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Virgin Mobile is a wireless communications brand used by seven independent brand-licensees worldwide. Virgin Mobile branded wireless communications services are available in Colombia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Chile, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, South Africa, and Mexico. Virgin Mobile branded services used to be offered in Australia, France, Singapore, India and Qatar.

An upset customer mentioned, "I have Virgin for my home internet, I relocated and would like to transfer my home internet to new place. I am working from home and it is very essential to have it on time, that is why I called two weeks before my movement and set an appointment. They did not come to my place, I called again to ask for the reason they made another appointment for next day but the same. I took too much time to call virgin for several times but no specific answer. Two guys told me they would call me back and they did not. Once she said there is no internet service in my new area, although my friend living at the same apartment and holding virgin home internet. That is ridiculous."


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SALES REPERSENATIVE (Former Employee) says

"The company was hardly busy l. The location it was not that visible to customers. Some of the phone would not work properly. The area was not a safe place at all in the night"

Gestor de ventas full time (Former Employee) says

"un lugar de trabajo adecuado, un ambiente laboral relajado, tranquilo con posibilidades para aumentar conocimientos pero no, como para hacer una carrera."

vendedor (Former Employee) says

"Mala administracion y te hacen firmar un contrato haciendote creer que ya estas dentro de la empresa. Al final si no pasas la evaluacion te dan una tarjeta de nomina que ni sirve. Cons: Te hacen creer que ya te contrataron"

Forensics Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Hardest part of the job was to stay positive as poor management lead to company closing down. Cons: too many to mention"

Chargée de relations clientèle (Former Employee) says

"pas de salaire minimum, aucun management pas d'heures de travail fixe, aucune remuneration fixe beaucoup de blabla mais tres peu de posssibilité d'evolution"

Direct Marketing Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worked under budget mobile. First I was initially told I was going to make hourly plus commission. First couple of days in and finally was told by a coworker it was strictly commission based. I worked 10+ hours a day sometimes. Never got a paycheck. Cons: Terrible management, never got paid."

Inbound Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I'm not happy with my job experience they are terminating people without listenig to explanation. Not satisfied especially with the management. I think I was not able to get my backpay."

selling airtimes and sim cards (Former Employee) says

"It was good selling airtimes and sim cards and do sim card porting. Helping to open accounts for Edcon customers. It was also helping me with business ideas and marketing skill. Cons: long hours"

Customer service consultant (Former Employee) says

"always handling over billed queries Cons: long hours"

Executive Assistant VP of Operations (Former Employee) says

"Toxic work environment; worked for a raging alcoholic who cussed out people daily. Everyone was afraid of him and upper management protected him. I left after 4 mos of witnessing and eventually experience verbally violent abuse. Very toxic environment."

'Rock Promotor' (Former Employee) says

"El trabajo dentro de la empresa estaba bien, lo malo era que como eramos parte de otros departamentos teniamos que tratar con diversos jefes de area que en algunas ocaciones pensabn que eramos parte de su equipo peor no era asi"

asesora de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Cumplir con las metas y el tope de ventas por mes Cons: Q acosaban demasiado por las ventas"

Call Center Technician (Former Employee) says

"It was a joke to work there and I as of now are seeing why people dont use them Cons: everything"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Our work consisted of taking incoming calls and assisting each member with personal information regarding their cell phone accounts. During my time with Virgin Mobile I learned about how to store personal information on their systems so that the members would not have a security breach. There were so many of us that worked for this company and with the high call volumes I did not have the time to build relationships with my co-workers. Management was not informative of any new products or plans that were now available to our members. The hardest part of working with this company was that they were very impersonal and there was a lack of communication throughout the company. Cons: had to find a desk to work at everyday, there was no assigned seating, management was not communcative"

Promotor cambaceo (Former Employee) says

"Dar numeros solo por darlos me parece incorrecto. el como se deben de dar esos numeros es lo que realmente importa ya que por este motivo se pueden maquillar cifras malas y no se puede rastrear el motivo real de las portabilidades y tampoco se puede ver realmente quien esta vendiendo correctamente cada chip. Cons: Pagos incorrectos en base a activaciones reales"

accounting manager (Former Employee) says

"the company was funded by Richard Branson but he never managed it, there was no sturtuctured policy to support the operation and employees' career growth, The operation was changed hand to Sprint then was Sprint was acquired by softbank...not sure if people can see their future there. Cons: there is not structured coporate polcy, management was very mutipulative and a lot of politics"

call center agent (Current Employee) says

"working shifts, learned to communicate with all kind of customers, no hardest part of the job but the enjoyable one its assisting customers and resolving the issues Cons: shifts"

LIDER DE VENTAS (Former Employee) says

"Mal trato al personal por parte de la dirección de ventas."

