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Visa Inc. ( or ) (also known as Visa, stylized as VISA) is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Foster City, California, United States. It facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world, most commonly through Visa-branded credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards.

A former review said this in a review: "It's all about politics at Visa. Very toxic team competition. Management only care about covering up their rears clean so they wont end up in trouble. My advice to anyone, stay away."


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Former Employee - Payroll Analyst says

"Horrible management Not about the people"

Former Employee - Senior Director says

"Poor work environment with bad leadership (nobody wants to change rather just the bare minimum to keep their high paying exec jobs), toxic culture (people will back stab one another to get ahead and this behavior is rewarded as long as you're part of the "Visa cult"), way too much bureaucracy/red tape (significant compliance processes that creates mind numbing work for smart people who want to innovate), title inflation - titles look good on paper but over over-inflated wrt scope of responsibilites and pay (2nd worst only to banks) - comparable titles in Industry - Director (Visa) = Manager (Industry), Senior Director (Visa) = Senior Manager (Industry), Vice President (Visa) = Director (Industry), Senior Vice President (Visa) = Senior Director/entry level Vice President (Industry)"

Current Employee - Technical Account Manager In CyberSource Customer Support says

"No emphasis on career growth - you can be in the same role for years and management will continue to be vague on the path to jumping a grade level even if your performance has been outstanding multiple years in a row. No change or reaction from management when employees state that their workload is unmanageable and their overall well being is being impacted. Management is almost entirely male-run and promotions tend to be prioritized for those that are friends with managers versus those who are delivering results for the company. Organization seems to never have funding for promotions - these are promised with no action months and years later"

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"Toxic managers, politics. No talent management and career development. I witnessed a manager bullied a subordinate in the office. Some managers are so incompetent that work as an administrator. A bad place for career development."

Former Employee - Senior Director says

"Everything else. - Farthest thing from a tech company, all senior leaders are from banks, a very pass aggressive behavior, SVPs cussing out employees underneath, while managing up to Executive leaders. - It's not about what you do, its more about who you know and how you make them "look" to senior leadership. just political jockeying - culture is toxic, leaders speak out of both sides of their mouths, processes are horrible for the actual employees doing the work but leaders don't genuinely care, its all lip service. case in point why are leaders trying to improve the same processes year over year and there's no real change. - employee reviews are predominately based on how others view you, not by accomplishments, just opinions with no real facts behind it. - lack of communication at levels below the executive leaders, resulting in mismanagement of resources, direction and speed of business"

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"- As a software developer, you would barely do any software development at VISA, rather you would be doing Testing and filling up excel sheets. - You get hired as a Software Developer, but, work as a Tester because they don't have any testing resources. - Very boring and frustrating work"

Former Employee - Senior Director says

"Corporate politics, extreme bureaucracy, sad people pretending not being miserable, poor management."

Former Employee - Senior Staff Software Engineer says

"1. Unqualified Managers: Many managers are unqualified compared to my previous 20-year work experience at IBM, HP, etc. 2. Low-skilled engineers: In Visa there are many very low-skilled senior engineers. They does not basic software development skills, but they still get good review and promoted. 3. Lack of diversity: Too many engineers from India, probably 70-80%. Some teams are pure Indian engineers, even it's in Austin. Indian hires Indian, Indian promotes Indian. 4. Unfair Review: Review is more on politics instead of real skills and contributions. Visa does not a proper way to let employees appeal for unfair review. If you are young and want to develop your software career, please avoid it."

HR (Former Employee) says

"HR and some management need to be replaced. Not ran like a business. If you are not part of their circle you will be targeted. HR falsifies personnel records.HR and Payroll"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"a lot politics. very toxic team competition. management only care about covering up their rears clean so they wont end up in trouble. my advice to anyone, stay away..."

Senior Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The juice is not worth the squeeze. They can't pay you enough to make up for the poison that a moronic layer of middle management forces down your gullet every day."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"They did not give anyone enough time in advance to find a new job. Not the best place to work and grow within the company. The support team is okay but could be more professional."

Archives Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Poor management with zero employee benefits policy. pay employee less salary long working hours (12-15 hours per day) Professional competency of management zero"

Call Center CSR (Former Employee) says

"They presented the job as being different from other "call centers" however it is not. They lead you to believe you will get "benefits" for your hard work however it is the same old matrix as other call depends on favoritism, and opinions. I loved assisting the people who called in and felt very appreciated however not by my manager. She seem to be very insecure, and IF you should excel you will not be appreciated but criticized. I was appreciated by the trainers, other staff members, and the evening manager but not my manager. I created a training manual which she tried to take credit for. The only reason I would suggest this company is because of the evening manager, they have great benefits, and some people like "call centers". Because of my experiences, I refuse to work at a call center again."

