WESCO International

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WESCO International, Inc. is a holding company for WESCO Distribution, a multinational electronics distribution and services company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. WESCO International, Inc. (NYSE: WCC), a publicly traded Fortune 500 holding company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a provider of electrical, industrial, and communications maintenance, repair and operating ("MRO") and original equipment manufacturer ("OEM") products, construction materials, and advanced supply chain management and logistic services. 2018 annual sales were approximately $8.2 billion. The company employs 9,100 people, maintains relationships with 30,000 suppliers, and serves 70,000 active customers worldwide. Customers include commercial and industrial businesses, contractors, government agencies, institutions, telecommunications providers, and utilities. WESCO operates 10 fully automated distribution centers and 500 branches in North America and international markets.

An employee left this review in a forum, "This company feels like one big marketing infomercial..useless info constantly spewed to get you to join ship. John Engel, our CEO, is always saying how WESCO is a great place to work, has the best people, is an industry leader, has a bright future, etc. The reality: the complete opposite. 1. Compensation is below industry standard and annual “raises” are basically the bare minimum. 2. Absolutely no growth potential for most salaried employees. ZIP. No career ladder and no incentive to work harder. You are never recognized for any extra effort in this company - whether in the form or a merit increase or promotion. You have a better chance at hitting the lotto. 3. WESCO can say we “have the best people”. The reality: many of the best employees leave because WESCO is not invested enough in its people. You have two types of people at WESCO - hard dedicated workers and slackers. No accountability and no recognition. So, in turn, the strongest employees leave for better pay and a better career outlook. The weaker employees continue to slack - but are never held accountable for their minimal contributions. 4. It’s embarrassing how terrible our technology is. WESCO is stuck in the Stone Age. In a world that is now revolved around technology in every facet of our lives, it’s simply disgraceful that WESCO has not made a strong enough investment in this category. This is setting us back tremendously compared to our competition. It’s outdated, not user friendly, and not transformative enough. Technology is critical. Industry leader? Not really! 5. Oh our future. As Disney says, “there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow”. As John Engel says after the Anixter acquisition, 1+1=3. As I say, and have said for the years I have worked here, I will believe it when I see it. In prospect, the Anixter and WESCO merger has the capability to develop into a successful mega-company. That’s if it’s done the right way, which I don’t have the most confidence in. With the exception of a few people, leadership here is awful. Feels like the CEO has been treading water. We just buy companies when our numbers are down. How about UNDERSTAND AND FIX THE ROOT CAUSE OF OUR PROBLEMS. New acquisitions are a band-aid. Many employees such as myself may have great ideas. But what good does that do when it’s leadership’s way or the highway. You have no true voice here, and it’s unfortunate."