to the point of overheating and melting the paint off your walls. Expect to be given the run around. Expect to not feel heard, and expect to be treated as if you are a customer. Management uses the same cliche empathy tools with their employees, that the employees Cons: Everything."

Senior Service Consultant (Current Employee) says


Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Very bad place to work, no sick time. Unclear rules that change everyday. Hr is not professional. No considerstion for family life, work and job skills doesn't play a role in promotions. Too much favoritism. Very bad with protecting workers from covid exposure"

Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I highly recommend never working for Wayfair as a sales specialist. I was hired in July 2020 thinking this would be a fun, energetic work from home position. First of all, training is nothing like what the actual job is. You're also not paid nearly enough for the amount of responsibilities we had. It's an absolute nightmare dealing with the micromanagers, who claim you don't get your full bonus checks because of your close rate not being high enough- when we're taking countless customer service calls daily too. This job is a rip off. I was also taught to lie to customers to help close more of my sales when I asked for extra coaching. If you have any morals then this is not a job for you. Such a waste of time. Cons: short breaks, not enough pay, exhausting hours, micromanagers"

Quote Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Lies and manipulation. Most toxic work environment I have ever experienced. I developed severe anxiety and panic attacks while working there, which I had never experienced before. The moment I quit, the panic attacks stopped. I don’t regret quitting whatsoever. Cons: Literally everything"

Warehouse Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"The managers have their own personal agendas. They just want their bonuses, they dint care about your well-being it any sort of work life balance. Overall a terrible a place to work trust me."

Loader/Unloader/Sorter (Former Employee) says

"Listen this job won’t work with you knowing the world and time we living in now won’t let you take days off for doctors to handle kids nothing all because of points management sucks just replace all the hire ups"

Home Delivery Specialist/transportation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The management is terrible and does not care for there employees. With everything with COViD they do not care to understand what families are going through that cant come back on site. Cons: Management, pay, does not care for their employees"

Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Nothing said during training is true, they'll find any reason to fire you, management is toxically positive all the time, spewing the same generic words to everyone. just don't do it Cons: Everything"

CA (Former Employee) says

"Non understand and was racially profiled. Policies changed every week. The management was unprofessional and favorited friends. They were not flexible at all."

Sales and Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"No it is not worth it. Please do not think they will care about you after training. It goes down hill, after a few years they aim to get you to quit so they do not have to keep giving you raises of barely 10 CENTS a year."

Customer Service Professional (Former Employee) says

"They claim their environment is different from other call centers. This is not so they are like any other call center. Horrible stress. Management will create a difficult, stress induced environment. They will not let you actually help customers. They only care about the bottom line. Cons: Management"

Lead (Current Employee) says

"They all lie supervisors talk to you any way they want and when you say something back they take you to hr saying that you threatened them they show lots of favoritism and tell you one thing when your hired and it’s all lies Cons: Everything"

Director (Current Employee) says

"They like to churn and burn. Seniority doesn’t matter, they will use you for the 2 years they need you and then “actively manage you out” regardless of experience. Cons: Mental games become exhausting"

Copywriter (Former Employee) says

"Wayfair tells employees that the company has a "startup ethos" which means you will have zero work-life balance, incompetent management who make decisions on a whim, and poor pay. Everyone is overworked, so the delays to work stacks from the top down. There are no clear specifications of what's expected to you, so you can't really adjust your work output accordingly. You will excitedly be up-sold a job only to find that it's literally nothing like what you were told when you are actually in the role. Cons: Literally everything."

Senior Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Lost job during a pandamic while working in a hostile work environment with 0 support from my manager even though the management stated they would help anytime. Had trouble with calls that day after being told I had 90 days to correct my behavior which was not usually an issue because of the unrealistic call volume. Let manager know that I had a series of bad calls. He throws me under the bus, set me up for a meeting two days later. I ask if I am in trouble he states it's to discuss the call and details. Makes me wait two days. Work most of that day And let me go with absolutely no understanding or care In the world of what I had been going through due to result of call volume nonstop for 4 months due to covid and the elevation in online shopping etc. I had developed severe anxiety with most calls being unrealistic due to upset customers with wayfairs new policies during a pandamic. This new policy was set up for one to fail. Customer service at wayfair used to be wonderful. Now you can't even provide service in 9 minutes. Which is what they allow an SSC to solve a massive issue for a time frame and if you go over that time you will be be reprimanded until corrected and if not corrected you will be let go! Total pressure cooker! Promises that won't happen unless you are a favorite And they like you. If they don't like you no matter what you do you will be on pins and needles. Keep looking 😊"

