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Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, playback, broadcasting, and display of moving visual media. Video was first developed for mechanical television systems, which were quickly replaced by cathode ray tube systems which were later replaced by flat panel displays of several types.

A user tweeted this "Videos suck because they're expensive to produce, expensive to transmit, very large files, can’t be easily summarized, can’t be easily referenced or cross referenced. Video makes it harder to suspend disbelief, because every element is there for you to see, so that the viewer’s own imagination doesn’t come into play as much".


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Former Employee - Interpreter says

"I worked at Stratus Video full-time for more than a year Cons: Sweat Shop, they overwork you."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Stratus Video full-time Cons: Management really lacks any ethic."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Stratus Video full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Miscommunication, Abuse of Power, No Growth Opportunities, Failure to Take Action, Hostile Work Environment, Consistent New Tasks with No Additional Compensation"

Current Employee - Video Remote Interpreter says

"I have been working at Stratus Video part-time for more than a year Cons: Deranged management expectations, Bare-minimum pay and benefits, Zero transparency, Call Center Ethic"

Former Employee - Interpreter says

"I worked at Stratus Video full-time for more than a year Cons: Over worked for little money. Very little or no time between sessions. You are hired as Full-time, but they never schedule you 40 hrs, so you can not have benefit. They strictly monitor your calls, report required even going to bathroom, 5 mins break required to submit a request., micromanagement for sure. Require a personal time off never easy. They don't let you transfer sessions for scheduled lunches and end shifts. Unethical!"

Former Employee - Interpreter says

"I worked at Stratus Video part-time Cons: The higher level managers are truly money oriented, very greedy. They treat the interpreters as money making machine, they even claim minutes = $."


"I have been working at Stratus Video Cons: Raises is rare in this company and overally unetheical company. I would seriously not recommend anyone work here. This company is near the state of bankrupcy."

Interpreter says

"I worked at Stratus Video for more than 3 years Cons: work from home very tedious"

Former Employee - Interpreter says

"I worked at Stratus Video part-time for more than 3 years Cons: Insensitive company that used it's employees until they outsourced and then let them all go one morning without any notice. They also give its employees false information , a supervisor assured the employees our jobs were not in jeopardy only to get fired cold heartedly from one minute to the next ."

Former Employee - Phone Interpreter says

"I worked at Stratus Video part-time for more than 8 years Cons: They make you feel like you are needed and then fire you"

Spanish Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"Our entire team was laid off with less than an hour's notice before our shift started. Our jobs were outsourced to save the company a few bucks. We were explicitly promised that we would not be laid off, and that we have nothing to worry about."

Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"I started collaborating with Stratus in 2017. I write down each call I received date time and language (Bulgarian and Russian was what I provide). After 1 month I noticed that the actual call volume is not registered Property. They were paying me less than what I actually did interpret for."

Bilingual Medical Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"If your looking for benefits, good salary, pto, sick time, fairness, professional environment then this is not the job. This company just sent out an email that you are no longer needed no call nothing. Wasted my time here."

Medical Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"This company is a joke! Horrible from top to bottom! They harass you to come work for them promising 4 weeks of vacation, 11 paid holidays and so many sick days and “competitive” pay. LIES! You have to request your vacation days two months in advance and they make it hard-you can’t take all your vacation days together. Pay is not competitive not even for those certified. You get graded not on interpreting skills but on what you wear, how you look on camera and whether you only use the bathroom twice a day not when nature calls. You get laid off without warning and job gets outsourced all the while you get emails every friday stating how many millions each new account will generate but get told they dont have raises for interpreters. You get hired for medical interpretation and they demand you do legal and other non-medical interpreting. Cons: No bathroom breaks when needed. No respect for individuals."

Spanish Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"A high volume of calls with little to no breaks. Micro-management. Lack of organization and virtually no upward mobility. Poor compensation and no benefits package. Majority of interpreters are kept as part-time thus avoiding having to provide benefits. No overtime and you're capped at working less than 30 hours. No job security. The company laid off about 200 workers in the span of 2 months without notice. Beware."


"Mismanaged, Too many platforms to check throughout the workday, Dishonest, No benefits for interpreters, below industry pay with no upward mobility, no bonuses or possibility of raises. Entire workforce laid off without prior notice. To this company, interpreters are disposable and are treated as such."

