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Volcom is a lifestyle brand that designs, markets, and distributes boardsports-oriented products. Volcom is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, United States (U.S.). Volcom is known for its trademark stone logo, its slogan True to This, and the Let the Kids Ride Free campaign. Todd Hymel is the CEO of Volcom.

Volcom has a horrible customer service, distracted staff, and no control inside the store, claims Ramon A. on yelp.com.

"horrible service the staff was just around one table talking to each other! Not acknowledging anyone coming in or out!!!!! A client tried to try on close and had to yell "excuse me, I need assistance " five times! Worst service ever! The staff inattentive and I could rob the place and they wouldn't notice!"


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Current Employee - Sales Supervisor says

"Corporate management is horrendous and an absolute joke. They not look into factors such as seasonal traffic, power of American dollars to international currency, trends, etc. They focus only on why there is not enough money being made for the company and do not care about the workers at all (even though they claim to). Uses the motto "true to this" even though they culturally appropriate key cultural figures and do not do any research for their regional designs. Regional designers are not local or have limited knowledge of both local and ethnic culture to that region. A laughable amount of young girls clothing being carried. Women's clothing is not nearly as functional, tasteful, diverse, or plentiful as the men's line. In my personal experience, totally screwed over our assistant manager. Our management took care of two stores and so we had a head manager and two assistant managers. They promoted our store manager to regional manager and she moved out in about 2 weeks. Our other assistant manager got a better gig so he also left us at that time. They basically allowed our remaining assistant manager to carry on the roles of three managers without compensation for about 3 months before hiring another assistant manager and even then, they shared the roles of 1.5 positions without compensation. At this time, corporate was also throwing a bunch of trial runs at our staff such as a store split demo, leaving the entry doors open/closed, etc. We had a horrible heat wave during the summer with humidity and all of our workers were sweating so much their shirts were soaked. They would not allow us to close the doors to prevent the heat from coming in even though other retailers in the immediate area do so. It was hazardous to the health and well-being to the workings because we had people who were becoming severely dehydrated and had to sit down in the back to get their bearings. Corporate management will hire third-party maintenance to care for internet, plumbing, electricity, etc. but they would rather hire the cheapest companies and have them show up multiple times instead of spending the money and investing in a job that would be done well the first time. Training is questionable and not all supervisors are role models for new and upcoming staff members. Some have egos and personal agendas or even pass off tasks and duties to the sales associates so that they don't have to deal with it. Volcom does not provide a single, streamlined training guide/manual/procedure for new members of the team which can lead to a lot of corner-cutting, confusion, and lack of knowledge on the sales floor. Paid time off is hard to get as a full-time worker. The process to accumulate hours is so difficult it is almost impossible to gain anything. Expect to pay for your insurance, even as a full time worker. Other retailers provide full, paid-for insurance for full-time staff, but not this one. Staff reward opportunities and referral programs have mediocre compensation equivalent to winning a $5 Jamba Juice card from your middle school."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Let's face it--Volcom is no longer the brand it used to be. Polishing a turd only works for so long, and unfortunately that's exactly what you will be hired to do, ESPECIALLY if you work on the digital marketing side of the business."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low compensation, no growth, no recognition"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1) Lack of company wide knowledge sharing/training. Everyone thinks they know how to use the ERP system, but not one person fully does. If you've never used their ERP system, they will look you in the eye and promise to help you use it. The reality is that you literally have to train yourself by asking everyone in the company as possible (it takes a few tries to get training meetings because they keep canceling, so expect a lot of rescheduling) and compile your own list of tips and tricks to help yourself run simple queries. 2) Overwhelmed management personnel are efficient in hiding their weaknesses... so, in meetings these yes men talk BIG "Oh yes we can do that," and "Oh yes, that is a great idea!" and "yes, we can have that to you by the end of the day". Then after the meeting those same "yes" people are unreachable. This "talking BIG" means that people who work under them (aka help them get their work done) cannot move forward with projects because management suddenly is MIA or too busy elsewhere."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay with little no to recognition of hard work. Hard work and no payoff. Departments are a little warped and there is lousy communication between them. Very cliquey. Little room to grow or get promotions. Trying to encourage a title change is like pulling teeth."

