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Solutions Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Due to many recent changes in compensation and responsibilities, more responsibility/less compensation has been a toxic mix. The staff is overworked, pressured to force products customers don't want, and management makes the whole experience much worse than it needs to be. There is a tendency to promote top sales performers which frequently results in clueless management bumbling around making the staff miserable, learning as they go. Often times the greatest coaches have never played the game and the reverse applies here unfortunately. Cons: Awful work life balance, poor compensation, terrible store management, upper management is out of touch and overcompensated, clique like."

Solution Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was in retail sales and we would literally work 8 hours straight sometimes without a break. Customers would sometimes be waiting for over an hour so you can imagine how that went. The more sales you made the higher the quota went. Management does not care about your success only about what their boss says. You are a number and that's it. If you want a status quo job where being a top performer doesnt matter then sign up. Cons: No breaks, no opportunity to make legit money."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was hired for the manager position in Navarre. Nothing but lies from hiring managers. When I got to store it was in absolute disrepair. Extreme negligence on upper management. Unsafe work conditions for both employees and customers. Company will pitch how they will help managers during hiring process but don’t even provide something as simple as business cards. Total joke as far as being professional and being in charge. You will be a glorified salesperson. I have worked in sales for years and this is by far the worst employer I have ever encountered. I wish there was a way to hold them accountable for their lies and actions!"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"It was horrible, went a period without having any manager at all in store. Never knew what schedule would be. Training sucked. They had no real idea of good sale ideas. Cons: No management"

WSR (Current Employee) says


not worth it (Former Employee) says

"High turnover rate for a reason, very unorganized. Promotes bad sales tactics, overly competitive for bare minimum pay and benefits! Off day request are ignored and undermined also managers steal sales away from reps."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Low paid job, long hours, and no one cares who does the work. They only play politics on you. The benefits are good, but the actual pay is $20k blow our local market"

Lineman (Former Employee) says

"I wish I never taken the position at verizon. I have never regretted any I have done except take this position. The racism is at an altime high, and Verizon gets away with committing these acts because not many lawyers will fight verizon. Great place to make money but, money is not worth selling my sole. I work hard and know what I'm doing but thats not enough for the black, brown noses, and the white racists. Crabs in a barrel is the atmosphere, read the book. Run, Run 🏃‍♂️. Cons: You have to sell your sole."

React Native Developer (Former Employee) says

"verizon technologies is the worst place to work. they have no respect for employees and they have a very bad attitude towards newcomers. the management is very poor and the workplace culture is not sutiable for anyone to work. Cons: worst place ever"

Fraud Analyst - Resource Manager - Senior Analyst Representative (Former Employee) says

"Not recommended, undereducated immature management, high turnover . Several men are managers. The women with education and experience are often overlooked or treated as if lesser. Salary has a drastic difference. Cons: Immature management"

Technical Support Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"If you don't go along with the pack you are shown the door. No one gives you the same answers and customers are allowed to verbally discriminate against you and treat you horribly. It's all about obtaining some unrealistic number and when you don't you are written up. Cons: Everything else"

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Management at Verizon sucks, they are not organgized the workplace culture is childish, the job is not hard once you pick it up, I excelled once we where sent home my matrix went above what was requested to stay at Verizon."

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Over stuffed, over rated, and under performing are the highlights of working at Verizon. It's more of a place where creativity, excitement, and excellence go to die. There is no motivation to do well. It is like living in witness protection. Cons: Showing up for work"

Tech Expert (Current Employee) says

"The job is very stressful. Systems often fail and when this happens it can hurt your results for monthly targets. The company is overly aggressive with its targets. Our department has had about 400 employees but in the past couple years we have dwindled down under 50 because of how fedup so many agents are. There are so many better jobs out there. Stay away from this job. Every year they make the results harder and all the other departments love to dump on this one while Verizon does nothing. The managers only see you as a number and when results are struggling its always your fault never the companies."

IT Field EUS Engineer (Former Employee) says

"did not like it. wanted many hours of work beyond 40, even after 8-5, a second shift and third till job is done with no over time but time for time with no notice Cons: many"

Door to Door Sales (Former Employee) says

"Commission based one big ponzi scheme you have to wait three weeks between each pay week no room to grow very little pay. You can possibly work 66 hours and get no pay or a lunch Cons: Ridiculously long hours with next to no pay"

Sales Representative for Retail & Business (Former Employee) says

"Not fun. Bad management. Bad direction. Good co workers. Company took a bad turn and set unreachable goals. Poor morale. Poor management. Poor implementation for strategy changes."

Technical Support Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"they stated during training they don't micro manage. they lied. not enough time to trouble shoot issue. its okay for a customer to verbally abuse you. Cons: anxiety, high stress, management breathing down your back, always being scrutinized for your work, good or bad."

Senior QA Automation Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Started working for them with lots of hope that one day i will learn a lot from them but left that place with my dignity only. Except for some employees its an utterly hostile place to work, disrespect is a norm for them, totally lack of HR or job ethics, and worst of all they discriminate against US employees. I absolutely will not recommend any female and specially US job seekers to work for them. Communication is a key in SDLC world and they simply do not have any or very little. As a result all i saw was insults flying and derogatory comments almost everyday, in every meeting.My last day with the Verizon was Friday and i truly understood the meaning of TGIF that day. Cons: Bad place to work"

Contract Manager and ROW Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Veizon as the most disorganized group of unprofessional people I have ever worked for there is so much corruption in hiring people from India and so much unnecessary layers of management who are toxic manipulators - Sr manager and Director level people know nothng about what worker Bee people do - it takes forever to find who-does-what it takes forever to understand how to get your job done with the project team being so inept - managers change groups on a regular basis and the voids are masive - they do not really care about a worker who is trying to keep the company going - its a pathetic excuse for a telecom!!! Cons: layers of uncaring leaders"