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The Minnesota Vikings are a professional American football team based in Minneapolis. The Vikings joined the National Football League as an expansion team in 1960, and first took the field for the 1961 season. The team competes in the National Football Conference North division.

A disappointed customer shared this in a review "This is the absolute worst team in the USA. Every major organization is cancelling sporting events etc and trying to help those effected by the outbreak, while the Viking organization is continually harassing me for a payment that was three days overdue. They called me every day for three days harassing me and threatening me to lose my tickets. This harassment started on day one of being overdue. I paid it just to shut them up but obviously they do not care about their fans, must just care that Ziggy can make his Bentley payment. Someone should tell these people there is a major pandemic going on, maybe the haven't heard of Covid-19. The Vikings suck and so does the owners".


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Sales (Former Employee) says

"Horrible horrible place to work, if you want a job with high anxiety levels this is the job for you , you get hired then need to take a test to keep your job , Cons: Short breaks, rude managers"

Travel Support Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"The work culture needs to be completely revised. Managers are disrespectful towards the employees - abusive and demeaning. The managers need human resource training. The only thing nice I can say I can say about working there is the medical benefits."

Job Title (Former Employee) says

"You need to watch your back when you work at Viking cruises. High school style cliques and favoritism run rampant at Viking. If you make a mistake after not being trained properly, you will be terminated without warning."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst experience in my life. I never felt so bad and treat so unfairly like with Vikings. If you are deciding work with Vikings be ready for :"

Air Plus Agent (Former Employee) says

"The trainer would walk around on their phone screaming at people to put away their cell phones and openly bad mouth reps. The management team has no sense of decorum and HR ignores complaints and concerns. Cons: Everything else"

Tour Guide/Driver (Former Employee) says

"I do not recommend this company at all to work with, I was dismissed without being given any accurate reason in my personal case after 12 years of collaboration though many of their guests told me I did some excellent work, which had also been told to me by a Viking member of staff in charge of my particular office (tour guides), this is totally unacceptable. Cons: being dismissed without any given reason after 12 years"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"The manager takes the new group into a room and takes each employee one by one in front of the group and puts them down and demoralizes them. This all happens after the 2nd week of orientation. The woman who manages the company office in Boston deserves to have a schooling in human resources. I will leave that to my attorney to educate her. I have left the company and am filing a lawsuit. I have also contacted prior and current employees who are will to join in the lawsuit for a variety of other pertinent issues. The company offers an excellent product they just need a new manager for their Boston office. The most enjoyable part of my job was working with the clients and my coworkers. Cons: Travel never materialized, demoralizing management, horrible work conditions"

Customer Relations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Overall, a typical day consisted of complaints complaints and more complaints. However, that's not the least of it. The coworkers were treat you like an outsider. The worst work experience. Cons: very anti social coworkers"

Account Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I would never recommend anyone to work here the management is the worst. Mangement love to micromanage and then blame you for all that goes wrong. I have seen many people leave this company. Cons: management"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The management here is absolutely awful and soul destroying. The call center managers are both evil people. The director of sales is a nasty and degrading woman. If woman is the right word for her. Get ready to have no life if you decide to work here. Cons: Too many to name."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Employees are nothing more than a number on some idiot manager's spreadsheet, the managers are a step below "worthless", this was the WORST job I ever had, the only way I would ever take a Viking Cruise if it was FREE. Cons: Everything!!"

Customer service/Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"No room for growth they promise and promise just to keep you working. The owner is an atheist that should Tell you all you need to know about this place"

Call Center Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"For the training you have to complete a variety of test, create, and present power point presentations, and memorize a substantial amount of info successfully. If you do not you're fired! You will not get the opportunity to actually do the job. Cons: Management lacks diversity."

Cruise sales (Former Employee) says

"They lie about your true pay and compensation. Management thinks they are better than everyone else. Biggest bunch of liars to ever walk the planet!!! Be careful what you say to ANYONE as it's full of rats and spy's that will turn on a fellow employees in a heartbeat. They ding you on every single call. Even a wrong number counts against you. The old carrot on a stickstick trick. Always looking to take money away from you."

Air Department (Former Employee) says

"Not a healthy work environment and lack of Poor Training and Management make this place a poor place to work. Employees are treated like cattle lead to the slaughter house with unreachable expectations."

