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Naltrexone, sold under the brand names ReVia and Vivitrol among others, is a medication primarily used to manage alcohol or opioid dependence. An opioid-dependent person should not receive naltrexone before detoxification. It is taken by mouth or by injection into a muscle. The effects begin within 30 minutes. A decreased desire for opioids, though, may take a few weeks.

A patient shares her dreadful experience on, "I got a Vivitrol shot after coming off subs and within 3 hours I was sick as a dog. I foolishly took a half of a sub thinking it would stop the detox only for it to make it worse. The doctor gave me some bullshit meds for nausea and said "don't do that again" I've been sick in bed for 4 whole days. I'm never doing this shot again. I begged them to reverse it but they can't. Here's to an awful month."


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