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Danaher Corporation is an American globally diversified conglomerate with its headquarters in Washington, D.C.. The company designs, manufactures, and markets professional, medical, industrial, and commercial products and services. The company's 3 segments are "Life Sciences", "Diagnostics" and "Environmental & Applied Solutions".Danaher is ranked 160th on the Fortune 500.In 2019, Danaher was rank


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Current Employee - Sales Manager says

"Management does not walk the talk on employee engagement"

Current Employee - Financial Analyst says

"No room for growth, no path for promotion, expect late nights, numbers driven, no appreciation."

Former Employee - QC Chemist says

"pay, demanding supervisor, short staffed,"

Former Employee - Supply Chain says

"Does not care or respect associates ‘work life balance’. Multiple demands all are expected to be done the same time. Late night stays even if you have family to tend to. People are treated like working robots. People have to change their personal schedule to accommodate leadership request including cancelling PTO and working on sick days. You get pull out during training to work even if training was for development career benefits."

Current Employee - Supply Chain says

"If you don't make your number you will be questioned. They don't care if you try or not, they only want to see results. Good work doesn't get rewarded. If you miss your numbers you will get all the visibility."

Current Employee - Supply Chain says

"We expect all of our leaders and associates to act with the highest levels of integrity every day. This is aligned with our core values and Leadership Anchors. Please feel free to contact me personally and confidentially to discuss your concerns or alternatively use our confidential "speak-up" process. Rich Wachter, VP Human Resources"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This is NOT a Danaher run company which instills integrity and employee relations. The employees run in circles to ensure they are out in front of everyone else, doing whatever they can to outshine their peers. Meanwhile management dangles the carrot in front of their star pupils while others are passed over. Management cares only about their "next big move" within the Danaher circle of operating companies. Their temperament is short and institutional. Best Place to Work? A common joke among employees; anyone can buy an award!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"At Videojet, associates are our most valuable resource and we've taken multiple actions to show this while providing more work life balance. These include summer flex hours, new parental leave, floating holidays and employee recognition programs. As we have more room for improvement and may not always be consistent across all leaders and teams, please feel free to reach out to me directly and confidentially so that we can better understand and address your concerns. Regards, Rich Wachter VP Human Resources."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Videojet works with leaders and associates at all level to regularly develop and improve our organization capability while developing our leaders, teams and associates. As our market and customers are changing, we must adapt to continue to grow and win. By anticipating our customers future needs, we have lead our industry, driven share gains and grown faster. Given change can be challenging and at times and therefore we make mistakes, please feel free to contact me or our any of our HR team members confidentially so that we understand and address your concerns. Rich Wachter VP Human Resources"

Current Employee - Supplier Quality Engineer says

"Videojet is manipulated by a tiny segment of engineers with bald heads. They have fooled every single president, director and manager (Countless) since Danaher acquired VJ. This is why the tiny segment survives. Beware of this scenario. The viability of a future with videojet does not last beyond several quarters."

Ing. de Servicio (Former Employee) says

"La Administración y la toma de desiciones deja mucho que desear ...Tiempo extra, comisionestrabajar sabados y domingos.."

Vendas Internas (Current Employee) says

"Péssima.gestao direta, empresa sem cuidado no trato com funcionários.SalárioToda a declaração acima e por essa razao um exagerado turn over"

Accounts Payable Specialist (Current Employee) says

"poor communication, no recognized. management needs to change. there has been so much turn over within the year i been here. we need to be recognized and listen to."

professional (Current Employee) says

"Same people always doing the same things. You get the same problems over and over. As much as they preach "change is our way of life", they don't really mean it. Its an engineering company being run into the ground by the bean counters."

Gerente Regional de Ventas (Former Employee) says

"Excelente grupo y empresa para labor a nivel mundial, en mexico el DO tiene sus area de oportunidad. Especialistas en su area. Exigentes para trabajar, lo cual eso lo hace muy interesante.Las prestacionesEl ambiente laboral."

