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Wag Labs is an American pet care company that offers a technology platform to enable on-demand and scheduled dog walking, training, and other petcare services through a mobile application. According to its website, Wag! services are insured and every pet caregiver passes through a vetting process and extensive background check before being approved to accept work on the platform.

Wag company is unethical, free promotions won't get through but an unwanted subscription is charged without notice, DawnMcComb chared a review at resellerratings.com

"If I could give them a zero I would. Do not trust this company with your pets. I tried to apply a free promotion code for 1 dog walk and it wouldn’t go through. I never used the service, since the code didn’t work and they charged me anyway. I was on the phone with them for an hour trying to get a refund and was told it was cleared up. That was in March, and I just noticed that that never refunded for that walk AND they have been charging me $9.99 per month ever since. I called and spoke with someone named Eleazar. He said they could not refund me for the subscription, even though according to their records I have never used their services. I gave them the choice of being ethical and canceling my subscription and refunding me for all of those months, or I would call my bank and dispute the charges and give them a review accordingly. They chose the latter. I would never use a company as unethical as this to walk my pets. NEVER."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company was built on selfish, "money first" values so all the actions that eventually followed —reflected just that. Current CEO is immature, manipulative and exudes narcissistic behavior. He has also been inappropriate with the way he'd talk to employees (nothing sexual, but not something you wouldn't expect from someone in the leadership role). Back in December the company laid off roughly 80% of the workforce. There was complete lack of empathy and integrity in how it was handled. The people that still work there likely don't want to be out here looking for work during a pandemic and other disasters that continue to happen in the Bay Area (and country overall). I don't blame them, but I can guarantee you that these "positive" reviews were probably encouraged by the "leadership" to try and make the company look better than what it is. The saying "one bad apple can spoil the bunch" could not be more true here. The company had so much potential if the leadership wasn't poisoning it."

Current Employee - Product Engineering says

"- Mass layoffs, most recently laying off 80% of employees, Google it - Untrustworthy management; the CEO spun his way to the top - Massive technical debt and a poor UX"


"Bro Culture lacking in integrity. They think they have all the answers. Spoiler alert. They don’t."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Complete lack of leadership and transparency"

Current Employee - Office Coordinator says

"Free food but really is not worth it"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Sexual orientation very important for advancement. Also very important for day to day normal activity. It is shoved in your face with t shirts and day to day conversations. I support all orientations, however it has no place in the workplace. Wag! Makes changes that make no common sense, only for the sake of change. They use "we are a startup" for multiple bad buisness decisions. Most employees were stolen from lifelock or dish. No job security. Change directions about every 2 weeks, and sometimes they change expectations without instruction. They do not care about front line employees(walkers) and your job is to lie to them about what is being done to help them. They refuse to make needed changes for new owners to protect the walkers. It is 100% about making money and 0% about doing good for anyone."


"We appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback. It sounds like your experience may have occurred prior to some recent leadership changes on our customer success team. We’re sorry to hear this happened and that you’re no longer with Wag!, but we’ll certainly make sure your feedback is escalated to our new VP of Customer Success to ensure he’s setting the right expectations for the customer success leadership team moving forward. We wish you all the best going forward."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"We appreciate you taking the time to share your perspective. As a relatively young and growing startup with services now across 43 states and 110 cities, we remain committed to providing the best possible experience for the pet parents and pet care providers on the Wag! platform. As we continue to enhance our products and services to deliver on this commitment, we’re able to shift our resources to invest in areas that will better serve Wag! users. When we’ve made the difficult decision to reallocate roles to other parts of our business, we’ve strived to do so with the utmost respect. This doesn’t ease the pain for someone seeing their role eliminated, but we’ve offered outplacement support and allowed those in good standing to apply for other roles within the company. We do wish you the best going forward."

Dog Walker (Former Employee) says

"I am very disappointed with Wag! I apply to be a dog walker one year ago and they asked me to pay in advance. They sent me an email saying they would review my application, and 3 months later I told them I wanted my money back to which they responded via email saying again they would review my application. One year later I call them and ask for my money back and say there is no one to talk about over this issue but that a person will contact me via email. Today I got 5 dollars refunded, when my original payment was close to $40.00 this makes me angry because they are taking advantage of people, is not that it is a lot of money, but it is my money, I wonder how many people's money they just take and never get back to."