Cruise manager (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise ou l’ambiance est faussement familiale: on vous presse en fait comme un citron et puis on vous jette sans scrupules sans se demander ce que les enfants vont manger....Je suis resté un an comme Program directeur et c’est la pire boîte que je connaisse.aucun respect des droits du travailleur et management incompétent. Cons: Pas de CDI aucun respect pour les travailleurs"

Customer Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Read between the lines. They are always hiring. There's a reason for that. Nobody has a clue what they are doing. the management is the worst. They don't care about anything but getting the money. Once they have it they change the trips without informing employees before passengers and you never get answers. You will hate it here. They make it sound fantastic. It's a dump. Unless you like to steal people's money and not have answers for them, go anywhere else Cons: Schedule is horrible, no flexibility, management doesn't care about anything but the money. No work life balance, just stress."


"Viking Cruises is an okay company. They don't pay extremely well, but they pay better than in comparison to other companies. They have a horrible trickle down from management and because they are still growing, there are a lot of growing pains. It seems great at first but eventually all of the terrible things about it start to show. I'll put it this way, having every single second of every single day timed and accounted for in their system can become a dehumanizing experience. They lack compassion for their employees and possess a big-brother like nature in the workplace. Cons: Poor management, inconsistent policies, poor treatment of employees, terrible company culture"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Viking is the WORST company I've ever worked at. They say they are always hiring because they're growing, but it's because of the high turn over rate."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Favoritism is high here. Cons: No growth for minorities"

G Cooper says

"Ordered an item - said it would arrive in 5-7 days. After 16 days no delivery - contacted customer services .... Oh we miss-priced the item - we cancelled your order ! ..... They might have bothered to tell me !! Useless company."

Kingy says

"Order cancelled due to stock error. I have no issue as these things happen but to simply not inform a customer and keep their money borders on theft!! In fact, it seems they would have kept money full stop if we wouldn’t have spent time chasing them down.

Viking used to be a decent company years ago but whoever owns it now are doing a poor job, AVOID is my advice. My company will also not be using them again for stationary."

chbrave says

"After waiting 10 days for my order, I called them up to ask when I will receive it but they told me that the order was cancelled due to a price error.... unbelievable bad customer service not only did they cancel order after confirming it but they didn’t think of contacting me to let me know that they cancelled my order, just shows you how much they give a damn about their customers.. oh and btw they still have my money.
Stay well away from Viking worst customer service and reliability"

Tom says

"Untrustworthy company. I placed an order which was cancelled without notice or any form of communication. I only found out when the order didn't arrive and I had to do the chasing to find out what happened.

Expensive to call customer services and the website is missing key info to help you track your orders"

bantu naresh says

"Worst company ... never trust this company. Customer service horrible and uses poor business tactics (posting prices very low) to have number of users to register with them."

paresh says

"I bought item from Viking direct and after 3 days when I contacted them they said my order has been cancelled due to price issue on website. When I argued they said they have the right to cancel the order without informing client. Pathetic!!"

Jon Lamb says

"Bought a cooling tower with next day delivery. After 3 days waiting I contacted Viking to ask where the item was. I was told it had been priced wrong and therefore my purchase had been cancelled. No offer to honour the purchase, no offer of compensation. Terrible. Use ANYONE Viking."

Customer says

"Don't even THINK about ordering from these Shysters!
Took my money, then I hear nothing.
So I contact their online chat to find out my order is cancelled as they had the wrong price on their site.
1) that's not my fault
2) you didn't even contact to tell me you were cancelling.


Eileen Hill says

"We bought lots of office furniture from Viking back in the beginning of October 2016, one of the filing cabinets was damaged and they duly replaced a week later and took the old one way, but charged us for the new one. We requested a credit as we were charged twice for the one item. We were then threatened with court action later for not paying the duplicate invoice of £160.19, and again requested the credit. Lots of arguments and phone calls made by us by us being forged to pay for the invoice we finally received the credit 19 MONTHS LATER, yes, it took them 19 months to do the credit. And we now have to wait a further two weeks for the refund. Very poor service indeed, and we will not be using them again."

Jing Zhao says

"My company has been ordering from Viking Direct for 6 years for thousands of pounds. Recently I tried to place an order for 20 pounds, and was denied. People from my company have tried to contact Viking for being unable to pay a few invoices worth 200 pounds online due to the fact that Viking didn't upload the invoices on their online portal. When I called the credit control department, I was told no email was received from their side, although I had it open in front of me - the credit controller was Isabella P. Customer Service was Lexi. Completely unhelpful and disorganised people!"

Millgarden says

"Disappointing service, ordered two pedestals, only one was delivered. Contacted customer service, who just said the POD was signed for. So it isn't their problem.
Seems that this is a common problem with this company. Any other company would have apologised, chased it with the delivery company and either resent or given a refund.
Instead I was given the line - apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. End of help given.
So £100 spent and no pedestal received.
Great Avoid."

