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Vodafone Group plc is a British multinational telecommunications company. Its registered office is located in Newbury, Berkshire, England and its global headquarters is based in London, England. It predominantly operates services in the regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania.

An angry customer mentioned, "IT problem with Vodafone. I got a 12 months contract with Vodafone sim business and got problems to login my account. It kept going to my old account which I cancelled over a year ago. I called customer services 3 times, they kept trying to get me off the phone by saying I would received new confirmation within 48 hours, and every time I tried to log in , it went to the same old account. I finally called 4th time, and the agent tried to get me off the hook by saying I would receive an email, but this time I said I would make formal complaint if they wouldn't resolve issue. I was on the phone over an hour. Finally, I manage to convince the agent it was IT issue she needed to speak to them. She did and resolved. So it is the problem with the IT at Vodafone all this time. Its wasting quite a lot of time to resolve it if their customer services was trying to resolve it at first place rather than passing the ball to next agent. Such attitude is not really acceptable in this 21st century."


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Sales executive (Former Employee) says

"Always so much pressure from higher position employees for new connections and no secure for the salary and no care about the person who work for all the day and night ..."

IT Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Pessimo tutto. Ambiente stra-competitivo ed arrivista, colpi bassi e ripicche tra colleghi dello stesso ufficio, sorrisini e convenevoli di facciata.Orario lavorativo ben oltre le 8 ore canoniche, spesso causato da perdite di tempo sistematiche piuttosto che da reale necessità.Metodologie di lavoro Agile e con stand up meeting quotidiani che fanno solo perdere tempo e sprecare della carta....Si credono di essere il Padre eterno sceso in terra, ma sono dei poverelli ben vestiti. mensa interna, cell aziendaletutto il resto"

commessa addetta alle vendite (Current Employee) says

"Sede gestita da privati, contratti non conformi è stipendi non pagati o pagati con ritardo. Sconsiglio assolutamenteStipendio"

Sales Advisor (Current Employee) says

"If your considering joining that absolute clown show of a company make sure it’s NOT a franchise, they are lawless bullies especially in a certain store in the North east area.. Mental health.. Sacked Problems at home.. Sacked Don’t agree with something.. Sacked Face doesn’t fit.. Sacked Do not subject yourself to the tour her!!DiscountFranchise bullies"

Sales agent (Former Employee) says

"Highly stressful, unachievable sales targets,higher Management and owners do not care about their staff. Wages is rubbish, commission structure is a joke . Training is non existent. Fear tactics toward elderly customers to encourage them to sign into a bill pay contractNever finish later than 6pmUnderpaid, Stressful environment. No support from management. Dealing with clueless, ignorant customers, the wages paid for the job you have to do is laughable"

Internship (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente machista, deje mi puesto ya que mi jefe era muy insinuador."

müşteri temsilcisi (Former Employee) says

"vodafone himet sunan tempo şirketinde çalışmaktaydım. 2020 nnisan ayına ait maaşım haddinden fazla eksik yatırldı. konuyla ilgili binlerce kez düzeltme talep etmeme rağmen hiç kimse yardımcı olmadı. verdiğim emeğin hiç bir karşılığını alamadım. emek hırsızlığı ve hak gaspından başka bir şey yapılmamakta."

Telecommunications customer consultant officer level 1 (Former Employee) says

"manager only cares about himself and his money, not employees nor customers. no roster and 2hrs warning before shifts, and underpaid per award. awful business."