Dog Walker (Current Employee) says

"First of all, Wag takes 40% of what the owner pays you and they already set the prices pretty low. They also offered no support to me when I had a terrible experience with a pet owner and only said they are following company policy. They are a company that seems to only care about the pet owners' experience and not their walkers' experience in order to make more profit. If you are thinking of working for them as a pet caregiver I'd recommend go to work for Rover instead. They are much more respectful and helpful.On demand walks so you are able to schedule work the day ofTerrible support for pet caregivers and really bad pay"

Walker (Former Employee) says

"Yeah it’s great to work with dogs but the company itself doesn’t care about its employees in the slightest. After I had an issue, they suspended my account (over nothing serious) and then stopped replying to my emails. Don’t waste your time."

walker (Former Employee) says

"the company does not pay their walkers fairly at all and there are rarely any good opportunities. was often expected to drive more than 7 miles out of my way to make less than $10."

Volunteer (Former Employee) says

"This is a very old run down faculty and has terrible management. The dogs are cared for my the loving workers who give their heart to taking care of these dogs but the employees are undervalued , underpaid, and under appreciatedyou get to help the dogsManagement doesnt care"

Groomer /Independent Contractor (Former Employee) says

"People that know nothing about grooming should not open up a grooming shop. Didn’t get treated as an IC. Had no control over my own schedule. Passive aggressive owner.Learning about dog nutritionPassive aggressive owner, not receiving all my cash tips, not having any control over my schedule"

Pet Sitter (Current Employee) says

"That's truly it. I've had so many awful experiences working for Wag! I've traveled by train almost a half hour to a location only to find the dog wasn't there and it took another twenty mins to talk to another human. I feel so detached from this company. It's too big, there's no people to talk to. No co workers. It's just you. Their customer service is completely unhelpful. I was attacked by someone's dog once and they did nothing, never apologized, never took action. They're also immoral and corrupt, look up how they handle bad press. With trips to Disney World? Like that will make it go away? I don't think so. Be more responsible, Wag!"

Walker (Former Employee) says

"Very hard to get jobs they need to update their app so it's not a throw the job in the ocean and whoever gets it first wins it's very hard to get walks with wag"

Dog Walker (Current Employee) says

"Wag! is a terrible company to work for. Their customer service is a joke, and the only plus side is getting to meet new clients and new dogs. We aren't paid fairly, and it's inconsistent. They aren't reliable."

Applier (Former Employee) says

"If you're young, have no income or need money fast, dont get excited, they ask you for your money first. They waste an hour of your time getting you to fill out an application, adding references and taking an ACTUAL 18 QUESTION TEST ABOUT collars and doggy behavior before they tell you to pay them 25 bucks before you can be considered. MAJOR WASTE OF MY TIME, EFFORT, and RESOURCES. This is a cash grabbing money hungry greedy company who will take your kids tips. So I will get my own business. How hard is it to put an add on Facebook marketplace that reaches your entire city with a click of a button, so be smart... dont waste everything I just said you will"

Walker (Former Employee) says

"Twice I had bookings for fake addresses and nobody on the support team helped me with the issue or money lost they were a nightmare and unsupportive, I got out fast - do not trust and do not promote!"

Customer Service Representative/Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Wag used to be a small enjoyable and comfortable start up, it turned corporate and became a soulless machine of stress. I would highly recommend not working here unless you are very desperate."

Dog Walker (Current Employee) says

"To start, Wag offers you a "free" shirt. You just pay shipping, right? WRONG. They also charge you sales tax, which cannot be found in any fine print, it's just an unlabeled additional charge. If they don't care enough to explain what they're actually charging you for a "free" shirt, don't think communication gets better. They oversaturate the market with Walkers so the clients only have to offer the lowest rate, and you have to sit there constantly reloading the app's Available page just to get a dog walk before someone else. Text notifications have never notified me in time to grab the walk of a previous client. They don't offer the ability to report walks that are undercharged (2 dogs being sold as 1 on a walk), they don't offer the ability to flag a client unless you walk their dog, AND THEY DON'T CARE. They told me to contact Support with my "suggestions". I'm an underpaid Dog Walker, not a Developer or Beta Tester. They take 40% and offer nothing but the app and its limited functions. My first day a dog wriggled underneath the gate I was locking. Just popped right out. I tried calling the owner, nothing. Called Wag, basically got nothing. Was told to wait, and wait, and wait. No procedures given, just stick your thumbs somewhere and wait. I ended up securing the gate myself 40 minutes after the walk ended because my phone was dead. I got an extra $10. If you get cancelled on, you get $10, but that's only if they cancel super late - so I'm already there when they cancel, and don't have time to fill the timeslot. I've had 5 cancellations this week, 1 because WagMost of the dogs are awesome.Unsupportive employer with no regards for human or dog safety."

