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W. W. Grainger, Inc. is an American Fortune industrial supply company founded in 1927 in Chicago by William W. (Bill) Grainger. He founded the company in order to provide consumers with access to a consistent supply of motors.The company now serves more than 3 million customers worldwide with offerings such as motors, lighting, material handling, fasteners, plumbing, tools, and safety supplies, along with inventory management services and technical support. Revenue is generally from business-to-business sales rather than retail sales. Grainger serves its over 3 million customers through a network of approximately 598 branches, online channels (such as Grainger.com, KeepStock and eProcurement), and 33 distribution centers.

A former employee said "There is no career path in Grainger, there is no awareness for the results directive management care only for looks and they tend to be discriminating for teams outside of corporate office at Mexico business. There is no follow up of the ICARE initiative."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper management DOES NOT have your back. He said, she said and I was fired"

Former Employee - User Experience says

"Horrible UX leadership(no longer there). Backstabbing and not supportive of middle management. Promoted very talented, but toxic employees. Lack of accountability and a "do as I say, not as a I do" culture. Non-supportive HR staff that never held senior leadership accountable for poor management practices."

Former Employee - Distribution Supervisor says

"Supervisors are treated horrible, we are expected to work 12+ hours per day, unreasonable demands placed upon. We are expected to take our computers home to work on reports and projects. Senior leadership says they want to build relationships and follow the corporate mantra, but in Macedonia this is the complete opposite. No room for advancement, this facility is run as part of the good ole boy network."

Former Employee - Technical Product Support says

"Dishonest culture. Reality is spun to avoid shared responsibility."

Current Employee - Maintenance Technician says

"management Pay Work schedule No work life balance"

Former Employee - Finance Manager says

"This is long, but I hope you will take the time to read it in hopes of helping you avoid a mistake. Before starting, I was warned about the culture shift that was occurring recently but the compensation was incredible and the pitch given during my interviews seemed like things were going great. Let me start with the fact that there are a ton of great people who work for Grainger in Finance at the lower levels. They are smart and dedicated to doing a great job and almost all of my encounters with them were impressive. Unfortunately there is almost a complete disconnect between those lower level employees and the higher levels in Finance (everyone I worked for at Sr Dir and above). The culture pitched during the interviews was very different from that which I encountered when starting and it progressively got worse during my tenure there. Here are the issues I witnessed firsthand during my short time with the company: - A new layer of management at the VP level was added last year and has resulted in a power struggle, long hours for their employees and a complete culture shift. These dynamics were made worse with COVID-19 but even as that has become less worrisome, the culture continues to decline. - Mistakes are bound to happen to everyone, but when they did the question from leadership was "whose fault is it?". They wanted to be able to blame someone rather than try to figure out how to make things better next time. A lot of this seemed to be related to that power struggle above. - There are some individuals in upper management in Finance who document conversations to use against team members in the future, leading to employees looking over their shoulders. Oftentimes, the words from those conversations would be twisted to benefit that manager's agenda. - Performance plans are the default approach to "coaching" at Grainger. If there are any perceived performance issues, HR is involved and that individual is placed onto a PIP. I witnessed persistent attempts to place lower lever employees on performance plans that didn't deserve to be placed on one. DO NOT GO HERE if you are in finance, Never at any of my prior companies have I encountered such a broken culture. There are plenty of other companies nearby or in downtown Chicago that treat their employees better."

Current Employee - Product Manager says

"Have no idea what they're doing. The same small group of people constantly put everyone else through re-orgs yearly. Nothing gets done. The only products getting things done get squeezed and moved so others can take credit for it. They have horrible direction and the leadership has no respect from any of the workforce."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Boring need more perks like snack"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Some management like supervisors will favorite people and if they don’t like you they will try there hardest to get you fired . Talking to hr about it is easy but to get something down hard! You don’t even need to talk to the supervisor at all or acknowledge them they will find a way to not like you to get you out !"