Wayfair rips off Canada says

"If you are in Canada, you\'ll pay way more for the same merchandise and the credit card perks are so crappy it isn\'t even worth getting. Oh yay, we get $25 back when we sign up? So that\'s the first ANNUAL FEE, then? You know, the one not disclosed until you manage to find the well-hidden small print? Oh, and the phone agents flat-out lie. "

Kevin Kump says

"Wayfair sent a completely different sink than was shown in the pictures and product description. Then they wanted me to pay $100 to return the $200 sink. After that, they blocked me from leaving a review to warn other customers even though I paid for the product. "

John Bolduc says

"Order a $700.00 led sculpture type front entrance light worked for 6 months couldn’t it any help never called back .... looked up name of light online the company that made it no way to contact them and no reply back from wayfair. I would stay clear of them there are some great company’s in Canada with much better service you can trust."

Phyllis says

"I do not write reviews but am so upset with this company it's time ordered 3 items waiting a week for them to ship around the time they should ship get email items no longer avalible or discontinued after a week one of the items reapeared no less the same day i was cxled so did reorder see what would happen this time only took a day to get cxled what games is this company playing????"

KC says

"I rarely write reviews but I had to write one for Wayfair. I made a number of purchases on Wayfair and one never arrived. I followed up for an update and asked when to expect delivery or if the order has been canceled. I eventually requested and they confirmed cancellation. I then receive an email saying the item has shipped and I followed up with Wayfair to contact Fedex to cancel and return shipment to them.

I am now stuck with a heavy piece of furniture (that they confirmed cancelation) that I need to make arrangements to return even though it is their error. And all I got, we are sorry for the inconvenience. I am not shopping on Wayfair anymore."

Angela Marrujo says

"First and likely last order with Wayfair. Placed an order on 11/18/20 for the "Humphries 71" Tray Table Floor Lamp." Paid for the fastest shipping option, shipping estimate originally said the item would be delivered within 2-3 days. The day the lamp was supposed to arrive, the item still hadn't shipped; after reaching out to customer service, they said the item had been delayed and wouldn't arrive until sometime in January or February. They refunded me the cost of the shipping.

Almost immediately after speaking with the rep, I got an email update stating the table would arrive by December 31. Then on December 23, I got another email stating that the lamp had been delayed, again, with a new estimated delivery date of February 17. Without warning, on December 30 I got a shipping notification, and the lamp arrived on December 31.

The box had a very large gash torn into it from the inside by a piece of the lamp frame that pushed itself through the box and was partially sticking out. I opened the box to find that almost every piece of the lamp was completely insecure, unprotected, and appeared to have been simply thrown into the box. Even the light bulb had fallen out of its box and was rolling around loosely inside the shipping box. The glass tabletop remained undamaged due only to luck. The base of the lamp had two very large dents, and the hardware pack was missing. The tabletop couldn't be secured onto the base of the lamp due to some missing parts.

The packaging indicated that this lamp was manufactured by Lumisource. Odd, given that on Wayfair's site they describe the lamp as being part of the Everly Quinn brand, with no mention of Lumisource. I immediately called Wayfair's customer service number, told them what was going on, and said I couldn't even finish building the lamp due to the missing parts. The associate ordered me a new hardware pack, which was supposed to ship 1/5/20 and arrive on 1/7/20. Called customer service again on 1/7 when it still hadn't shipped and was told the parts were backordered and they couldn't expedite them.

Hardware pack arrived on 1/12, which didn't address the biggest issue: the fact that the tabletop and the base of the lamp are both missing the parts required for the tabletop to be securely screwed onto the base. Those parts weren't part of the pack, so I currently have an unusable glass tabletop sitting in my closet. I called Wayfair again, explained the situation, and was told the lamp is sold out yet again and won't be shipping until March. I was given the option of a full refund or to go on the waiting list for the lamp; I chose the latter, but was told that, should I change my mind at any point before the replacement ships, I can get a refund on the lamp.

