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MSN Messenger, later rebranded as Windows Live Messenger, was a cross-platform instant messaging client developed by Microsoft. It connected to the Microsoft Messenger service while also having (as of the final version) compatibility with Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook Messenger. The client was first released as MSN Messenger Service on July 22, 1999, and was marketed under the MSN branding until 2005 when it was rebranded under Windows Live. It has since been officially known by its second name, although its first name was still used colloquially by most of its users

WLM upgrade is tedious to use, has a lack of tools, and it's outdated, Spiralshadow claims at reddit.com

"Until now, I'd been using older versions of WLM (that still allowed you to change your nickname, etc.) but was recently forced to upgrade to the "new" version that's basically a shitty attempt to be Facebook instead of a chat service. Can't change my name without changing my full name under account options, can't get rid of the dumb gigantic "social" and "MSN" windows that serve no purpose, etc. Is there any way that I can make it similar to the older MSN where it's just a contact list."


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