Former Employee - Customer Experience Representative says

"Everything else. They claim to care so much about their employees but they really don't. You get monitored and judged for pretty much everything you do and they call it "branding" like you're some kind of cow in a heard. They speak about development and opportunities but really what they are asking of you is how many hoops they can make you jump through without having to pay you any more money. They dangle the carrot in your face and make you feel like garbage when they "put you in your place""

Not ever told because no call back as promised (Former Employee) says

"If you are going to interview and do a phone screening and then a video interview and tell someone you are going to call them by Friday and you don’t how unprofessional. Have the courtesy and decency and respect for another person to at least let them know you are not hiring them. Don’t make statements you have a job no matter what and never call again. Shame on you. Shame on you twice for not caring enough to make a simple phone call and being respectful. There are hard working amazing people out here begging for jobs. Again - shame on you!! How unprofessional and uncaring. Try being professional!! Have some courtesy and stop making promises you aren’t going to keep. Is it really that hard to make a simple phone call??? I would never recommend your company for anything ever again. I used to think a lot of your company. Not anymore."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work no support customers are rude, there is no support if they do not like you, I felt completely alone and attacked all the time."

Warehouse Associate (COF) says

"Management is horrible. If your working in COF pick you have to guess your picking the right item and the right quantity because if you go ask about something you get questioned why your gap time is so long. They want you to be fast and productive but slow and acurate.Benefits start from day 1Managment, supervisors who know nothing about their job"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They do not work around school schedule and they always switch up your shift. The managers are not helpful and when you try to find someone to help you there is most likely no management in site. You have to bid on hours and they do not care if you make your classes or not. You get 2-10 minute breaks and if you are 5 seconds late you get written up. The pay increase does not come around like it should. Most raises are very small. The hourly wage was very low and it is very hard to hit production because they nit pick the way you sound or the way you handle orders. Very hard to move up in this company.free coffeeshort breaks, does not work with school schedule and you get wrote up for taking to many bathroom breaks"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"At first I loved my job then the past year it was horrible. They changed the policy. They don't even go by the Grainger way.My supervisor should of never been hired. Don't know what they are doing. Said they care about the employees but don't. Upper management is a joke. You don't really get a head unless you are friends with upper management. QA is messed up. Bad thing is when one employee got fired they send a email to all the call center about why he got fired and he was working for Grainger for 11 years. That just tell you how they "care about their employees. I wouldn't recommend working for Grainger"

Chargeback Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"if their HR would have listened to many people going through their offices about one director, more would not have had stress-leave - some are still on stress-leave 4 years later. Wake up!"

Inventory Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Horrible leadership, everyone is all about drama & spread rumors around, including the supervisors. HR write you up for the smallest reasons, for example, if you don’t smile at all times, hold the door for others & even use the toilet for too long"

gtp (Former Employee) says

"was a ok place to work just poor management ,they would make you work way to fast and if a error would happen you they take it to far not a fun place to work"

Sales & Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"It depends on who you know not past experience for advancement. Manager lets you know how much they dislike their job which makes your job worse. If you work overtime or a holiday once they expect you to do it all the time."

Representante de Servicio al Cliente (Former Employee) says

"Los gerentes de tienda no te dan opción a qué opines, no te dejan tener estabilidad laboral."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A company where favoritism means everything/work ethic means nothing. Management is absolutely horrible. Only butt kissers move up at this "Company".BenefitsManagement"

DC Associate (Current Employee) says

"Management is bad. You never know what time your getting off. I'd avoid unless your absolutely in need of a job. The culture in the place is the worst I have ever seen."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"Inventory and managment are horrible. You are set up to fail and never advance in this company. You will be in constant contact with human rights and the labour board working here.The staffInventory/managers"

Packer/Picker (Former Employee) says

"Poorly managed.... that's all I can say about it. The management team is always coming with ways to screw over the employees. Like with the work load. They dont make it to where you can make your productivity because they're always taking production from you. Like they want you pick 50 items and hour which I use to do and more and at the end of an 8 hour shift I would end up about 200 picks which should be 400 are more within an 8 hour shift. Then they would use production to screw you over after they known they have took production from you and gave it to someone else to help out the production. JUST WRONG PERIOD upupwith"

Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"The heel of the company micromanaged unrealisric sales targets and to many metrics. I was in the top 1 percent but watched this dept. Go downhill over a period of 3 years. Dont reccomend unless you are using the job as a stepping stone or resume bolster."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The company is a great place to start to out to build your customer services skills. They offer work from home and are open 24/7, 365; hours so your work hours can be flexible. If you challenge them or attempt to make changes and you're not friends with your leads you won't get ahead."

Expeditor (Former Employee) says

"The branch operations to coordinate fulfillment needs for customers was moved to another country. Makes no sense to have this dept moved to a foreign speaking work force."