Area Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Managing sales team and retail stores. Cons: Extensive travel"

Promotor de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Creo que administrativamente hablando no fue buena experiencia, para conocer perfiles de clientes me servio bastante"

Phoebe Baker says

"I phoned up today hoping to be offered a better deal, rather than moving to one of the competitors. I was on the phone for a total of 2hrs and 45 minutes and left the phone call feeling very frustrated and angry by my overall experience. The second person I was put through to in the Retention department, what I can only assume, accidentally forwarded me to the Faults department rather than searching for a better deal for me. This meant I was on hold for a further hour, just to be put back through to the department I was originally speaking to. After nearly 2 hours on hold I was then hung up on. Very unprofessional"

anthony buckenham says

"Still waiting for V/M to fix transmission mast, had all the Virgin crap as all the rest of you complainants, bigger than the Oxford dictionary may i say, that company is making me feel more p$$d-off than the Covid-19 virus, at least with the virus you know you may or may not survive, with virgin your $$$kin head is screwed-up, anyway, Trustpilot is a fantastic platform for airing your views ect, but issues still persist, we the consumer need some organisation with the Umf to bear down on these money grabbing/bad service providers to get their act together, if not they should be fined or loos their business."

Adam Kowal says

"I'm 2 year in virgin wanted to upgrade… I'm 2 year in virgin wanted to upgrade from 45gb to unlimited have 2 of those deals plus had broadband for 1.5year... here is a catch they won't give me unlimited internet as I don't have broadband (I resign due to being away in summer and due to planned moving out at some point) I had it for over a year and a half(paid 60 pound for internet only) and this is how they treat they own customers... Also I spend 7 hours on virgin chat to get to know that... Avoid it..."

Jeanette says

"I have been with Virgin for a few years and their customer service is the worst I have ever experiences (and that includes Ryanair!!). Several times I have been put on hold for 100 min only to be cut off when their system decides that that is the maximum wait time. I then tried to use their webchat. No one got back to be for 18 hours and because I did not answer within a few minutes they cut off the chat. I tried it several more times and on one occasion I got through to a person. I had picked that I needed to speak to someone regarding broadband, but the person I got through to could only deal with broadband AND another service request, not broadband only, so they put me in a chat queue to another department.... that answered when I was away from the computer and thus cut me off EVEN THOUGH I had put in the comment all my details and what I needed help with. Every 18 months when my contract ends and I have to contact them I get angrier than I have been since I last contacted them. I really should leave BUT THEY MAKE IT SO BLOODY HARD TO GET HOLD OF THEM! Never sign up. Ever. Sometimes when I deal with them I wonder if I died without noticing and went to hell."

Zia Syed says

"So many days in last 10 months where there is no internet for few hours but we at Northolt and Greenford neighbourhood have no internet since 10 am 20 Jan 2021 and service status says it will be fixed tomorrow and they saying this since 20 Jan 21 that it will be fixed same day but keep changing the time almost 3 times a day. Not sure it will be fixed after 3 days without internet where I have to work, my wife is school teacher and she has to take online classes and my 3 kids has to attend online classes too. Tried to contact customer services so many times but no luck, such a pathetic service, unfortunately cant leave in the middle of contract but can't wait to change once my contract finished (Customer No 645133703). #bbc #londonstandard #lbc #mirror #sun #guardian #telegraph"

Visar B Bekteshi says

"Smart well handled deal would only brake you to your knees. But as soon as you prepare yourself for something extravagant you tell the rest that which hurts the most. But how come!!!?"

traffalger111 says


Petros Nicou says

"One star because you just about connect to internet,,speed you pay for ,,never arives,and cant be fixed"

Gill Farrington says

"Worst company ever . My WiFi went down at the end of September& was still not back by November I phoned every day sometimes 3 times but never got further than the automated service On 13 Nov I phoned & cancelled my contract of 29years women very rude and since then I have had letters emails calls and they say I owe them £310 till end feb even though I was up to date when I cancelled as I paid tried numerous times to call since but they are not taking calls now as they are busy - busy trying to con people out of money. If you cancel do it in writing send it Signed for & keep a copy This has been going in since November & written complaints & emails get me no further AVOID"

ashley ward says

"Shambles - the app states delivery of sim to you but AFTER you’ve paid it then states only for UAE residents so you have to go to store. It states bring ID. Nowhere does it state original passport required. I took my driving license and copy of passport on the phone but the rude assistant stated you must have the original passport. Now spent more on Ubers to and from the store than the price of the one month SIM package. We chat is a complete joke - generic copy and pasted answers such as your complaint may take a number of days to deal with."

