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Waring & Gillow is a noted firm of English furniture manufacturers formed in 1897 by the merger of Gillows of Lancaster and London and Waring of Liverpool. The firm of Gillow's of Lancaster can be traced back to the luxury furniture and furnishings firm founded by Robert Gillow in about 1730. Robert Gillow served an apprenticeship as a joiner. During the 1730s he began to exploit the lucrative West Indies trade exporting mahogany furniture and importing rum and sugar. Following his death in 1772, the business was continued by his two sons, Richard and Robert. In 1764 a London branch of Gillow's was established at 176 Oxford Road, now Oxford Street, by Thomas Gillow and William Taylor. The firm rapidly established a reputation for supplying high-quality furniture to the richest families in the country.

An angry customer said this in a review "I Ordered a sofa 4 weeks ago. Said online it would take 5-7 working days, got a phone call same day, saying it would be in stock in 2 weeks time. Rang up in 14 days, asked for a delivery date and the person on the phone said it would be another 2 weeks so I said ok. Rang up Monday this week and they tried to say another week. I asked for a refund they said it would take 2 weeks so asked if any other sofas were in stock they said no, I said I want a refund today then and they started getting cocky and aggressive on the phone. Threatened them with trading standards and the police. Got a cal back from a woman saying they could send an alternative sofa out. They did. It arrived today and the delivery man was disgusting wouldn’t help take it up stairs as I live in a flat and have 2 small children. Avoid Waring at all costs. This place needs shut down".


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