Staff Assistant (Former Employee) says

"bully environment, they get you to miss sell items and contracts to the customers which they do not need only care about sales, if your a young lass dont even bother working here they will make you clean the toilets and their dishes hoover up your literally their house maid then complain when you dont get the sales because your taken off shop floor. Disgusting name calling by other staff members only been there 3 months and they think its okay to put someone down due to appearance. Management will talk horrible things about you and tell other employees not to speak to you whilst they are in groups discussing things not work related . Tried to stand up for myself about the bullying got sacked ! NOTHING IS PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL! your made to do alot of work and left alone most times. If you do work here make sure you know what your doing so you dont need to ask help otherwise they will talk down on you and make you feel like an idiot very patronising and highschool like atmosphere! If scored low on mystery shop the management will make you feel isolated from the team and blame everything on you would not even recommend working here its soul draining!Non bully management, rip old people off, Miss sell contacts and sack you if you dont do itSuch a horrible place to work, they dont believe in mental health or your well being they said its made up"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Archaic sales practice from the owners, openly criticised staff in front of everyone pressured selling and pressure on staff embarrassed staff in public on daily basis, aggressive management style not a good compromise work for!!"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"It is a horrible place to work for. There is no meritocracy or justice inside. People who deserve to be fired don't get fired because there's always someone covering their bums and, as they do not work at all, or they don't do it the way they should, you get to work x10 what you should do. If you're a manager, even worse: there is no support to management whatsoever from the company, you've just got to work like a dog and shut up, otherwise, you'll be blamed of "finding excuses" when you are actually raising real problems that need immediate attention. DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF. THEY WILL DRIVE YOU INSANE.Noneextreme high stress levels, no meritocracy, no justice, no respect for rules, no respect for employees, I could talk for hours..."

Kundenberater (Former Employee) says

"Alleine beim Arbeitsvertrag hätte ich schon erahnen müssen was das für ein Verein ist.Kurz um bei nicht erreichen der ziele gibt es Mindestlohn. Überstunden werden weder aufgenommen noch vergütet. Urlaub gibt's eigentlich auch nicht. Und krank werden darf man auch nicht."

Store specialist (Former Employee) says

"Ti illudono di contratti continuativi ma poi ti lasciano a casa all'improvviso . Dai il massimo per ricevere niente. Nessuna formazione peraltro"

Technical Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company. Worked there for over a year and they struggled to get 1 pay right. Always fighting with payroll to get money owed to me. Managers coming in with no trainjng and learning on the job. Yeah, thats cool, until advisors like us need help, go ask the manager who doesnt know and asks another advisor. Wastes so much time. No fair rights for disability or LGBT either so expect to be treated differentlyGoing home at end of shift99% of vodafone"

RRHH (Former Employee) says

"Cuando yo estaba trabajando en Vodafone el ambiente de trabajo era joven y dinamico."

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"muy negativa aparte de los engaños que hay que son bastante"

Promoter (Former Employee) says

"Lavoro stressante, pretendono di vendere contratti da subito, personale (team) scorbutico, sfruttamento e basta, non lo consiglio a nessuno, specialmente come promoter in stand etc. Fidatevi, 2 gg e ho mollato."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"La gestión de la dirección es lamentable, con bandazos continuos, sin dirección clara. Su única solución es reducir la masa salarial cada dos años con un ERE. Los productos no son competitivos ni hay una estrategia definida. Es muy probable que Vodafone España termine quebrando en breve."

customer service and complaints case manager (Former Employee) says

"company was ok to work for shifts were ok team leaders could have interacted more with the team........................................................"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you want to progress don’t work in Vodafone , no room for progression unless you’re in a click and prepared to lick up to management and be false with the rest of managers Wasted my time working there , a lot of talk of perks and progression at start but all empty talk Great place to work if you want to work for peanuts with no thanks from management"

Matt Maurice says

"I've been with Vodafone for around 17 years, consistent overcharging and hidden costs."