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"- Not a company you can work your way up. Will max out at ASM if very lucky. - Store manager selections have been awful and shows in high both manager and even higher employee turnover. - Very disorganized. Back & forth of decision making. Multiple hoops to get answers. - Low pay. Minimum wage for associates and maybe $1 more for supervisors now."

Current Employee - Marketing says

"- Poor Management. - Talks about Volcom family all the time, yet lays off most of the people that have been with the company from the beginning. - Constantly replacing lower positions for less qualified people to save on budget. - Unorganized and inefficient work processes. - New management that has no background in surf/skate/snow background. - Low company moral."


"They didn't finish any training and management was not solid."


"Industry looks to be dying out"

Retail Sales Associate says

"No Benefits, Slow Business, No room to grow"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"When I was an intern at Volcom I didn't learn anything. They had me do the same type of thing every time I came into work. I was interning for the fashion design team so maybe other departments were different. But The department I was in sucked."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Opening and closing procedures. Dealing with tourist. The job it's self was fun and different but the management on the other hand a different story. Hardest part of this job was being decimated because of my race."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Shifts were long breaks and breaks were short manager could be a pain sometimes and pay was not good at all for what the sales associates were doing sometimes stayed an hour after what we were scheduled. One thing that I did learn was how to work efficiently DiscountShort breaks, management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Went through 4 Supervisors, and 2 Store managers in the short time I worked there. Nobody seemed to know anything that was going on ever.customerseverything"

Supervisor/Keyholder (Former Employee) says

"A normal work day at Volcom, I would clock in and go to the office and check our current and past emails. If I have any questions I would ask the manager on duty if there is anything specific me and my team need to work on. There is always a lot of product in the store, so a lot of the time we are sizing every rack or color coordinating. On slow days, we'd do the best we can to stay busy if there wasn't any shipment to work on. My sales team were awesome, I loved hearing their stories or what their day consisted of. However I wasn't too fond of the management team, they took advantage of their position and a lot of the time was in the back gossiping and being lazy. I made sure I was on the sale floor with the sales associate because working the floor alone is not the greatest. My favorite part of working there was becoming friends with the sales associates and customers too. We would get some very rad people coming in.management team, cluttered"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"Out of all the places I've worked, Volcom has the most office politics. It made it an uncomfortable environment to work in and felt as if the merit of your work wasn't being truly valued."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"no one likes the clothes therefore their is no sales coming in and the associates get hammered for it."

Vendedor (Former Employee) says

"Experiênci interessante por ter sido o meu primeiro emprego efetivo, porém a gerente da loa não era uma boa gestora."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked as an SM, plenty of room to grow as long as you didn't want to be paid for going the extra mile (training other SM's, marching, perfecting policies). High turnover due to the pressure of running locations with little support, little communication and not a competitive pay rate. Main struggles are hiring and keeping staff as most associates that apply are high school or college students. Overall the company is young and structure is being created. This could be an extremely great job or an extremely dreadful job pending what atmosphere you choose to create in your own location. It was a great company to have a first big management role but if you aren't single ,young and wiling to travel it is likely you will not enjoy the opportunities within this company. Not practical pay or work life balance for someone with a family. Culture became very corporate so if you are looking for the "Volcom" environment, it is no longer there"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Working for Volcom was fun and I got along with all of the employees except for the store manager. she was very unprofessional and overstepped her boundaries wanting to get involved in others personal lives. I advanced relatively quickly in my role as a supervisor and had a few accomplishments working there.Fun work environmentminimal days off with no benefits"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"They expect so much from you without the proper pay. They add more and more to your plate, but not to your title or pay. Give you too much workload than job position requires saying it will help in your advancement with the company, except no advancement takes place. Super stressful and frustrating.Store AtmosphereUpper Management"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Overall Volcom is one of the better companies to work for in the retail, surf and skate culture environments, however recently since retail is in an economic slum. We see a trend of retail clothing stores starting to spiral to unfortunately getting bought out by competitors.People from all over the world are present in this settingManagement was very unprofessional"