Over the Phone Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"Management Cons: Absent leaders, exploitative"

Video Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"Yes you work from home, but you have to bend over backwards for the "office/studio" they demand from you. They fired me because of the power outages I had, including the possibility of one due to a storm coming our way, but the manager insisted it was not a disciplinary action. If you are disabled, they do not take it into consideration. If you have IBS, wear a diaper, because if you can't wait to go on your break, your restroom break will be added to those breaks, making them longer. They tell you one thing in training and another while at work. They do not provide you with any one on one time with a lead or supervisor to discuss your quality reports. And even in those they contradict themselves in what they want from you. Cons: Anti employee, No logic in work force management, no real protections for jobs, no unions, no management communication amongst themselves and with employees, no care about employees' health"

Video Remote Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"A typical day sees rapid-fire call rate for most languages with 1 15-minute break and 1 30-minute lunch. If you use the restroom, step away from your space, or have a heart attack, it's all added to your DAILY 15-minute break time. Fear, threats, and false expressions of gratitude underpin nearly constant efforts to pay NATIONALLY-certified professionals far less than their worth."

(unspecified) says

"If you're willing to do all the social activities that management enjoys, you'll be fine. Don't expect a lot of feedback on actual work performance. And be sure not to criticize management. They fire all the good people. Cons: ...with which to hang yourself"

Over the Phone Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"Sadly this company is very bad. They make you feel like you are doing an excellent job(which you are) then for no reason they would fire you. I was evaluated for language skills, proficiency, accirate and had a 98% They congratulate me and less than a month after I was fired along with 150 employees. It is sad how they make you feel safe and then fire you, no warning or any thing they just said, mandatory meeting and played a recording that said you are TERMINATED IMMIDIATELY! And disconnected the recording that was it a whole department was gone. And to top it all off, they are not paying your PTO nor vacations tht you have rightfully earned Then the same day they hired 200 other employees. VERY INFAIR AND UNJUST Cons: They make you feel safe and then fire you"

English/Spanish Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"You would get contradicting info all the time depending on who you talked to. There was no management coordination nor direction. Cons: A constant Mess. Hard to know what to do or protocols to follow."

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Days are long due to amount of work to get done and number of clients to manage. Stratus pays well but not on East and West Coasts, where COL is much higher. There is decent commission to earn and it does get paid but difficult to figure out. Culture can be, and mostly is supportive IF you get some onboarding and training upon hire. It would be a good interview point to bring up because the style is throw the newby out there and see how they do - sink or swim. Cons: If on the bad side of leadership, there is no redemption"

Video Remoting and On the Phone Interpreter (Current Employee) says

"Sitting in front of the screen and talking are the typical day at Stratus. They allow 2-3 minutes to have restroom break. If it takes you longer than that, you have to fill out the form explaining to them. The most enjoyable part of the job is you can interact with co-worker in your team instantly through TEAM. The new manager is friendly and nice. The hardest part of the job is requesting schedule change. You have to literally follow up with the scheduler by emailing, texting, and sometimes having the manager involving by reserving all the proof of communication with her. Otherwise, she will deny all instantly that she has not received anything. LOL."

interpreter (Former Employee) says

"The manager/supervisor named Betlem is very artificial. All what she did was trapping employees into the situations that they had to admit that they were at fault in doing something, and then made them feel bad and guilty about themselves. She has been kicking so many high-quality employees out of Stratus Video for other language companies, leaving Stratus Video a place full of exploitation. She has even put a hard time on any employees who want to quit their jobs at Stratus Video without her expectation. She is just nice from the outside, but ugly inside. Cons: exploitation, weird manager/supervisor"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work, fast paced, rapid growth, and great people."

Over-the Phone-Interpreter (Contract) says

"They give us a great deal of flexibility and the workplace culture is pretty relaxed. I feel I have a lot of freedom about taking calls at home, if I'm doing something else and I don't have to take calls and nobody say nothing about. Of course no pay though."

Medical Interpreter (Current Employee) says

"Answering, assisting clients, provide interpreting services. There are always many different personality's unfortunately the job has no seniority for anything and no advancements and no raises, but a job is a job ,"

Medical Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"Términos médicos, aumento en experiencia laboral. Disfrute mucho de poder trabajar en casa."

Medica Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"The team members sound trained and friendly. Your concerns are responded instantly. Good team spirit but for medical interpreters not so much of earning as you get paid per minute according to the length of your assignment. (It is a good job if you have nothing else to do). Cons: You have to wait (uncertain) for receiving an assignment which you rarely receive."

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