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Vet Care Pet Clinic is Located in Garden Grove, CA, our goal is to give your furry family members the love, care, and respect they deserve. We are a family-owned and run a private veterinary hospital, with family values to its core! We not only have a wonderful staff and state-of-the-art equipment, but also the compassion that is unsurpassed.

Vet care pet clinics are unprofessional, nail trimming is badly done and can be painful for the animal, Melani G. shared a review at

"This vet is so unprofessional! I took my poor baby to get fixed here and they had told me I get a free "complimentary nail trim". After I had picked him up from his surgery he looked exhausted and of course, I thought it was because of the surgery. However, when I got home I had checked his nails and they were bleeding! He is already in pain and then they cut his nails too short! Never come back here again."


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Tech (Former Employee) says

"My pets vet is a very fast paced work environment. They have so much potential to be amazing, but unfortunately that is hindered by the practice manager and owner. There are no rules and regulations in this facility in regards to how they practice medicine which makes most employees uncomfortable. The practice manager and owner do not care if you bend over backwards for them, nothing is good enough. When hired they state the hours you are working are until about 10 pm when in actuality you are working until at least midnight if not longer sometimes even 3 am. You have to work every weekend and AT LEAST two holidays a year (which never happens bc someone always quits and you get stuck doing more holiday). There is absolutely no work-life balance when working here. The work environment is hostile, and that is putting it nicely. Everyone there is miserable and they are not quiet about so being a new person there is extremely uncomfortable. They are always hiring because it is a consistent rotating door. The manager speaks down to and degrades employees and the owner does nothing but support this behavior. If anyone is wondering why this place is literally ALWAYS hiring, its because it is a terrible place to work. Apply here is you want to be spoken to poorly, abused, have no life, and stress over work even when you are home or on vacation. Job security is the only thing they can offer you because everybody else quits! Cons: Everything"

Veterinary Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My Pets Vet was an overall good place to work, it was very busy and kept me on my feet. I got to work with wildlife which was my favorite part. The office manager was very hard to work for. She wasnt very compassionate or flexable when neccessary. She spoke to people inappropriatly. I loved the veterinarians and technicians I worked with. Cons: Managment and health benifits"

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