In the meantime, I've tried calling Lumisource's customer service line (no one picked up) and emailing customer service (no response to my email), to no avail. Will keep trying, but if they tell me they can't rectify the issue prior to March, I'll be canceling the replacement lamp order Wayfair placed and getting a refund. This is one of the very worst experiences, if not THE worst, I've had with a retailer. I don't recommend Wayfair."


"This is the worst and most disorganized company I’ve ever dealt with. They lose the table I ordered and then after two weeks, they tell me the table is not being replaced because it’s out of stock. Unbelievable and absolutely unprofessional. Do NOT buy anything from Wayfair."

Mohan Sai says

"Really bad service, I have ordered a reclining chair on dec 26th and they said it will delivered in two Weeks, but as on 1/12/2021, after multiple attempts try to talk to customer service, they finally have confirmed me that item got lost in transit and they are ready to refund my money back in a week or reordering it again , I lost interest and trust with wayfair , I really don’t care to re ordering or making business with wayfair even they give customers 99% flat sale on all furniture, bcz they are really bad in delivering the order on time . Please watch out guys z thank you."

Terrie R says

"My order was delayed and when I received my XL furniture style dog crate it was completely destroyed. There was not one panel that wasn't broken or scratched. There was no way to salvage it. I really wish I could post pictures. It was unbelievable. Never again. Those crates are not cheap!"

Kim N. says

"This company in my opinion has a lot of of “rip-off” policies:
1. When you placed an order, and the item has more discount, in less than 14 days, they do not offer price adjustment or issue store credit to help consumer alleviates the “penalty” of the “early purchase” or faith with its company.
2. Their system somehow has a “glitch” that will not take the 10% promo code even if you qualify for it, so instead of keeping going back and forth, you just have to purchase it. I believe they set the system doing that on purpose.
3.Per the Rep. I spoke with, even though I don’t accept the delivery, I would still be charge for the return fee around $600 on the dining set I purchased for around $1200. That is the ridiculous charge and not a friendly website that will be FOR consumers. I would stick with Amazon still, since they have much better service on return for the appliances and heavy items ,for company with “mortal”business model.
Hope this helps when you decide to purchase valuable items from here. Avoid if you can."

Libby says

"HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. DELAYED SHIPPING, BROKEN PROMISES & LIES. I paid $300 for a new entertainment center & it’s been MIA for a week now & I can’t get anyone to respond to my emails. RUN AWAY. DO NOT ORDER FROM WAYFAIR."

Sylvia Muraida says

"It was a very cold and rainy Sunday when I received a text message saying that my 110 lb. recliner was delivered. I immediately went to the front door and found the very large box. The delivery driver didn't even have the courtesy of ringing the doorbell. I don’t think that I’ll be using Wayfair again. My chair could have been stolen. I should have been notified of the delivery beforehand and the deliveryman should have brought the box inside."

Maricela Ortiz says

"They never sent me a email letting me know they cancel my order. And when I contact them they say to me that they don't have the product. Then I talk to another person and she told me they have it just not at the price they sale it for me so they cancel the order because now the price went up and if I wanna it they can place the order again but I will have to play the different. This is crazy they have a sale I pay for the order and then they cancel it because they want to sale it for more. She say they can not fix anything this happened with 2 items I buy."

Brian Souch says

"If I actually received the items that said they shipped maybe I could review them instead the day before they were supposed to arrive at my house for an already delayed job due the the item not coming on time I was notified they were delivered but not to me and I could have a refund as they must have been lost in shipping how do you lose 48 lights and then not have any in stock to replace them causing me to lose a client with the potential of updating 48 stores worth upto $250000 to me and a year or so worth of work and now because of this second delay and now no product to replace it with I have completely lost this client and they have gone with another contractor
I'm very disappointed with the service and broken promises by Wayfair and the account manager that never returned my emails ect
And not even offering me any sort of sorry or compensation for this problem what a ridiculous company and a waste of my hours of time thinking I found the right place to spend $50000 and think they cared about me as a client I will definitely not be shopping with Wayfair again and I will make sure everyone I know and speak to also will never buy anything from you
I have a huge social media following and media support also
My entire town and surrounding towns ect will know how horrible this experience was with an approximately 750000 or more people will definitely be reading about this ridiculous experience"

M Smith says

"Horrible company especially if you get their credit card! They totally treat you as dirt under their feet if you spend too much even though you pay on time! Ruined my credit and cancelled my account for no good reason! Evil company and I will be thankful for Walmart going forward!!!"