SUPERVISOR (Former Employee) says

"Very laid back enviroment, however there isn't much structure. There are no visual standards, so one may re-merchandise the store to whatever flows. There was no shipment team, and commerce store would get slammed with shipment with a very small backroom. It is difficult to process shipment with no space to place merchandise on the floor or in the backroom."

Conseiller de vente stagiaire (Former Employee) says

"environnement agréable cependant quantité de travail demandé à un stagiaire beaucoup trop élevées par rapport à ses compétencescadre agréablepas d'avantages en nature"

Trailer unloader (Former Employee) says

"A typical day here at this warehouse was pretty much just unloading trailers all day, then putting whatever single product onto pallets. Once the trailer was emptied, you would the go onto the next trailer. It was hard for me to work there because everyone there knew Spanish, but very little English."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Its a fun workplace, must be extremely outgoing to work there. Wasn't my type of environment, not for everyone."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It's a teenage job, they mostly higher young kids. If you like that atmosphere then you'll really enjoy working there. Hours are minimum, but you get good discounts.DiscountsMaturity levels"

Denim Product Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Work experience is great, working with the best DENIM designers. Nice people, good health ins"

James Robinson says

"An absolute joke. Received an email about a sale - bought some jeans and had the order cancelled without warning a day later. I had to ask customer service myself what happened. Was offered a measly 10% discount code, that didn't actually work on first try. Ordered another size - guess what? The same thing happened. Order cancelled without any reason or justification from customer service. At the time of writing this review, the jeans have now gone back up to full price with the out of stock versions still available to add to your basket and check out."

Darren says

"Ordered 2 items and paid more for faster delivery. 2 weeks later and I still haven't received my items. DPD tracking states my delivery is expected 1 day ago. No response from customer service after sending an email. won't be ordering again."

paul m says

"Customer service is utterly atrocious. Cheeky and condescending The ‘special offers’ have more get out clauses than the Tory manifest. Buy the gear by all means, but do so from local stores rather than direct from them."

Gareth Le Blanc says

"Terrible company from start to finish. Avoid these and go to someone who has a customer care in place."

KC Goh says

"Tried to buy a bunch of stuff (coz it was a sale!), but credit cards didn't seem to work(thankfully). Apparently the attempted transactions got flagged. Also emailed 'customer service' twice but no reply at all...hmmmm"

Matt Jenne says

"Hi, I was wondering if I could get an update on my order i placed 5/3/2020? In the confirmation email it states the Face Masks would be in stock and the order would ship 5/20/2020. Now I'm seeing they're out of stock again until 6/20/2020. Please explain how it was i placed my order almost a month ago, and am now expected to wait another month? This isn't alright, not after the issues with my last order where it took almost that long to get a pair of Sandals. I've attached the confirmation email I received 5/3/2020 and in the screenshot below you will see the Ship Date for all items is 5/20/2020. The only reason I'm posting in the reviews area is because I don't get any correspondence from their CS email."

Kristyna Lukaszewski says

"It blows my mind that Volcom would prioritize memorial weekend traffic over a full price paying brand new customer that purchased items BEFORE memorial weekend, at full price- then to call the new customer over a week after they placed the order to tell them that they can't because they're out of inventory. At this point I find Volcom extremely unprofessional on the business side and most likely won't be buying them going forward. If my son does wear their product he makes them look better and I feel that he should be paid for it."

