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Walter Pearl Davis (born September 9, 1954) is an American former professional basketball player. A 6'6" forward/guard, Davis spent 15 years in the National Basketball Association, spending the bulk of those years with the Phoenix Suns.

In the 1980s, Davis was dealing with cocaine addiction, entering rehab twice. As he tried to steer his personal life back on track, his game was affected. The problems were more widespread. The team as a whole found itself in the middle of a drug scandal that rocked the league.


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Mr Norman Nicholson says

"Quick delivery from Aviform, but the medicine made no difference to my dog. To be fair one cannot expect the same treatment to work with every dog."

Mrs B Marchant says

"Yes I recieved my order and on time. Pleased with the product. Will buy again"

Alan Lester says

"I paid almost the same for 100ml from Aviform as I would have for 250 ml from another supplier . My mistake I won’t fall for it again"

Ty Power says

"I had to contact them because the dilution they state to do, was way too much for my birds to handle. There are no guidelines that state to introduce your birds to this slowly as the odour is awful & it turns the water to a yellowish colour. These things need to be known to help everyone, because not every bird will be able or willing to forgive the odour & colour. I only found out about reducing it to start with when I contacted them but this should be on the bottle considering how expensive it is. I can't fault there communication once contacted. SADLY, now I can fault their communication, because they've just replied to my original comment & while trustpilot doesn't allow for any replies after posting, I'm having to edit my only post to add on more!. When a delivery arrives, people don't go online to read the instructions when they are given with the bottles! It's very sad that while you state you'll take the advice on board, the only place you'll consider putting it, is NOT where it's NEEDED! My comments above clearly stated '...this should be on the bottle....', but you reply saying you'll think about putting it online ? If you can easily ignore words right in front of you & only offer to think about what hasn't been asked for, let alone help, you clearly don't care about pets! ON or WITH the products that are sent is where it should be first & foremost. The fact that you only state you'll take it on board doesn't seem very caring either, because it's literally changing a few words on the instructions that are already there which you could of started to do, had you or anyone there been bothered about OUR pets :) For a second time, you miss some of the points completely, which just backs up what I keep stating, so here's a few pointers to help but after 2 replies, the proof in the replies tells me that it's not going to get any better. 1) No mention of rarity by me, but it's the 1st thing you respond with, along with rapid response which I don't deny at all. I'm happy to speak the truth & only the truth because it's not my job, reputation or company on the line. Defend yourself if you want but try remembering anyone that you know is a liar, or someone else has told you about a liar etc...., why do people & companies all make out that they're perfect or as close to it, when you must know we aren't stupid & let's not forget that some people this side(customers) who are also liars too. Russia said Chernobyl was an accident & they cared, but the truth is that someone pushed the reactor past limitations when he shouldn't of & then lies came out to keep it under wraps, it's what some people/companies do, fact! 2) I know you can't change it immediately but you can make a start, or that it was an overnight job, but I can certainly understand that its thousands of labels as mass productions always could be. You don't need to remove them, but starting a change at any point in the past, where a 'rare' situation had already occurred a few times, to go forward with, would of helped me 100%, my birds 100% & god knows how many other pets. That's what you're saying you care about right ? I don't just mean changing things online either when we use the bottles in our hands for guidance. 3) However 'rare' this case is, your instructions are ONLY to mix 10ml per 1 litre. As pet owners yourself, you can't possible of based that on bird consumption unless it's for some kind of pet store or aviary where there are multiples of birds who get to a litre being drunk in a day/few days, or another animal completely. My 2 birds drink 1 teaspoon per day & that includes after flying around & playing. How many teaspoons in a litre again ? It's okay though because we all have luxury homes & plenty of room to store each litre of mix for whenever it's needed! i don't ever want the stench in my home again, let alone have a litre of it sitting somewhere for months or years. 