Dog Daycare Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Owner is unprofessional and childish. Told me I was a waste of time when I sent in my two weeks notice and cut my hours. Expect to work a full shift without a break."

Walker (Former Employee) says

"ALERT WAG WALKER- FRAUD/ANYONE WHO IS INVOLVED WITH WAG - I'm new to Wag, and just want to update everyone on my horrible experience with them so far. Wag Owners ARE NOT background checked. I'm not sure if other people knew that signing up, but I find that to be very dangerous. Not having owners background check can lead to fraud, because they have access to your profile and personal information, and they can then send messages pretending to be from Wag, offering "walks" the "links" that look very similar -IF NOT THE SAME to the Wag format. It also creates dangerous environments since you are entering into someone else's home who hasn't been background checked. I WANT TO SEND A WARNING OUT! For customer service you're talking to someone in the Philippines - ALL Wag numbers go to the Philippines. who isn't taking any of this seriously, OR sending out warning/alerting their dog walkers of the continuous fraud they are experiencing. Be careful out there - and stay alert! DON'T WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!! YOU WILL BE AT RISK!Poor customer service, Fraud Risk, Poor Response Time"

Walker (Former Employee) says

"Wag is the most awful app on the market. I have been officially dog sitting since I was 16 and worked at a doggy daycare in town for many years. Coming from a place it should, they let you still register. It will be $30 and since your “background” went through, then you are “accepted.” I live in a place that is not active for their app currently. Did they give you an option to check if you were in appropriated area of business? Absolutely not. I paid for an investment to make money on the side, plus help dogs/owners. It never said, in ANY agreement, that it may not be running in your area. I called multiple times a week. Spoke to the same representative, who would sent me to their “manager.” She read off their script the whole time, and gave excuses to a “different department.” Did they give me their hotline? Absolutely not. She said, “they will email you when they have the complaint and figure out the outcome.” Was there updates? Absolutely not. I have seen forehand how they work in places, that are even accepted, and they are slow to respond and their app has too many glitches. Their app is a total failure all around and should not have anyone give any money to. If they were to only accept areas that it counts, then maybe it could work. They have no understanding of animal language and let many dog uneducated people deal with all levels of sizes/breeds/medical issues/home entrees. After the “person I should have been sent to”, which was responded by the “manager,” I’ve been talking to, they decided to keep their money. “If I wanted to ship back the shirt, theyNothingCheck the review"

Dog Walker (Former Employee) says

"My experience working with Wag was extremely short lived. It's very hard for new walkers to establish themselves or get any clients at all. They give you the pitch of "Your own schedule. Work when ever you want." However, to get any walks you have to take the spontaneous requests which by the time you click on the text link, 9/10 its already been taken by someone else.work with dogseverything else"

Dog Walker (Former Employee) says

"Wag support never gets back to you on serious dog health related issues and walker safety issues. Management will make you handle every emergency and then suspend you for taking action when such emergencies occur. Wag support will not call back for weeks at a time. A wag walker once took it upon herself to steal a dog the same hour I was scheduled to walk him. I informed the owner and stood on the phone with NYPD for an hour. I got suspended for a month and was given no call as to when I would be unsuspended. One Sunday a nanny gave me a dog with collar and leash already on . But as soon as we left the house he got loose and ran for the hills. I was able to chase him down and get him home safely. And even though it was the nanny’s fault for an unsecured collar I was suspended without an informative email stateing what codes I violated . This ultimately resulted in my account being terminated. Wag still hasn’t sent me the emails they are required to when a walker gets suspended (to explain what sections of the agreement you violated)."

