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Virgin Media is a British telecommunications company that provides telephone, television, and internet services in the United Kingdom. Its headquarters are at Green Park in Reading, England. Since 2013, Virgin Media has been a subsidiary of Liberty Global plc, an international television, and telecommunications company. The company was previously listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market and London Stock Exchange.

Virgin Media has a shocking customer service, they hang up when issues can't be solved, an anonymous client shared a review at

"Truly shocking customer service. From being promised that my contract has been renewed at a discounted rate - only to get billed twice in the renewal month, to customer service agents who hang up when they can't resolve your issue. Even worse I have had two incidents of customer service agents telling me they had applied for a refund, only to get charged the full amount again the following month. If you value your sanity - AVOID."


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Mike Kidson says

"The worst Internet provider available. Utterly shocking Internet speeds. They claim upto 200mbps and you get that around 20% of the time. The rest of the time its slower than 3g. Customer service is also useless."

Current Employee - Technical Lead says

"Someone shouted at me about a project I knew nothing about. It was my third day in the business Senior leadership are awful, rude aggressive and inconsistent. I was threatened with my job for presenting what I was asked to I've been shouted at a lot Expectation to work weekends and evenings for free Lots of micromanaging Very heirarchical, many layers of senior management in very niche roles Lots of JFDIs Lots of politics Very old fashioned ways of working, still using spreadsheets to push work around Took them 5 months to fix a live customer facing incident, after I diagnosed the fault in 3 days."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst job I’ve ever had. You are working all the hours in the day for terrible wages which for me my worst day was started at 7am and got home about 11pm and they expected me back in the morning at 7am.It’s very hard labour very stressful and u get treated like rubbish. They also trap you in with you have to pay for the training if you leave within 12 months which most people do coz they can’t stand it."

Andy says

"Fibre continuously drops out. Dreadful service. Avoid this company"

Current Employee - Disillusioned Junior Manager says

"Having said the above pay rises and bonuses since I joined have been rubbish. I am desperate to leave because of what the place has become in the past 3 years. It is an awful environment with constant pressure and institutionalised incompetence. Senior Management is to blame. They are out of touch with their workforce. While they are trying to improve "engagement" they are doing the wrong things and staff apathy shows in "all hands" calls. Turnover in Senior Management has been high."

In house Tech (Former Employee) says

"Management don’t care your made to do about 20 jobs in a day with most jobs only being allowed 30 mine so you could never do it. You can’t really learn on the job cause who your with is constantly rushing. You have to also do sales and its very much about targets targets targets rather than good customer service. You don’t ever get a lunch because your either catching up or you don't want to run behindFree coffee n teas that’s about it 😂Pretty much everything"

James Penn says

"shocking service. I have been waiting for 5 days to be reconnected after Virgin mistakenly disconnected my service. Each time I've called it has taken 30+ minutes to speak to someone, and then when I do speak to someone no one actually knows what's going on. How can they get away with treating customers like this?"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Working hours Lack of genuine support in or out of work Lack of functioning tools Internal promotions offered based on favour (especially if your family member is in a senior position) or sexual favours and not skill/ability. Sanctions for prioritising dying family members. Sanctions for time off after family members die! Job progression (seccondments) are handed out willy nilly to entice people to perform with no realistic option on progressing in that role. Bit of a mick take there really, called me a manager for 2 years so I would work all the late shift for you. I did try to communicate with virgin shortly after I left but no one was good enough to respond."

Technical Support Executive (Former Employee) says

"Work is relaxed and get monotonous... With time..No growth prosepects..Night shifts with fixed weekliy offs... Social life goes for a toss.. Work life balance missing as its night shift"

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