4) You say that you're all pet owners & do care, but that's in question again, when you read the replies you're posting. You 'assumed' your advice had worked because you didn't hear from me again. Assumptions are very seldomly correct as you of all people should know, when you further state that you're sorry if I 'felt', but there's no feelings involved, facts only please. When I say you don't care as a company, I state that due to the fact of you doing nothing about rarities. How many rarities are enough for you to actually take them under consideration, let alone actually do something ? Here's what you don't know but wrongly assumed, because you clearly accept that as the only option. I haven't got back to you for 2 reasons, neither of them are because your advice has worked! A) The very next day of trying this with my birds, my male started to get very ill & ended up in hospital where he's fighting for his life & has only just started to show signs of improvement that has lead to tests being done today, as he was too weak before now. B) As my bird got ill & we have no idea why yet, the last thing I or any other pet owner should do, is try adding even more to his food & water, because as a pet owner yourself, let alone a human being, you must know that any pet can be allergic to any number of things, or that changes can also play a part. I'm not pointing fingers at your product at all, as I wait for facts first & it could be something in the food, water, my home, or even something he had, before I got him. So on this point, NO I haven't tried it since & I'm not saying it wouldn't work or isn't beneficial either, but making wrong assumptions doesn't make you look good in any way, let alone that you care. 5) It also doesn't look very good if, as you've done, you remove the previous comments completely so that people can't genuinely see what you posted the first time. That's disingenuous, but in regards to my contact into you, I didn't read guidelines etc.. online, which the 1st reply you posted here indicated is where it might be changed only, sometime in the future. So at some point, let's say 5 years from now, you update an online section which states to reduce the dosage to start with or something like that. A customer buys your product, takes it home/delivered etc... & then looks at the bottle & sees dilute 10ml per litre. Just how many people do you then again wrongly assume would stop & go online, to check guidelines that are different on a website to what it states on the bottle ? You've never had or known anyone be ill needing a prescription for tablets etc..., where you take the dosage it states on the bottle ?, you don't go online to check if the company states different. 6) If as you state, I'm wrong & you do care about our pets as well as your own, perhaps you can explain where this dosage of 10 ml per 1 litre came from ? In your own words, I can't be wrong even though you then state I am, because you care for yours & our pets, but because mine & anyone else's are 'rare' over the years, we don't get factored into anything. At the beginning of this tonics existence, I accept that it was a starting point to have a guide that might not suit every animal, but your telling everyone now that as time goes by, your caring company hasn't bothered to learn in the main way that affects customers pets, because the rare cases don't deserve consideration. There must of been others who have had this issue too, which you have openly admitted by stating it's rare, so clearly it's happened before. Now seeing you delete messages & after reading your replies, you 'claim' that you're only thinking about doing it online & not packaging, which is where it's actually needed, in the 1st reply. You then remove that message completely without answering about things properly & then state it's not easy, an overnight job, we'll discuss at a meeting etc... so in this instance alone, 2 totally different replies means that you aren't even conversing or checking what each other or yourself is stating, or responding accordingly, where you now omit any comment at all about why you've removed the previous comment entirely, that you posted. As ignoring that's so easy, tell us why you think we should even start to accept that you care for our pets ? I state I'm adding to my previous comments to help others who might not know,, but you choose to read that & ignore doing anything like that, when it shows consideration for others. 7) 1st time it happened, it's new & so maybe it's a one-off. 2nd time it happened, hmmm maybe this is something we should look into more ? 3rd & more time it happened, let's do something about it, but you've done nothing at all! The world can now see that as you're now stating in your own words that it's rare & yet in 2019, you're only just beginning to think about doing something & that isn't even definite, or at the main focus point of this anyway. It's not because you care about pets as you claim, but because I'm persistent & have given you a poor review which clearly gets people responding. I guess the previous rarities let it go or weren't bothered, but I am! For all of your comments & retractions, try being completely honest with everyone & tell us just how many 'rare' occasions there have been over how many years ?. You might as well print labels saying, 'The mass are content, long live the mass!' 'Who are those stragglers down there ? Who cares!' Either of those work under your current standing because you actually type out messages saying you don't bother to check, you don't change over time & then you say it's not an overnight job etc.... So how many years have you had to do 1 single thing about the pets you care about, that you haven't even thought about or started ? 4 stars is now 1 now because of ignoring what's asked, removing comments completely & then typing out, that this isn't the 1st time it's happened, but you've done nothing at all in the past & might not still, even though it's happened yet again! That's NOT care, FACT!"

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