Chris W. says

"Here is my email to them and I have not a response.

"I just wanted to voice my disappointment in purchasing furniture from you. I placed an order (xxxxxxxxxx) on 12/29/20. When I paid for the order, the delivery date was 1/6/21 to 1/10/21. As soon as we paid and received our confirmation email, the delivery date was changed to 1/25/21 to 1/31/21. The email of course mentioned shipping delays. I am on your website again and it shows the delivery date for the exact same set to be 1/12/21 to 1/16/21. This is obviously inaccurate and I consider it a lie. You should put realistic delivery dates on your website. If you know shipping is 3 weeks behind, you should update your shipping dates. One of the reasons we made this purchase from you was because of the early January delivery dates. I tried to track my shipment which is showing as shipped but there is no information available. I think you should reconsider your deceitful business practice of using shipping dates that are no where close to being accurate."

Today is 1/10/21 and the order still can't be tracked even though it shows as shipped."

Mark Flynn says

"bought a pop up xmas tree on wayfair on 11/29/20 did not receive it called on 12/10/20 talked to sopmeone on the phone said it was still in warehouse,tried calling warehouse and no answer,so operator stated she would leave a message and they would return my call,this never happened either so on 12/18 called again and again they stated it was in the warehouse and would check on delivery avaiability said it would be 1st week in january before i would receive tree due to covid,was so fed up at this point and the excuses told them to refund my money, no apology,was told refund would take ten working days,finally received my money back, definetly wont shop here again they dropped the ball so many times and had excuses for days,and than had the gall to blame covid totally disgusted."

Geff Kaminski says

"PUBLICpublished review 1/9/21
Wish it could be NO stars. While shopping online, I got notified from my bank of a withdrawal from my account....from WAYFAIR! It went through PayPal, which was not linked to Wayfair. Wiped out my bank account. I immediately (within 5 minutes) cancelled everything, while trying to figure out what happened. I contacted Wayfair and they said they cancelled all but one item...the most expensive...because it had been shipped. I would have to wait for it to arrive and arrange to have it sent back. (I asked how they shipped within 5 minutes...no answer.) Today, SIX DAYS later, I get a message from WAYFAIR saying my item shipped. SIX DAYS ago it couldn't be cancelled because IT HAD BEEN SHIPPED! I also have not been refunded for the other items. Automatic payments are now being denied from my account because of THEIR MISTAKE. They had the nerve to send a 10% off coupon off a future order (A
FUTURE order?! Ha!) I am hoping these reviews and a local tv story will keep others from this headache!"

Robert Joe Sackman says

"Ordered what I "thought" ( based on their photo) was a full sized platform bed.
What arrived was 7 expensive bed frame slats.
Read the fineprint. Totally misrepresented product.
Totally unethical business.
Will NEVER order from them again."

Liz says

"This company is terrible. I ordered a loveseat that was supposedly in stock and my order/payment went through successfully. However, within about a week I was notified that the loveseat was actually out of stock and on backorder. So then I continue waiting and the date kept getting pushed back. So I cancelled and ordered a different loveseat. And then the same thing happens. They say they have products in stock so that you’ll place an order and charge your card. But then they come back to tell you it’s out of stock and you either have to wait forever and risk never even getting the item or cancel your order. Most frustrating website I’ve ever dealt with. I don’t think they are legit. And customer service does nothing but say they’re sorry. Ridiculous."

Customer says

"Worst customer service. Spoke with an agent Sandy who was abrupt and rude I had placed an order previous day and needed additional item. She would not waive the 4.99 shipping said it is the company and it is their rules refused to give white glove service. 4.99 was not worth a happy customer at end of call. She was not interested in happy customer. Horrible customer service."

Mary Rowlett says

"I purchased a bed, Mirfield platform bed, in November 2019. The bar holding the footboard is bent. I contacted customer service, because it was over a year old they told me to contact DHP furniture. After several emails they said they could not do anything for my issue. I am disappointed in both wayfair and DHP. I really don’t think a bed should only last a little over a year."

Never Wayfair againer says

"Just the freaking worst. They sent two tables collection takes 4 weeks. Just Amazon. This company needs to go out of business"

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