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Vimeo (/ˈvɪmioʊ/) is a video hosting, sharing, and services platform headquartered in New York City. Vimeo operates on an ad-free basis, and instead derives revenue by providing subscription plans for video content producers and offering software as a service (SaaS) with video creation, editing, and broadcasting tools, enterprise software solutions, as well as the means for video professionals to connect with clients and other professionals. Vimeo focuses on the delivery of high-definition video across a range of devices.

Marquita Angelina mentioned, "Vimeo's customer support sucks it only has canned responses, and I don't think you're ever speaking with a real person via email. Allowing for video editing on line (at least being able to cut videos). Better uploading experience for the end user (don't have any issues with other video hosting providers)."


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Current Employee - Live Video Support Specialist says

"I have been working at Vimeo full-time for more than a year Cons: Low Pay. Low Pay. Low Pay."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Vimeo full-time Cons: Job description did not match actual responsibilities Little to no organizational processes Will give you the perception that this is a dream job, it's not Vision is skewed, company is very reactionary which will not take them far Culture is much more corporate than it appears, people are not willing to help each other succeed"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Vimeo full-time Cons: Vimeo has lost it's way. It started with a too late mobile strategy, and ever since product development has been mostly a game of adding catch up features. This is an organization in disturbing flux that does not know what it wants or how to get there. The emphasis on business metrics has killed off most company spirit. Yes, if you're fresh out of college, you might have fun for a bit, but if you're looking to build a career, consider this a stepping stone to something better."


"I worked at Vimeo Cons: Those same people are pushed down and stifled and usually unable to shine at all, not to mention made to feel taken for granted and basically worthless to their employer at the end of the day. They lack proper resources, yet lay of ~20 people with no notice and a terrible severance package, only to then list some of those exact same roles days later for those now in the weeds to have to see and wonder... just... why? While claiming to understand the need and importance of design they turn around and do almost everything possible to falsify that thought."

Former Employee - Sales Development Representative (SDR) says

"I worked at Vimeo full-time for more than a year Cons: A lot of competition and they are at the bottom"

Former Employee - Live Support says

"I worked at Vimeo full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Departments play favorites for promotions There are company inner circles Very political company. If you dont agree with their political views the day-to-day is uncomfortable"

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I have been working at Vimeo full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Boring and not very transparent"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Vimeo full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Complete and total lack of vision for the company. Higher ups speak of building for a market, but nothing feels like that's the case. Multiple product segments that compete for different markets, but nothing with the core Vimeo product feels cohesive. Everything just feels like whatever way the wind blows or reaction to competitors. Engineering lacks true leadership. Any issue feels like putting out a fire and then shuffling around who is responsible for fixing the "problem". Certain people feel like they're only there in title only. The office feels like chaos as we're overcrowded and lacking any meeting rooms. People with offices are never in them and go to other meetings in different places. Booking a room requires a minimum week notice, if not two weeks of planning in advance. Higher ups claim to understand the pain, yet none of them will surrender their office permanently to open up for more use. Growth and promotion is a total roll of the dice. There's a definite sense of nepotism within the company and you can see when promotions happen. Certain people or organizations see far more promotions than any other. Again, leadership claims to be 'making it right' but their attempts at it feel half hearted and once again put on the people in the lower rungs to solve. Compensation is still not strong enough to compete with the NYC market. They attempt to make up for it with bonuses and stock, but the stock is a joke."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Vimeo full-time Cons: During the period of less than one year that the CEO of IAC was acting CEO of Vimeo, there were two massive rounds of layoffs that were very poorly handled, despite those who cared at Vimeo trying to urge IAC to do the right thing. Individuals and entire teams of people were pushed out with no warning, yet several males (including those in leadership roles) who sexually harassed female employees were given plenty of warning and the opportunity to spin their own story about why they were leaving over the past couple of years. Why is that? It’s become exceedingly clear that IAC doesn’t care about the people who work at Vimeo or the people who use Vimeo, just the bottom line (and they’re not even doing a great job at that). Many, many people sunk up to two or three years into a “business critical” product that was just shut down before ever making it to market. Many executives are so out of touch with the Vimeo user base that they can’t possibly know what the users want."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"I worked at Vimeo full-time for more than 3 years Cons: • no product vision • multiple restructures/reorgs • little room for career growth • spur of the moment mass firings • no product goal communication beyond upper level management"

Volker Foerster says

"Vimeo Screen Recorder (Chrome Plugin) is completely useless. A short clip, not even 2 minutes long, already takes more than 3 hours for "optimizing", but the progress still shows 0%. I had to send a screen recording of an error to a software company to receive immediate help, but I am not able to do it with Vimeo. I lost 3 hours for nothing. Need to find a different tool for screen recording. Vimeo just doesn't work. Not at all."