Vendedor (Former Employee) says

"A empresa e a marca foi sem dúvida um inspiração para aprimorar meus conhecimentos em gerais, desde o setor administrativos até vendas, me proporcionando diversos cursos. Definindo e elaborando propostas e orçamentos solicitados pelos clientes. Lidar com situações adversas e solucionando-os quando necessário. Ótimo relacionamento e aprendendo diariamente com todos. A parte mais difícil do trabalho é a burocracia diária, regras tem que haver mas a flexibilidade em resoluções em gerais deixam de caminhar mais rápido com mais exatidão. Harmonia de todos que resultam em positividades de todos que trabalham.Almoço na empresaDistribuiação de rendas"

Estagiário Técnico (Former Employee) says

"• Fazia atendimento sozinho em clientes, mesmo com pouco experiencia. • Aprendi a instalar e reparar equipamentos de CFTV • Eram todos amigos de colégio • A parte mais difícil era ir até o cliente, não conhecendo nada no Rio de Janeiro. nao fornece vale alimentação"

Analista fiscal sênior (Former Employee) says

"Empresa ruim, sem projeção de carreira, horas excessivas de trabalho.Paga em diaHorário puxado, e sem plano de carreira."

Principle Customer Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Was a great company before Danaher took over !Travel to and from customer site .Install,repair, and maintain equipment .company cartoxic work enviorment"

Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"Overall very bad experience at this company working as a temp, was told it was a contract to hire but that never happened. Management expected you to give everything while they gave nothing in return."

Senior Sales Co-ordinator (DANAHER GROUP OF COMPANIES) says

"Management is not at all good. Seniors are not good over there. They will not allow you to grow. Many a time I have worked there till 1 am in the midnight especially month end. Seniors just pass on the work to juniors specially back end team.If the target in done there is a holiday abroadLong hour working"

jefe de servicio (Former Employee) says

"Es una empres que llego con buenas intensiones pero, pero eso no duro mucho, la visión de la compañía en otros países es buena en México no se desarrollo como se esperaba."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work at all. Management puts whole lot of pressure every morning. Work life balance is minimal and job security is always an issue haunts you as if you are short of numbers then you are half gone."

ASM (Former Employee) says

"Company to work for salary no work life balance frequent change in process. Hardest part of job is lots of repeated paper work The most enjoyable part is yearly conference"

Area Sales Manager -Key Accounts (West) says

"No clarity in key accounts on business strategy .. In efficient Sales Force Management No drive & involvement from upper managmeent. Leseeer interaction with team."

CSR - Customer Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Management changed like the wind depending if budgets were met. After 5 years my territory budget was undeniably set so high there was no way I could bonus on sales."

Technician (Current Employee) says

"There is a large disconnect between management and the rest of the people working here. Those above miss the big picture that that those below see and live with on a daily basis."

Engineering Technician (Current Employee) says

"Company is cut throat. Morale is low. Management runs in circles with no direction. Company withholds money and does not pay VENDORS end of year who threaten to cut off business.... Company promotes job culture. That in itself is a joke. If you look at any successful company it always starts with leaders who have a vision. They then hire others specialized in different areas to work together to make this vision come true. It's a democracy, everyone has their field of expertise and everyone trusts one another and TOGETHER they build something great. Videojet is the exact opposite. There is no trust with leaders who are cut throat and only look out for themselves."

sales (Former Employee) says

"difficult place to work, aggressive senior management culture trickles down to functional employees, highly stressful lots of infighting and dysfunctional relationships at the top level poor cooperation between functional areasbenefitswork-life balance"

Associate (Current Employee) says

"This company drives results as the number one focus. The people who work at Videojet are hard working - the company is their life...with out much choice in the matter. Long hours are a norm - and are expected. Many of the KPI targets are conflicting, which makes it difficult for cross functional departments to work together. There are many opportunities for growth - however most of the office is full of management, not many people getting it done. One of the best aspects of working here is the exposure to Lean Manufacturing and Business tools through the many classes offered by the Danaher Business System University located on site."