Walker (Former Employee) says

"Wag is a terrible company to work for. It's hard to get walks, the pay is miniscule and their "support" is useless and the opposite of helpful. They suspended my account for no reason and would not tell me why. If it is because of an owner's complaint, they have no way to validate what the owner is saying is even true and won't give me the chance to defend myself. The support always says that they will forward my message to management and they will get back to me, but they never do. They blatantly lie to their employees. I have no chance to try to reinstate my account and I have NO IDEA WHY. They do not care about their employees AT ALL. I would not recommend working at Wag to anyone.DogsEverything Else"

CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT (Current Employee) says

"This company is not going anywhere. They have app issues every other day but will not work on them. You’re constantly getting yelled at by customers and walkers about issues that you can tell them your gonna look into them but truly no one cares. Everyone talks about what needs to be done but no one truly tries to even resolve the problem.You get paid 15.50 an hour to do 4 departments jobs and deal with escalations every single day. This place stresses me out so bad because the ceo makes decisions to get rid of certain departments without thinking of a back up plan. If you enjoy your sanity don’t even apply.Also, this place is extremely micromanaged there are regular reps acting like management and management not even knowing how to manage a call center or even navigate the system.Management is a joke and only got their jobs because they all worked at life-lock together"

Tina Radmer says

"This service helped ruin my marriage, the girl named “Chris” that walked our dogs started walking my husband & he left his family for her because she was less responsibility. I notified WAG about the situation, but since the account was in his name, there was nothing they could do. This is a horrible company & their ethics are even worse!!"

Katie says

"Person never walked my dog and they refuse to refund. I have time stamped entry on my automatic lock and cameras on my entry and exit. He stayed for 5 minutes. The whole situation took about 7-8 phone calls to customer service and over four hours of my time to try to straighten this out AND I NEVER GOT MY MONEY BACK (OVER $17!!!). Do you know of any company that has such a poor customer service that they would put a customer through all of this for $17 after being a loyal customer for years and years?! It actually sounds like I’m exaggerating but I’m really not, which is the sad part. I ended up filing a dispute with my cc company (bc it’s the principal of it 🤷🏻‍♀️) and I won. My cc company apparently believes me and can use their brains to see obvious evidence and make the decision to refund me (whereas Wag’s policy is to listen to no one and keep their money).
They don’t care whether or not a walker does his/her job or not. They already have their money at that point. Absolutely horrendous customer service."

James Henley says

"Thieves. Wife did multiple walks and they canceled her payment claiming someone was with her. We have surveillance video that proves other wise"

Herb Vaddour-Brake says

"Called for a missing dog - waited on hold with Philippines for over 45 minutes before they sent me to USA for help - then they told me the USA wasn’t available - call back tomorrow about missing dog walk dog! Used to be a great company - now outsourced with untrained walkers & NO Customer Service!"

Barry Bank says

"I asked for a Sitter and received a few slow reminders that they are still looking. I have been bothered by them everyday for over a week all day by texts saying they are still looking.

I told them I found some one yet they still Hound me everyday

I asked them to stop at least 10 times...still doing it....guess I have to complain to my local police"

Stephan Brown says

"Unreliable, inconsistent text responses as if multiple people are responding out of sync.
-Seemingly very unorganized
-I would not trust this service"

Elizabeth says

"wag.com prices are not competitive, make sure to search other sites/stores before purchase because others sell the exact same items at 30%~50% lower price. Flat rate shipping 7.99$ also ridiculously high (free shipping if $49+ but really hard to fill up to that # because everything is more expensive than other retailers), I do not recommend this website."

Maura Minsky says

"For three years I was a loyal customer at wag.com. As of this morning I am no longer a customer. They were offering $15 off for purchases of $75 or more. I made my purchases and when I went to check out there was no discount. I called them and was on the phone for 20 minutes before she figured out that I did not have enough "qualifying" items in my basket. She said dog food didn't qualify as a pet item - a clear indication that "qualifying" items to get the discount were so limited. They were just offering the discount to get you to click on the site. I switched to Chewy.com and my dog food, same brand, was $10 less."

Jason says

"Good option if you're in a crunch but they seem to charge more then your local pet store."

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