Levi Allen says

"Wouldn't not look at my phone when it was under warranty because I didn't have insurance , no damage to the phone just a software issue , I had to go buy a cheap phone because the wanted £300 to fix the phone before even checking what was wrong with it , now I am sim only paying for a phone that is no good , and now they have increased my bill and said that's the best option for me , absolute crooks , would never recommend or use vodafone again , customer services was of no use just kept sending me links to there website or forcing me to pay £400 to upgrade my contract early , no wonder your rating is so shocking just as bad as BT"

Simone Gasbarroni says

"useless like a rock"

JennyT says

"Customer service agents will say anything to fob you off. I've been waiting for a £100 refund for a year now. Bad customer service and also bad reception. They are happy to flood you with marketing emails to buy more bad products but not happy to help resolve any issues as long as you pay them"

Rebecca Rogers says

"Just like someone else my nhs discount was not applied after upgrading my phones in store. I showed I.d at the time and constantly chased them for 2 years but never got the discount. I cancelled my contracts in sep 2017, and was told they could see the discount should have been applied and that I was owed £342 and it would be paid in 3-5 days. Never saw a penny so done the chat help in October again told I would be refunded. By early November I got fed up with it and done a formal online complaint that has been under deadlock review, I was offered a £75 goodwill gesture payment. Am not taking their offer instead I have taken it to the ombudsman as Vodafone are a joke! Also to top it off my last bill in September was in credit but I was never told or refunded it. I asked for copies of bills today to and told them that my last bill was in credit and a refund would be coming. This company needs shutting down as they rip you off, promise refunds and discounts then deny all knowledge of it. If you have problems I would complain by email ( details on their site) then raise it with the ombudsman as they will just continue to push their luck!!"

Miguel S Braga says

"I have to alert any traveler who uses a Vodafone phone or card in Roaming to have the most careful. With my Data Usage turn off and under free Wi-Fi at my Hotel in Pattaya (Thailand), I was "charged" with a bill of 1.956,48 Euros in a creative 144MB at 55 minutes, while my Data Usage report in phone shows only circa 5MB. My complaint was refuse at beginning with a single sentence from Vodafone "...the numbers we give are correct...". Then, after complaint to National Communications Authority they ask me to pay "ONLY" 1.000 euros. So, to avoid surprises from these burglars, ask to suspend Data Usage before you leave your country!!"

nicola hall says

"Vodafone (potential) customers BEWARE: Do not allow the salesperson in store to [incorrectly] activate your mobile Wi-Fi device for you. We received an unexpected bill for £756 two weeks after the salesman failed to activate the cap on our device to ensure only 50GB of data was accessible as he (and others) had assured us was the case. Unknowingly we used an additional 30GB of data over two days - hence the £756 extortion costs (yes - 'extortion' is the correct term in this case). Should you find yourself in a similar position - with sales staff making misleading omissions in their sales pitch and follow-up - expect no come-back from Vodafone ( including Nick Jeffery, the Chief Executive). Apparently their 'hands are tied' - something a senior member of Vodafone's own Customer Relations took exception too. We were advised by the latter that the public needs to be aware that Vodafone 'has no systems in place' to put right such wrongs. Your only hope is if you audio record every conversation you have with Vodafone sales staff if they mislead you (not all their staff do) - then you will have the evidence the Ombudsman requires. We are interested in hearing from other Vodafone customers who have had a similar experience as we challenge the profits made from such misleading omissions and sales staff incompetency (whether accidental or for reasons unknown). The latter includes failure to supply the appropriate written information for a device's usage at the point of sale. Please share your experiences to help prevent others falling prey to Vodafone's misleading practices."

Joe Schmo says

"BT are the quagmire swamp of the fixed-line and broadband world. Vodafone are BT's equivalent in mobile. I've experienced no end of lying sales reps. And the customer service. Well, perhaps I should rephrase that.... WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE ? Its non-existent. Avoid Vodafone at all costs !"

Craig Jarvis says

"Over charged by about £450. I called customer services to complain as I had not used this much data usage to incur such a bill, and in the first instance they assured me that something could be done to reduce the bill. Come the end of the month I find nothing was done to reduce the bill!! I called them again and was met with an entirely different response. They were rude and exclaimed that there was nothing I could do, everything was my fault apparently. I rang and rang repeatedly to fight it and it came to no satisfactory conclusion. I then followed directions to make a formal complaint after a year. They exclaimed I was not over charged by £450 but in fact "just £400" which is wrong, and the best they could do was a meager 10% refund of £50. I consider it a joke at an attempt to settle a complaint."