MVS Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Bad place to work. Bad management. Unfair bonuses if at all. No upward mobility. They hire an H1b contractors for full time position over an equally qualified American.Flexible hoursBad, inexperienced managers. Too much red tape."

Lead Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Being kept in a big box with no escape then you have to find another job which is hard because you can't ever leave . Guards make you feel like a criminal .Do yourself a favor and pass on this work in this environment"

Help Desk Support Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Talk about having someone micromanage you and your every move. It was terrible. You couldn't go and do your job because you were chained to your desk in meetings."

MVS Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"In my department, I was lied to repeatedly by numerous employees and managers. I would not suggest anyone ever work there. Not a good experience for me."

Senior Customer Success Manager (Former Employee) says

"Job not applicable to review. Cybersource division not a true representation of Visa corporation as a whole. Inexperienced management that shares inappropriate information and partakes in conversations with employees about confidential information with other colleagues."

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are young, energetic, excited, and looking to grow, do not work at Visa. Creativity and innovation do not reside there. Use extreme caution. Time is wasted on jargon and hackneyed POCs and POVs"

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Not a good environment to work, at least the dept I was in - thank goodness it was only a contract role. Don't have a lot of options when your a contractor there, can't use the gym, can't use a lot of their processes to do work.Luxury Bus for transportation for employeesto much to list"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"i was contractor and i did overtime when ever they offered it. They alway need our help with overtime. They fired a group of us after their call volume got back to normal. We were not given an signs. the used us and told us we would go perm really soon."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The job was very stressful and hectic. Managers did not offer and positive reinforcement as an incentive to inspire hard work. Abundant favoritism shown to certain people."

Global Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Not good, strict, not flexible, unyielding company, modern indentured servants at this company................................................."


"Lots of improvement with Management needs to happen here other than that the staff and people are great to work with in the control and badging department"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work is to answer calls that come back to back. No time to breathe and no time to regroup without being penalized. Training is short and handled by a team that is not product knowledgeable. Being bilingual is not reinforced for the Spanish speaking representatives nor management. This place is good for the younger inexperienced person who wants to have Visa on his or hers resume. Overall, not enough balance, nor incentives, one has to fight for it all, and results are based on unrealistic criteria. Visa keep its employees on a very tight schedule to ensure a sense of urgency while taking calls. Not the best place to gain any type of respect from management, a lot of favoritism and very bad management. Apply at your own riskGreat ACshort breaks, bad pay, favoritism, uneducated staff, and confused management"

Global project coordination, manager (Former Employee) says

"Provided support to customers after hours and on weekends. Resolved problems efficiently and professionally by applying knowledge of software, applications, and hardwarenothinghearthcare"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Stay away from Visa. It is a big bureaucratic machine that will kill any creativity that you might have. I suspect that within 5 years, or so it will be an irrelevant 'also-run', not a leader as it's been for too long.nice views from some offices and conference roomseverything else"

Dan says

"Verified by visa is the worst application I know of."

robert morris says

"Although my FICO credit score was 822, and my payment record perfect, Visa reduced my credit limit from $30,000 to $1,000. With a yearly fee of $140 for my United Visa card, that’s just plain stupid. I canceled the card. Mastercard, American Express and Discover treat me well and provide much better service."

Robert says

"This is my 3rd unsuccessful attempt to contact Visa regarding an unlawful merchant charge. I have been holding on the Visa dispute line for 1 hour and 23 minutes.I can't spend my entire day in attempts to reach Visa.

AmEx and Mastercard are truly service oriented-but definitely not Visa."

Joris says

"I never receive my SMS confirmation for "Verified by Visa", contacted the company but no feedback except quick fixes. In a world where you can pay easily with your phone I think companies that don't care about their clients should disappear..."

Geo Johansen says

"VISA have now started to scam innocent people if they pay their gasolin with their VISACARD!!"

Fernando says

"It is a total shame that VISA treats all WaveCrest/Mychoice clients as criminals. I have to remind VISA that to get my card I had to send my passport and a proof of residency, I am European, from Spain, and the way in which VISA has acted indiscriminately invalidating all WaveCrest/Mychoice cards (Bitwala in my case) seems totally abusive, inappropriate, disproportionate and absolutely unprofessional. I am convinced that all those affected we should sue VISA for this negligent treatment and never hire again their services."

Iam says

"Allowed GoDaddy to rip me off.
Visa doesn't care what the circumstances are regarding erroneous charges and or other problems if you are the consumer.
They stand behind the shield that the merchant did nothing in their sequence of authorizing the charges. When in fact they fraudulently took the money, denied me the product & services and then close my account."

Ian Olsen says

"I wish I could have another card. The membership benefits and the security features could be also better as mastercard has"

Tommy says

"don't EVER type your credit card details in online shops. Most often you can get your money back, but it is really complicated. VISA is practical for shopping in town though :)"

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