Stormborn 86 says

"This company doesn’t deserve any star at all. They will steal your money. I signed in for a free 1 month trial period. I canceled my subscription within 10 days, because I know I don’t want to pay for it. Immediately after canceling my subscription, Vimeo sent me messages urging me to update my payment account or my subscription will be canceled, which I never updated. They sent me the same message every week. They keep trying to withdraw from my bank until finally they took almost 400$ in my account."

April Joy Burrow says

"Wish I’d seen the reviews before deciding to use them. Was very expensive but functioned for what I needed, however returning from Pro to Basic subscription has been a nightmare. For one, it’s difficult to find the option to turn off auto renew. Secondly, it’s now telling me I’ll lose ALL my videos by downgrading. They make out that you’re paying your annual fee to have a higher weekly upload limit, but actual it must also be a charge to ensure those videos will be stored too, as by downgrading, anything that I have already paid to upload will now be taken down when my account returns to basic, even though like I said, I PAID to put those videos up there! Absolutely awful, do not recommend and will never use again!"

Marguerite Pawlick says

"I tried several times to cancel a free pro trial with Vimeo and they tried to withdraw the amount from my bank account at the same time as they froze the cancellation page. Fortunately, my bank recognized the fraudulent activity and blocked it. I sent a scathing message to customer service who replied quickly and I was finally able to cancel my pro but I don't trust my financial info with them now. I will be changing my card number and will not upgrade. DO NOT USE VIMEO."

customer says

"For all that is holy do not join! I thought that I would join to send a video to an employer and they recommended Vimeo, so I did it. I signed up for the free trial and didn't cancel because I was waiting on a response from the employer. The next thing I know I have been billed $100!! So I try to send Vimeo a message, "Sorry, you need to follow 1 or more people to send us a message..." Really?! Ok, I'll try the contact us tap... "Please watch this video on how to contact us..." Really?! You join and it's incredibly hard to cancel the subscription and then you have to search for 15 minutes on how to send a message. Absolutely not worth the price... $100 is insane for something like this. Do not join, it's one of those companies that when you have a complaint they tell you to check out our FAQ's tap and then when that doesn't work you cannot find a way to contact them. Terrible company."

Peter Fritz Walter says

"1) I took it for granted that with Vimeo embedded videos are aligned as with Youtube. Nope. Big disalignment both for videos and showcases. 2) Videos start more slowly to play compared to Youtube. 3) I have signed up for PRO plan for one year, and paid 240$ in advance for it. I wanted to cancel and get a prorated refund. They don't even answer my support request. Another one regarding those alignment issues (includes a screen shot) was not answered either. 4) If you consider that Vimeo allegedly is the 'more artistic' video hoster, those alignment issues are impardonable. 5) Final. I delete all my content and post a video that I am going back to Youtube—despite the 240$ paid for nothing."

Tracy Wilson says

"This is the worst app I have ever used. I paid for Vimeo Plus for the year and my account is showing as zero data available. I have sent in excess of 20 emails trying to resolve the problem and no-one responds. I cannot upload any videos. I have paid for something I cannot use."

harry chow says

"used vimeo for 10 years and all they do is try to extort you by deleting videos while raising prices to astronomical levels. anytime ive ever tried to professionally show something in person using vimeo it was slow or didnt play and made me look like an idiot multiple times. now I have to painfully manual download all 250+ videos to backup. Now its giving me a loading icon indefinitely after DLing only 30 files and wont let me download anymore videos... they are threatening to delete all the videos if i dont pay $1000 by next week. sounds like the mob."