AR says

"Vodaphone should be investigated for scamming customers I got billed a £100 for Internet that I had supposedly used while all my Internet usage was at home with virgin media wifi which is one of the best in uk when I complained vodaphone claimed that in the small print on contract it stated if using wifi you should turn of data on your mobile, something so absurd I've never heard of it ended up cancelling contract they never asked me to stay and I was happy I was away from a company who doesn't care about its customers. Vodaphone is a company that will give you terrible service and rip you off in process be careful go for a network that cares about getting custom."

Rob Sharman says

"Went with Vodafone originally as they had the best deal and tariff, especially as the wife and I got an NHS discount. Having visited the shop in clacton we were told that Vodafone had just won a home office/military contract and as such the coverage in the U.K. would be in the late 90% + coverage of the country...... Staff were fine but unfortunately that's where anything positive about Vodafone stopped. We never got billed correctly for 9 - 12 months .. overcharged, discounts not applied etc etc. Constantly on the phone to customer services which is absolutely painful if you've ever had the displeasure of contacting them. Rarely do you get an assistant that you can understand and after many hours spent sorting out the bill and vodafone 'resolving' it ... only for it to happen again the following month. The network coverage was average at best, even after several months, nothing changed, the coverage did not improve in the area I lived and visited. The story I was told about all the new masts and coverage was either a complete lie or massively over exaggerated. I think we had a calm period for a few months but then comes trying to leave them.... after two years we couldn't wait to leave and I gave the full notice period.. asked for a PAC code (that was my biggest mistake). I got the code, cancelled my contract (October 2016) but in the end, my new number was a good one so I kept it.. didn't use the PAC code. Noticed that I got a £40.80 bill in November for a phone that i cancelled a month ago? Strange as my bill was normally £34.70..... phoned them up, went through the pain of customer services again and they agreed that vodafone had made a mistake and offered a full refund. We made sure they knew the PAC code wasn't used and that the account was CANCELLED. The call ended positive, refund en-route and contract confirmed as cancelled, but we never saw the refund?!! December went and passed without issue but then January came and another £40.80 went out? Again my bill 'WAS' £34.70 so they failed to add the discount again even when over charging me! On 9th January 2017, called customer services again... spoke to a lady who had a very strong accent and she put me through to a department (couldn't understand which one, but is was the obvious 'end of the line' I'm just going to talk over you and disagree with everything you explain to me department). Both the wife and I tried to explain our dilemma and over charges etc, only to be told that we should never have been offered a refund as that was 'illegal' . . (Not that we got it) and that we should have called Vodafone 30 days after not using the PAC code to cancel the contract? Albeit we cancelled the contract in October, again in November .. didn't get charged in December but got charged in January for a contract that ended in October and wasn't used (no activity on the account of course). The lady 'Nora' who dealt with us was single handedly the most obstructive, unhelpful, belligerent and ignorant individual I've had the displeasure of speaking too. Failed to listen to us, didn't care, said it was all our fault and we should refer to our terms and conditions! After a 41 minute call, Nora offered us a 'goodwill gesture' of £20!!!! Despite the £81:60 they've taken from us for an account that was cancelled and clearly not being used!! Unbelievable ..... Vodafone has worst customer service of any company that I've used, they're incapable of continuity and deny any wrong doing, they go back on their words and leave you gobsmacked! You have been warned, use them at your own peril! 😡"

Gemmypoos27 says

"Terrible company been with them for years and they used to be really good but the last 2 years they have gone massively downhill. Meant to get really good signal round where I live but don't so asked Vodafone and according to their customer service team they are doing improvements - that's a lot of improvements but still terrible signal. Customer service is ridiculous!! I have two contracts with them and they charge me things on the bill that I don't even remember doing so I speak to them about it and they avoid the question. Put a payment through this time on the internet system, called the helpline 24 hours to see if went through OK as on the Vodafone app says I still hadn't paid the bill and the lady says takes 48 hours for it to come up on our system. 3 weeks later get a email to my partner (it's in my name though) to say we will be cut off if not paid. Why not tell me sooner? Why not email me the account holder? So it's their fault but nope wouldn't admit it. Paid 60% off but wow at least admit it was vodafones fault!! New network when I can upgrade now though!"