Warehouse Worker (Current Employee) says

"Would not recommend if you are looking for a stable job. management is poor, the company puts its needs ahead of the workers needs. Very disorganized and safety is ok at best."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"Employees backstab each other, by trying to take each other to H.R over comments that where said 6+ months ago. It won't be that comment that day that gets you in trouble, but once you make your fellow friend or coworker mad, or forbid a safety issue, they will use anything and everything you ever said to them against you at H.R. Almost all managers have been turned, expect for 2. Machine put-way team, has worst turnover rate, and most don't last 6 months due to unrealistic expectations set by managers for productivity, when aisle, equipment and dock team don't set them up for success. Their is no accountably for supervisors as once you have been crossed out by management, and not in the good ol boy system, you will never get promoted, never get a raise, and if all likely pushed out the door. The management team sits a desk almost all day, is rarely on floor but twice a night to help with issues and or task, or accidents. Otherwise, to request pto, time off, or other issues, they tend to disappear and they will be hard to find if you have questions. Don't rely on teammates, or management, they won't be helpful, as grainger is more of a (I need to put this product away here, without asking any question as why we are doing this, and get to my next location as fast as I can, rather or not I disagree or have concerns). Don't complain about anything ever even safety, expsically long tenured employees. They will hold a grudge against you for life! All in all, if you get a job here, don't believe anything anyone tells you if they are being nice to you, you haveHealth, PtoHours always work mandatory Friday, employees, team members, lack of accountability"

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Management shows favoritism, punish the good workers. Promotions and pay raises only to the employees that kiss they butt. They make they own rules!!!NothingEverything"

Steve says

"They don\'t warranty parts even if they,re a manufacturers defect in the original box"

Brian DeGiosio says

"Over a week to ship 1 item, no tracking. Should've used Amazon. NEVER SHIPPED...WAS BACKORDERED AND NEVER RECEIVED NOTICE...FUXK THAT $hit. CANCELLED!"

Francisco Alvarez says

"I placed order # 1398818334 to be picked up the next day after 10 am. at Supply 7200 NW 37th Ave, Hialeah. When I arrive at the place, the order is still pending, and I ask customer service, and the answer was, "the truck did not deliver due to storm." Cancel the order and order the part from other supplies."

Mike Rochford says

"I made the mistake of giving these disrespectful jerks my email address and I've gotten hundreds of spam mail since. Went from maybe one spam a month to 5 per day. Be warned."

Bruh says

"Sent me the wrong item twice, charged my card multiple times for things I did not purchase! Returned the items I did not buy, and it’s been a month with no refund yet. I’ve called about it and they keep saying to wait... bs company super sketchy"

E D says

"So I seen a job opening for an inside sales rep the only requirements that was wanted or advertised was high school graduate and good customer skill and phone skills now I have a bachelors degree in business and over 10 years customer service and currently I am an instructor at a college and retired military So when I applied they responded with in a few hours saying I was not qualified enough So I have to ask is this really a place I want to work discrimination can't even explain wow I guess there mind readers without even Talking to me or interviewing they could tell how I communicated both verbal and telephone this is not a good place to work for if I could go negative rating I would. So I would highly recommend looking elsewhere. I realize this place does not pay very well and quick to terminate employment so no growth potential and a lot of stress"

Richard Gould says

"Horrible company...period. Not sure how they stay in business. Blains Fleet and Farm, Acme Tool, and Home Depot are 1000% better. Had to cancel an order because I could not get a straight answer from anyone. I called corporate and they pushed me back to the bad customer service line. Buyer beware."

Shadow Ghost says

"This company is unprofessional and doesn't own up to their mistakes and give people a heads until it's too late & gave my fiance the run around just to tell her they found someone else & scheduled her a bogus interview and didn't show up and literally watched her phone screen and didn't show up"

John Butcher says

"I am sorry, if you like a mexi man that can't count your money, then go with this dam company. I waited there for around 3 hours and the mexi man told me cash only. TERRIBLE PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET. I waited three hours only to get a fucing blowie"

Carlos says

"Poor customer service. Got an item different that what was pictured on their website, and they refused to provide refund. Will never buy again from them. They should be out of business."

Steven Lougee says

"I ordered a Trojan 12 volt battery for our Genie lift. 4 times in a row they sent the wrong battery, Grainger kept sending me 6-volt batteries. All 4 times I had to crate the battery back up, secure the battery to a pallet, and get UPS to pick the crated battery up. This process took a lot of my time dealing with someone else's mistake four times. Grainger has lost a corporate customer."