ed gyurko says

"I signed up to the National Theatre's subscription service and Vimeo doesn't work on my LG tv. The National's priority membership team says that they are not responsible for tech support and that I have to work with Vimeo. However, Vimeo has no real tech support. A quick review of the TrustPilot reviews show that Vimeo does not care about any of the human beings who want to watch paid-for content. The only vague solutions offered are for me to watch the service on my mobile phone or laptop, which I do not want to do. Or, to pay for chromecast or similar service (usb). Of course, not of this info is shared before the National Theatre membership takes their money for the service. In my opinion, the National Theatre made a deal with a bottom-feeding technology partner. I've already emailed to cancel my subscription unless this is fixed. What a dissapointment!"

Farre says

"They don't send any emails/receipts on payments! It is obvious that it is a way to reduce churn."

Dim says

"Stay AWAY from them! I had purchased the plus subscription and after six months with allready 2.600 videos been uploaded they closed my account with no explaining why. They do not give any refund. Never again with them."

Sarah Ednay says

"This is totally misleading marketing, an upgrade to pro says you get access to stock..... you don't (well a few free that are available elsewhere for free), what you get is a chance for them to try and sell you stock at huge prices per video. They definitely don't give you a correct description of the service you get!!! Just about to request a downgrade of plan as I've gained nothing as far as I can see!"

susyq763 says

"This company has the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. they are literally charging me for an account that I don't even have. I've been trying to fix it for going on three months now and they just charged me again!! I'm so angry and their replies offer no solution! I just want my money back and these automatic payments to stop!!!!"

Phil says

"My story left me really frustrated. I went for the PRO variant and got a trial after which I wanted to puchase it. The thing is that I was and still am unable to add VAT as the purchase is being done by my company. So I found Vimeo's tutorial which says that I need to delete my current credit card as a payment method, which of course doesn't work as a "red x" doesn't appear. So I'm trying to add a new credit card which allows me to add my VAT. First of all, my VAT ID that I have from 2004 is being "not verified" and therefore not accepted and also, if I leave that field empty and just try to add a new credit card to be able to try to later add VAT ID, I cannot do that as "submitting" button turns into an animation showing work in progress. After leaving the computer for a night, it's still processing my credit card (2 more years valid). So in the meantime I send 4 e-mails through a help form and get an information that since I'm in their PRO program, I'll be answered in 2 hours. After a day there's nothing. Now I see that they charged my old credit card that I had to provide at the beginning of the trial. The thing is that I've got a freaking discount code that I cannot input as I cannot pay as my VAT ID gets rejected. So these punks charged me $244 USD instead of $168 USD and did I'm not getting an invoice so it cannot be put under costs by accounting, so I lose money! It's ridiculous! All I managed to do was to block internet transactions after contacting my bank, so the transfer is stuck. At the same time I'm only waiting for Vimeo to block my videos that my company is selling access through (just started). Really, that 1 star is completely deserved! Shame. Now I only hope that some day I will get a response, the deduction of the wrong amount will be canceled and I will be able to pay via a right credit card and get a proper invoice... IF that happens at all."


"guys, dont get vimeo, they firggin suck. they dont even let me contact them! what the hell?!"

The Video News Factory Ltd says

"Really, really poor customer support, very inaccesible and the sort that gives you little or no attention and does not reply when you complain you are not getting no attention. Also streaming service collapsed during a major event, in 7 years of streaming with Facebook and YouTube we never had issues. AVOID USING"

Neil Cartwright says

"Charged me for a subscription that auto-renewed, sought to contact Vimeo to politely request a refund. They have deliberately made the process of contacting them almost impossible. They have an autoresponder on their support email address, do not respond on live chat and the drop down on their contact page literally does not drop down, seriously avoid."

Jake Austin says

"Please be aware that they will terminate your account without notice and without refund. My pro account was terminated for violations for what they deem rip from the net. I actually respect the decision as it's their right to have or not have content on their platform. However, what I think is unprofessional and a scam is that they'd terminate an account without notice or giving the customer time to move their uploads? It's a paid service, the very least show some courtesy. You will wake up one day and find all the time/effort wasted. My pro membership has 7 months left which wasn't refunded."

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