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Victa is an Australian manufacturer of outdoor garden equipment, including petrol and electric lawn mowers, edgers, trimmers, and chainsaws. They manufacture these in petrol & lithium-ion powered variants. However, Victa remains most well known for the Victa Lawn Mower.

The Victa brand is currently owned by the American engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton; while being American owned, manufacturing is retained in Australia in Moorebank, New South Wales.

In Australia & New Zealand, Victa Products are sold through Bunnings Warehouse, specialist dealers and Mitre 10. Victa is also sold in limited quantities through specialist dealers internationally.

A customer they lost talks about Victa products review "Brought this Victa mower from Bunnings and leaked oil from air cleaner from day one.thought it was oil from the air cleaner so rang it out and put a little oil in it to trap dust. Everytime I mow the lawn 50ml of oil leaks out of air cleaner all over the deck and drips onto the ground.The oil is coming from the sump when operating and conning out of air cleaner?Bunnings don't want to know about it and said I have to take it to a Victa dealer for warranty.Rang two dealers to book it in and they were rude and were not interested at all because I didn't purchase from them, so I'm stuck with this mower that uses more oil than a two stroke engine, so they say poor man pays twice....take my advice and spend a little more money and buy your mower from an authorized dealer and don't buy a Victa."


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Christabel says

"Good to deal with when everything goes right, you get the product you've ordered and it doesn't break etc. However, if anything requires after sales service e.g the product breaks, or deteriorates quickly, and you refer them to the Consumer Guarantees Act and customer rights, they start playing a game of stalling, and trying to convince people they are not entitled to any refunds or rights. Recommend customers read the CGA (or the summary on the website) before dealing with Trade Tested - you are entitled to a refund when your purchase deteriorates or breaks within a short period of time. You do not have to accept a credit. Best not to deal with them at all!!"

Jack Cooper says

"purchased a mitresaw for early June delivery in May early June I am advised by email delivery now early August !!!! No explanation or apology They would know what was in stock and intransit so to extend delivery by 2 months is a scam ."

Tony Oxnevad says

"On 7 May 2020 I ordered a hedge trimmer, blower, pole saw, a rapid charger and 4ah battery from Trade Tested. 5 days later on 12 May they sent an email advising my order was being dispatched and provided tracking information. The order was being sent in 3 packages and there were 3 tracking numbers. I patiently waited delivery allowing for Covid 19 delays. On 18 May I received the first package - the hedge trimmer. On 22 May I received the second and third packages, one contained the blower and the other contained the rapid charger and battery. I asked the courier driver about the pole saw but he said the consignment was only 3 packages and there was nothing else. The same morning I phoned Trade Tested "helpline" and explained what I received in all the 3 packages and that I had not received the pole saw. He said he would investigate and phone me back. He never did. Despite 3 follow up calls and an email explaining the situation again nobody from Trade Tested for over a week has called or emailed back to explain whether the pole saw has been sent and if so what the tracking number is. Clearly they do not have good systems and procedures in place that can tell them what has been sent. If they have sent the pole saw then they should provide me the tracking number for it. You should know their customer service and "helpline" is absolutely hopeless. BEWARE"

JT says

"If you can buy what you need from somewhere else, do not use these guys. Hands down the worst after sales service I have ever experienced. They just don’t care at all once they have your money, all talk and no support. I have spent 8 weeks trying to get them to replace a faulty product. I got bounced to three different operators. They all told me different things. They claimed they were unable to call me and have now stopped replying to emails. Edit following TradeTested response below. Calling BS on that. You are an online business. I had no trouble contacting you. The trouble was getting you to agree to replace a product the was faulty from the first time it was used. All onus was put on me to prove the product was faulty when you don’t have a local branch I can bring it into. How about the fact that I wanted to return it for a replacement, shouldn’t that be enough? I was asked to provide a video of the product fault. It’s an intermittent fault and the product requires two hands to use. Very close to mission impossible to video. I did my best but your system couldn’t download the videos. You then said you would research all returns to see if anyone else had had a similar problem and if so would consider an exchange. You promised to call back. You emailed saying you couldn’t call back due to a phone fault?? You have my number that I have confirmed is correct. It’s been almost another two weeks since and still no follow up call and it will soon be too cold for gardening and I’m left with a very expensive hedge trimmer that still doesn’t work as it should. As I said before, worst aftersales service ever."

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