Mrs June Collins says

"If I could select a minus rating I would. Absolutely terrible experience with this company. Ordered some ink cartridges on 7th December - initially impressed with email communication stating next day deliver giving me driver's name and registration of vehicle. Next day came- nothing! Checked and had email saying there had been a problem with the delivery. I rang customer services and they said the courier company hadn't been able to find my house!! I asked what happens next and was told they will try to re-deliver twice more. Sent an email suggesting they don't use the same driver as he couldn't find my house the first time around. Then got an email from customer services saying they would pass the issue to the tracing team who would be in touch with me shortly.
This was a Friday - I waited till the following Tuesday- no contact from the tracing team and no delivery. Rang customer services again on 12th December and was then told the items had never left the warehouse and the order had been cancelled. Was asked if I wanted to re-order - said no as I didn't trust the delivery process. The adviser told me he would organise a refund that day. Thought the matter was closed. On 18th December got another email saying they had looked into the matter and the courier company had said they re-delivered on 11th December and had I got the goods? I rang customer services AGAIN and said I had obviously not got the goods as they had told me they hadn't left the warehouse and the order had been cancelled. I checked my refund was in the pipeline and was told it would show on my account by Friday 22nd December. Checked today and no refund was showing. Rang Viking again and spoke to accounts to check my refund was happening. He had no record of it so passed me onto customer services. They said the credit note had just been issued today and the refund would reach me in 15 working days. I said why hadn't it happened earlier when the person I spoke to on 12th was doing it as I was speaking to him? She said he must have input the incorrect information. I asked why it took a few seconds for them to take my money and now over 5 weeks, from when I was told it had been done, to receive it. It was their total mess up - nothing to do with anything I did. I had wanted the goods because they were a really competitive price. Now I know why they were so cheap - they don't ever turn up! Will absolutely never use this company again and would recommend no-one else does either. Customer service personnel couldn't really care less."

Matthew says


Purchased a printer which was on offer at the time. Even after all the confirmation emails and dispatch information, I was told the order had been canceled due to a price change. This is something that is completely illegal as per Consumer Rights Act 2015.

When I called to discuss with the customer service team I was put through to a manager called Ethan Van Der Berg. Surprisingly I received absolutely no help and was instead met with very aggressive and sarcastic remarks such as "good luck, see you in court" etc.

Will definitely not be buying from them ever again and I highly recommend you don't either. It's clear to see why they're currently rated 2 stars at the time of writing this."

K Edwards says

"Offers not Honoured
Received the new catalogue via the post and immediately went on line to make order of excess of £30 to qualify for free gift of a Denver Tablet only to be told that it was out of stock. Phoned customer services - Sandra - not her real name as I appeared to be speaking to India by the accent and background noise. She stated that it was out of stock and would not be honoured. Not very good at all as I had just received the catalogue Very bad customer services and misleading catalogue. Would not recommend to order without checking stock / gift availability"

Clare Garrett says

"Unfortunately what really lets Viking down is their use of the delivery firm firm Yodal. Despite a promise on Viking's web site to delivery to your actual office irrespective of what floor in a building your office is on - the Yodal delivery drivers refuse to do so and dump the order items in a public area in the main lobby - we're very lucky if we ever receive anything!"

Christine McIntyre says

"Viking used to be a great company to deal with but now hopeless. I ordered items on Monday - promised delivery on Tuesday - didn`t turn up, promised delivery Wednesday - did`nt turn up. I cancelled the order today - but then the items turned up but have just checked and one of the items is missing! I`ve had to make a further phone call for this item to be delivered- I`ve also noticed that the box in which the printer paper has arrived is damaged. This Company obviously outsourced their call centre to a third world country together with a delivery service courtesy of Yodel who must be the worst rated delivery company in the world in order to maximize their profits. No more - I`ve accepted defeat and will go elsewhere. As a word of warning, the call centre staff are unlikely to understand a word you are saying so if you have to ring them I`d suggest put half an hour of your time aside for this very purpose!"

derek says

"My Wife used this Company (yesterday) , And they said she would get a free tablet if she spent over £50. So she did.
We received the goods but no tablet.
So she sent an email saying she did not receive the tablet. And it was not on the delivery note. She then was told that she had received it and it was signed for.
So she emptied all the boxes and no tablet. So she then sent a copy of the delivery note. Only to be told that its out of stock and one was not sent.
So I then went on there web site and ordered £65 of goods and was told that the tablet is in stock.
I would say its a con to get you to order.
Because if you contact them they offer you a vacuum box instead of the

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