Julian Rosebury says

"A co.uk website, charging in £‘s. Sent US sized shoes, not uk, without stating on the product page. Refused to take responsibility and said I had to pay for the return to FRANCE. Their customer services claimed fictitiously that it clearly states US sizes, it does not, I took screen shots. Worst case of customer services I have come across in years. FRANCE based pretending to be in the UK. AVOID."

jane stubbs says

"Ordered on their U.K. website not realising they are based in France! This shouldn’t be allowed, it’s very misleading having stuff on .co.uk sites which is coming from outside the U.K. The item sent is not the same as the one pictured. They won’t send me a free return label even though it’s their fault. I’ve got a PayPal case open and even there they are slow to respond. Don’t buy from these guys. They are AWFUL! Their stuff is overpriced, customer service is a joke. Oui enterprise absolument terrible! Stick to U.K. companies and save yourself the agro."

Luke Cripps says

"Shocking company. Ordered flip flops which are too small so went to try and return them and find out they have to be returned to France. Considering the items are only £20 and return cost would be around the £10 mark it’s totally pointless. Shame they don’t make this clear before purchasing"

Hegaro Hegaro says

"I ordered shoes on their co.uk website. On arrival I realised that shoes are too small as their website displays shoes in US sizes but this is not displayed in a clear manner at all and being on a UK site you would expect sizes to be in UK sizing unless told otherwise. So now to receive a refund I need to cover the cost of returning the parcel to FRANCE!!! Thanks for nothing VOLCOM -I will never ever but from this joke of a brand again and I would strongly recommend you avoid them like plague!"

Libs says

"Their website is horrible. I spent hours over the course of multiple days trying to place an order for hundreds of dollars. Then I called their customer service line and although the woman was professional and pleasant she told me that the system is experiencing technical problems and she can’t place the order over the phone. Absolutely ridiculous,"

Sophia says

"Contacted Volcom warranty and customer service early July re. replacement / reimbursement of defective flip flops. Have written and called every 2 weeks since. We are now in November and I have yet to speak to someone."

Ahmed Nazeeh says

"Poor Customer service. So slow shipping. Its been 3 days since I placed an order with them and they have"

Michael says

"Really bad customer service and poor website returns system. There’s no way to speak with anyone by phone at any time of the day, regardless of the time you ring. The returns process on the website is terrible too, you can’t select multiple items to be returned from the order so I now have autorisation to return one item and unable to return three in total. Shocking customer service and shocking website. Do not buy for me these cowboys."

Antony Fillingham says

"The customer service for blazing embers volsom is disgraceful at best. The parts I received were wrong. Unfortunately the items did not come to my attention until after the 30 refund period. So now stuck with £100's worth of flue accessories that are useless to me. The wood burner I received also has the locating holes for the legs drilled in the wrong place. Again Volsom refused to help. My advice is do not go anywhere near this rubbish company"

Sydney Stevenson says

"SHOCKING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! My partner is waiting for a hefty refund and has been since 5th January 2018 but has heard nothing since his return was authorised by Volcom. I have been trying to call their Customer Service department all morning but with no luck. The recorded voice operator just tells me to call back during their opening hours, which is exactly what I am doing! I have sent an email but heard nothing. I have tweeted them and also heard nothing! The opening hours advertised on their website are obviously wrong and so it is very misleading. It also advises completing an online form to submit and yet this online form is nowhere to be found! The amount due to come back to my partner is a large sum of money and so we are both anxious about where his money is and why it is taking so long to return to him. I would not recommend this company to anyone!"

Craig says

"Order disappeared in post (due to UPS) and been trying to get email responses from them to follow this up... Almost 3 weeks after order date now and still no word on where my package is or my money back! Told it'd take up to 8 days. Its now 8 days and still can't get in touch with thwm for a reasonable answer... Also - if you Tey to phone their CS line you get an automated message telling you their opening times and then hangs up on you (09.00-13.00 + 14.00-18.00) - REGARDLESS OF WHAT TIME YOU PHONE!"