Dave Williamson says

"My son has had nearly £400 stolen from his account by Vodafone, they Emailed me promising to pay it back, nothing, call them again, only to be told it never happened, told it was going to be sorted, still nothing. They are liars and thieves, Please Please if you love someone DON'T buy them a phone from Vodafone for Christmas, they are rotten to the core."

Nicole Alex says

"The worst service I have ever received. I was told that it would take 24 hrs to open up my new phone line to which it took 2 weeks of them lying to me every single day with another promise each day. I wasted so much time on the phone speaking to several different people! Terrible service!"

kyle haggis says

"Last year i upgraded my phone and got charged twice for two accounts it took me about 6 weeks of call centres and false promises to get my money back i reluctantly upgraded with them again this year again WHAT a mistake. I upgraded my phone in September (this year) of which i added the vodafone advantage scheme on to it. I received a conformation email and thought nothing of it. First bill came out in october charged me full wack. Called vodafone on a couple of occasions said whats going on got told twice the money would show in credit online/my vodafone. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN also my VAS discount still didnt get applied. I called a 3rd time nearly 2 sundays a go spoke to a chap who said for the inconvenience he would credit my account a further £79 for the inconvenience. What a surprise 1 week and 3 phone calls later still nothing and when i brought it up no notes had been left and was told a voice recording of this would take place to see if i was telling the truth. Today my bill came out for £65. broken down this was £69 for by current line and somehow £10 for another line I cancelled in september and still got charged for it today. this was then brought down by the £13 i was overcharged for last month. Why is my VAS discount still not added ? ( the gentleman i spoke to today has told me to re apply for this again I WILL NOT THIS IS A JOKE!!! Why have i been charged for a line i cancelled over 2 months ago ? Why did money come out my account when i am £79 credited on my account. Looking on trust pilot its a long list of bad reviews none of which have been replied to or any of which look like they care to rectify i will certainly not be upgrading next year. No longevity or care for such simple tasks."

Jelena Pats says

"The worst service I've ever got. I have been trying to open a new line for the past 2 weeks. I have been promised the line to be up and running within 24h for the serval time but nothing has happened. I spent several hours on the phone and in their branch but could not get anywhere. Worst provider ever!"

Sean Symes says

"I cancelled my contract of 2 phones with Vodafone as they are far to difficult to contact and the coverage had been poor. I cancelled both phones, requested the puk numbers ect and closed all up. So I thought. Sorted new supplier and inserted sim cards but was advised then the phones blocked. Call up Vodafone, as usual around 30 minutes to get through and the person says sorry they did not know I was closing the account??? I had been given puk codes to move number... They state will unblock for me in 6-10 days! I stated at least 3 times on call that they must unblock both phones and numbers. I was advised yes sir. 5 days later only 1 phone unlocks. I again have to call the dismal customer service and endure their call centre in south Africa somewhere and the staff are really weak at communicating. (I am South African). I was hung up on, asked who produces the iphone..... Now 15 days later the 2nd phone is still locked and they are utterly uninterested in helping. I can without fear state that this is by far the most appalling company I have ever in my 42 years of life had to deal with. I am pained that I had to give 1 star."

Alistair Reed says

"Charged me when I wanted to end my contract plus unhelpful customer service on the webchat forum. DO NOT SIGN CONTACT WITH VODAFONE THEY ARE A WASTE OF MONEY LET ALONE SPACE!"