Lu Bubb says

"Terrible Customer Service. I was a customer with them for over 6 years (on 2 separate occasions). Finished my last contract with them at beginning of Oct 2020 and after them closing my account and promising me a refund of monies I have overpaid, I am still awaiting this despite me contacting them on 4 occasions and the last time being on line with them for 3.5 hours as I no longer have an account and them not having the authorisation to talk to me (because they had closed my account! - double Dutch I know). Apparently since the beginning of December my cheque is in the middle of being processed! How long does a cheque take to process? I certainly will not be returning to Virgin or recommending them to anyone."

Customersimon says

"DO NOT JOIN VIRGIN Virgin are still not doing the right thing and paying my considerable expenses, incurred as a direct result of their appalling customer service. They failed to answer a single point in any of my letters. Trust pilot only allow me to give one star when I do not want to give any stars to Virgin. Still no reply or acknowledgment from them. Am I surprised? No, not at all. I urge you not to use them."

Ian Gregory says

"Been with virgin myself for around 15years and never had any problems. Got a contract for my wife, parents and family. My father recently had problems and I couldn't get to him as he was locked down in a care home due to covid. I had no success sorting it out for him so moved to another network. My wife has recently been charged on numerous occasions for texts to Russia and Kazakhstan which she didn't do. I had no success dealing with the problem or get the false charges reemberesed. There was no recognised number just 000789. I asked them to contact the number and tell me who the dickens they were. No joy. Now I don't trust them anymore. Avoid. Try another mobile network as sadly they have gone down hill recently."

Philip Cockcroft says

"Virgin don’t understand customer service I used to run the business from home and had virgin business. This was flawed but gave a backup service the compensated. I stopped running a business from home and move to another tariff which is supposed to give me 350 MB. It is rubbish I’ve tried to contact and get some backup service through telephone numbers, each time got people who couldn’t speak English properly, and certainly didn’t understand consumer law. The waiting times for the first call was about 15 minutes and for the second call was about 30 minutes. But of course , having started a contract unless I take them to court and the consumer law “not suitable for the purpose“ then I’m stuck with them. They use the excuse of Covid and difficulty with staff, but I feel this is just palming us off. So frustrating. Look for other alternatives before going with virgin"

Elo says

"Atrocious customer service. They messed up their latest SIM swap 3 times, sending the new SIM card to the wrong address as they failed to update my record - which is probably a breach of their obligations under GDPR. Then they failed to investigate my complaint about it. Then they threatened to disconnect my PAYE due to the SIM card allegedly expiring while I was abroad, in lockdown and looking after a sick elderly relative. They knew about this as I contacted their customer service to ask them to not arbitrarily disconnect the SIM. They promised a call back twice but their customer service is an utter shambles so I never got a call back and they disconnected my phone while fully aware this was my only means of contact for emergency services. I raised the matter with Ofcom. I do not think this company cares about their legal obligations with regards to universal service provision. I cannot understand why they are still allowed to trade."

Tomas Hancock says

"Very bad so I changed to bt"

Mehul Brahmbhatt says

"Don’t deserve a single star. I am absolutely shocked with ridiculous customer service. Hold, you have to speak to the customer service to experience but in my case I have been trying get in touch with this clown 🤡 for over 5 days. Spent 11 hours over five days on phone just to speak to someone but after every 1hr 4min their dumb a*** system disconnect the phone. Tried their live chat and text message service but they will reply you when ever they feel like it so you will be waiting for hours and hours or may be days to hear from them only if you are lucky. I would not recommend this jokers to my worst enemy. Without fail they take money every month but in return we get crap 💩 service. Their training licence should be revoke. Jokers."


"Virgin Group London H/Q If you have a Virgin related issue / complaint that isn't being resolved, call the people in charge of Virgin and let them know, 0207 313 2000 (Option 0) so something can be done once and for all. Josh Bayliss (CEO) Andrew Swaffield (CCO) Peter Norris (Chairman) will be happy to hear from you. Mon - Fri 9 - 5. Alternatively write to them at The Battleship Bldg, 179 Harrow Rd, London W2 6NB. Virgin Media is owned by Liberty Media and has a 30 year licence to use the Virgin brand name, Richard Branson owns the Virgin Brand name and has shares in Liberty Media. Virgin Atlantic and Holidays is owned by Virgin. If anything is going to get done or improve, people at the top need to know the crap thats happening on the ground, tell them, if their not available, ask to speak with Richard Branson. If your told none are available write to : Richard Branson Richard's House Necker Island The Valley Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands"

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