Ampersandrascott says

"I ordered a number of retaining rings from Grainger. After carefully reviewing the description and verifying the picture showed what I needed, I ordered a bag of retaining rings for a one inch shaft. The product I received did not match the description or picture. I was sent internal retainging rings, not external. Everything else matched the Grainger information. The bag merely had the wrong part. I contacted Grainger and they first told me to contact the manufacturer. After letting them know that I ordered from them in good faith and expect the parts I ordered, Grainger looked into it. The answer I received was that everything was right except the picture. After attaching a page from a competitor showing the same description and the same picture (but a different manufacturer) to prove there was not an error with the description, everything went quiet from Grainger. I'm just going to write off the cost of the worthless parts that were sent."

Don McClain says

"If you wanted a L.H.WingNut, Wal Mart and WW Grainger would show to have them. SURE. Now if you if you still have account from Grainger you will find they don,t have it in stock but can ship it to you. Now if you ever receive this part it cost more for shipping than the part cost. When you look at the part you will find it was MADE IN CHINA You just paid LIST+ with AMERICAN DOLLAR for some CHINA junk. You want some Taper Pin @$6.95 wt 6oz. and Grainger will charge you a $12.95 Shipping Fee and have no information where your parts are. You can't even call your RETAIL+BRANCH anymore. You should throw you Grainger BOOK at and get a MSC one. They have More US made parts at a much better price."

Clay Turpin says

"This company has an interesting way of doing business. I tried to buy an item online and received this message: "At this time, the item(s) below have been removed from your cart because your account is not currently eligible, please call us at 1-800-GRAINGER (1-800-472-4643) for more information." I called and was told I can't buy the item because I don't have a business account. All of my information on my account is my business; phone number, name, etc. The rep told me to hold while she contacted her new accounts team. When she returned, she told me they did see my account but it was an "export" and that needed to be handled by another department. I asked her what export meant. Did it mean my company was exporting or Grainger would have to export to me (neither one was the case)? She said because I am in Puerto Rico and Grainger was in the US that it had to be handled by a different department. I told her that Puerto Rico is the US and Grainger has a warehouse in Puerto Rico. Her response; that's just the way it is. After reading the other reviews here, I've decided not to waste my time with this company and find another company that actually wants to do business with me and my money."

Christine Fulgham says

"After today’s new reports, your company is about to receive quite the negative reviews. At a time of national crisis, purchasing precious safety equipment, doubling the price before reselling to the government. Shame. Be better."

Ziggyi says

"I have ordered complete faceshield from Graigner Canada from their website. The shipping arrived very quickly but it contained only visor not the whole shield. I have asked to send me the missing part but they told me that I have paid for the missing part plus another shipping charge. The reason was that they show wrong picture on their site and I should only received the visor not the complete item. After numerous emails and calls they refunded me the cost of the visor but not shipping cost. Be aware what you buy from them as it looks as they have been doing this trick for a while."

Ex-customer says

"I set up a Net 30 with them and was told that my business was approved for a certain credit limit amount. I even had a rep walk me through setting up the Net 30 in My Account Payments. I used the Net 30 account to invoice my order. 5 days later after not receiving an invoice, I logged into my account to find that they removed my Net 30 account, canceled my order and even cleared my cart. Spoke to customer service and they first couldn't find a record for 10 minutes. When they finally found it, they said I was declined...I confirmed that it was their practice to tell businesses that they are approved (not conditionally approved but approved), help them set up the Net 30 account as a Payment Method, purchase items in cart, decline them after without advising them, cancel their order and then clear their carts. Very disappointed in the credit system they have. Outside of telling me I was approved and then declining me, the customer service was ok. That's why I gave 2 stars, it's more with their poor practices that I have an issue with. I can understand being declined, just not being told that I am approved and then declining later without notice or explanation."

Mike Moran says

"I purchased 2 verona automatic faucets for $1314.17 on 4/23/20. I researched the necessary kits and verified with Rubbermaid and another vendor so that I purchased the corrects units. My big concern was that it came with the necessary 4" cover plate. Both units did not come with the cover plate. Even the owners manual states it should and gives me an 800 number if left out to call and get it sent. My response from Grainger was nope we don't include it sorry."

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