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Voya Financial is an American financial, retirement, investment and insurance company based in New York City. Voya began as ING U.S., the United States operating subsidiary of ING Group, which was spun off in 2013 and established independent financial backing through an initial public offering. In April 2014, the company rebranded itself as Voya Financial. Voya's predecessors had first entered the U.S. market in the 1970s. As of 2016, Voya served approximately 14.7 million customers with over $550 billion combined in assets under management (AUM) and assets under administration (AUA).

One disgruntled employee said this in a review, "I was previously with another 401 k but was switched by company LHC to Voya. I was never given a PIN number. I recently contacted Voya, due to I left company, and wanted to roll over my 401 k to my present 401 k company. I was told that my job did not show that I had left and that I would need to wait until out of system. They never mentioned requiring a PIN and had all my personal information. I contacted them again today and was told they could not help without a PIN (same one I never got). I was directed to their website and still not able to get what I needed."


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Former Employee - Retirement Specialist says

"Literally everything else was terrible"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Extension of highschool; especially in certain departments"

Former Employee - Sourcing says

"Voya likes to portray itself as a "different kind of company" but in reality, it is cutting costs, getting rid of staff and outsourcing, just like a lot of other companies. The Strategic Sourcing group is a toxic environment and should be avoided. It has had more than a 50% turnover in the past 18 months. You will regret taking a job here."


"FinRev. No room to move up. Propaganda on the company. Best place to work award must be bought. Morale is low and everyone wants to leave."

Former Employee - Stop Loss Coordinator says

"Bad manager Poor implementation of rule changes Combative & confrontational atmosphere with manager Poisonous atmosphere"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"No work/life balance. Managers don’t trust their employees. Peers aren’t held accountable for mistakes. Lots of micromanagement. CI culture is over the top and poorly executed. Lots of promises but no follow through. Some roles have no defined career path."

Former Employee - CSA - Customer Service Associate says

"The training that you get and then going out on the floor, are lacking in many areas. The RMD‘s the SBDA’s are not spent enough time going over in training. The numbers that they want you to get to our what season CS A’s are getting. You don’t get to schedule PTO, due To where you need to check and see if there is any time available is all blocked off. So if you need time off it’s almost like an active God to have to get a day off. You were also forced to use your protected time, Voya does not know how to treat their people especially the CSA’s, you are treated like a ‘butt in the seat ‘ just to take calls and not as a human being. Stay away and save yourself the headache of working for this company."

Former Employee - Call Center says

"Very misleading. Low pay for the type of job and performance expected. Antiquated systems and processes. "5-7 business days". Many processes need to be re-established. Constantly worried about cyber security. Many reps burning through FMLA time off."

Full Service says

"Full service required the series 6 license, but then the company decided the role no longer required the licensed. The company also made promises that they would sponsor people in the last training class but that was a lie. Couple of the trainees were pulled out because the company "didnt schedule them in time". The current licensed people on the floor are leaving in droves. The company just abandon them. The best part of all this, they require all reps to stay in the role for 18 months. They also only hire managers externally instead of hiring internally except for one manager they brought from Fl. the external hired managers have no idea what they are doing. The metrics is only being met by less than 3% of the staff. The dept is a joke and any licensed reps will leave. Now the company seems they are buying time saying they bring more positions to the Tempe office or saying the 18 month rule is at manager discretion. All lies."

Former Employee - Licensed Customer Service Representative says

"Start up mentality and feel with the call center. Ever changing carousel of inconsistencies with the call center. Many misleadings from initial interview to actual work in the job. Quarterly bonuses and shift bids talked about in interview never came to fruition for anyone I knew at the Tempe location. Many trainers do not have knowledge or experience with the systems as they are hired from the outside Not a promote from within culture, 18 months required in certain positions. Managers without broker experience hired in over subject matter expert veterans. Some teams have managers who micromanage, which provided for a depressing culture."


"if you like working in a dungeon, this place is perfect. otherwise if i don't have at least 150 minimum characters, i can't leave this site. Again dungeon. bla bla bla bla blanothing - 21st century version of a coal minemanagement sneaking up behind you scaring the heck out of you"

Series 6 Licensed Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Vita cares only about their bottom line. This company did not care about its customer base or how awful it treated it’s lower level employees........NoneBad pay, horrible hours, awful benefits"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"I've never seen a company that has metrics for their metrics. It is INSANE! Plus, the training needed to correctly perform the job is not what is received. It's like training a baker for the automotive department.Very pro LGBTQEverything else"

Customer Contact Representative (Current Employee) says

"Call center employees are the face, heart and ears of this company. We can hardly pay our bills with the pay we receive. More work load every week, a new plan to learn but 0 talk of compensation. A new office has opened so advancement is out the window since all the jobs are in Arizona. It’s not worth it."

