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Wardell is an indie folk rock band formed by siblings Sasha and Theo Spielberg.

Jessica Hopper of Rookie magazine mentioned she did not find the Wardell's sound to be unique and added that their fame was not proportional to their status as a new band.


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Clinical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The environment is very fast paced and they do not fully train you properly. There is an axtremely high turn around and the administrator has told an employee that they will use and abuse you however they would like. There is very little team work and lots of confusion through out the office. They make you feel guilty for taking a day off. Cons: none to little training, constant employee degrading"

Medical Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Decent benefits, good perks. Horrible management. Not a job for someone looking for career advancement or has obligations outside of work. Fast paced environment. Cons: horrible management, long hours, mandatory overtime"

Medical Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Office can be very busy and stressful at times but if you gather the knowledge from the job you can work for anyone. Management will talk down to you and belittle you if you let them and if you stand up for yourself they will find problems with everything you do after that. Only work here for the experience and then leave! Cons: Not much work life balance, constant policy changes, management"

Front Office (Former Employee) says

"Micro-management, ill-trained employees, high turnover. Doctors/PAs great to work for but admin is horrible. Clique culture. Everyone is scared of getting in trouble so the whole office plays the blame game. Employees try to stick together to make it bearable, but within their groups. Benefits are great but not enough to keep good people around. Constant policy changes make you want to run for the hills. Cons: Policy changes, micro-management, high-turnover"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"You will be busy from the time you get there until it is time to leave. You must not ever be late for work. They pay pretty well but the work culture is very old school. The people that work there are friendly."

Medical Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"They pretend to be very nice when you first start but you will quickly learn that they are very nasty. The management treat you like you’re nothing and they don’t care about anything except you being there. Also, I’ve heard them say some very racist things about minority employees. There is no HR to go to and the office administrator who run the entire facility is the worst of them all. They expect employees to allow them and any of the others with seniority to them like they’re less than. Pay there isn’t bad, and the job itself as well as the actually doctors and PA’s are awesome, but it’s not worth the stress. Plus they’re pretty much just about the money and not getting the patients better. That’s why the current doctors are leaving. Cons: Mandatory overtime, no room for growth"

Team Leader Front Desk Medical Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"The most enjoyable part of the job was the technical part of the position. A typical day consisted of non-stop traffic with patients because the Doctors' and Physician's Assistants' schedules only had either 5 or 10 minutes between each patient's appointment.. I opened and closed the office, supervised the Front Desk and Call Center employees, dealt with the patients' complaints and insurance issues, collected all payments for visits, scheduled appointments, created new patient charts, answered telephones, recorded necessary information in patient charts and computers. I did not enjoy being micro managed and manipulated by management or the surprising extended hours. My co-workers in all other departments regularly pointed blame on others when mistakes were made, even if it was their department that made the error. I came to the conclusion that my co-workers were afraid to lose their jobs on a regular basis due to the sensitive and technical nature of our positions. Cons: Extended Work Hours, Micro Managed, Cut Throat Environment"

Physical Therapy Technician (Former Employee) says

"Large fast-paced outpatient physical therapy clinic. The manager tries to accommodate patient schedules as much as possible. Experienced and well rounded staff make this business a great location to receive physical therapy services."