Customer Service Rep I (Former Employee) says

"I met my manager twice. One during my interview and then when my contract ended It was a call center position which was not a good fit for me. I was glad when the contract ended.nonevery restrive schedule"

Desk side Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a contractor supporting Voya. The company I worked for was NSC Global and they are the worst company to work for. I left because they laid me off saying there was not enough work to justify 3 people, I worked for this company for 30 years. They did offer me my job back at about half the salary and only 2 weeks of the 7 weeks vacation I had.NoneNSC Global sucks to work for"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The company has employees who sleep together in order to gain advantages in positions. When it was brought to upper management to investigate, if you were a 'temp' you were informed that your services were no longer required. There is absolutely no room for growth in the company. It is a multi-billion dollar company, one that invests hard-working employees of multiple companies in 401(k)'s etc, however they did not care how hard you work, how many times you were to work on time and punctual, accurate in your work-no errors, they only cared about personal issues. The management needs to be updated, an investigation should be conducted and possibly undercover workers assigned to find out exactly what the relationships are between management and lower employees. If the company insists on continuing to hire 'temps', they should be willing to pay them the same amount as a regular employee considering the 'temp' usually does more work than a regular employee because they are trying to earn a regular position.NoneManagement sleeping with employees"

Creative Designer (Former Employee) says

"No work given to me for three months - I kept asking. No manage on location. No introduction to Voya. Then expected one night to stay all night on project. I left earlier than others, so contract not renewed."

Claims Specialist (Former Employee) says

"they failed to educate me on my responsibilities and then chastised me when i made a minor mistake , they do not care about their employees and were not very understanding of my diabetic condition . i would not recommend this based on thisclose to homeno work life balance"


"high turn-around environment very stressful no clear answers or help from mamagement when you ask a valid question you are never given a straight answer therefore the outome is super stressedstart time shiftbreaks & lunches"

Senior Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Training doesnt prepare employees properly for the job. Some management is very unprofessional. Room for advancement is almost next to impossible. Environment is very stressful."

UNIT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Management is not knowledgeable. Inefficient and sometimes no training was provided while assigned to handle calls. Expectations were unclear and changed to the companies benefit without any care of how it would impact the client or the employee.n/aPoor training"

Supervisor, Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"The work was not easy but most of the employees wanted to learn. The hardest part of the job were the restrictions placed on the employees by poor managers. I learned a lot about other companies and rules and regulations of their 401k plans.poor management"

Senior Claims Service Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management. Terrible culture. Oppressive. America's retirement company is mostly overseas. i have nothing else to say about this company except look elsewhereit's a job"

Financial Advisor / Planner (Former Employee) says

"This place is a scam. They were terrible, management does not really care about their employees. It was a terrible mistake to be tricked into working here. They said the job would be one thing and it ended up being something completely different.nothing.everything"

Business Objects Developer (Former Employee) says

"Treated quite harshly on a 1099 contract. Hired for a duration not intended on keeping me for, discriminated, undermined in the field i was hired in when i was brought on for that field, inadequate resources ( database was broken, issues would not be fixed or addressed), harrassed by co workers, had to work weekends 70% of the time due to slow and broken servers which ran the database.Low level of Data Needs, Discrimination, Undermining Intelligence"


"The benefits and time off are good but that's about it. The training is horrible and you will not feel prepared for your job roll at all. Management is very poor as there are no guidelines for anything so managers make up stuff as they go. You are not valued here and the pay is extremely low for the job tasks you'll be preforming."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"By far the worst Call Center job & experience! Poor pay for all the job duties assigned to you. Poor training as well; I learned everything on my own. Work schedules change every 6 months. No stability & un-realistic expectations. Favoritism throughout the company. People only advance if they suck up to Management. Good, hard working employees never receive any recognition, advancement or promotion. HR hires all sorts of people who have no customer service experience & no knowledge of working in a call center environment. Several employees are ghetto, rude, no class, gossip too much, poor attitudes & lack common sense. Voya has a high turnover rate as well, people either quit or get fired.401k, heathcare packages, PTO & sick time, no weekends!Pay, Management, employees, favoritism, work schedules & the WHOLE call center environment!"

Operations Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The work environment here is toxic. Management is in meetings all day every day, unable to offer timely assistance. The culture is marred by gossip, finger pointing and no real solutions."

Customer Service Call Center Phone (Former Employee) says

"Management is horrible, very old fashioned, and they lie. They'll ask you to try something new, and when it isn't something you like or you struggle with, they insist that you keep doing it even though initially you're told you can stop doing it if it doesn't work out. Just left a real horrible "taste in my mouth" overall, especially the god awful managers."

Donna Smith says

"Voya Financial STOLE our money at a time we are at our lowest! Covid cost my husband his job, it took us forever to figure out how to get our money from them and once we finally contacted them we got nothing but run around and run around and "someone will call you back by the end of the day" day after day for weeks for months and to this day they still have our money and it's been 7 months since my husband lost his job with the company that held the 401k with Voya, but they say it's on Voya and Voya says it's on them but I say it's a scam and don't trust your money to Voya Financial because you may never see it again! Our money is gone and at a time we desperately need it! Heed my warning! DO NOT TRUST VOYA FINANCIAL!!!!"

Tim says

"The worst customer experience I have ever had bar none. These people are rude and their customer service processes and experience are awful. It took me 4 hours just to establish a PIN and over 43 phone calls. I WAS REPEATEDLY TRANSFERRED (84 times), hung up on, disconnected, and asked the same questions again and again, each time I was transferred - but never getting a resolution to y issuer or any assistance."

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