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Fidelity Investments Inc., commonly referred to as Fidelity, earlier as Fidelity Management & Research or FMR, is an American multinational financial services corporation based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Christina wrote on that she's still waiting for an answer, "Applied for an account withdrawal on Fidelity, paid the additional fee for overnight. It was supposedly shipped priority express two-day mail. Was given an invalid tracking # and now my check cannot be located and they asked me to contact the post office, post office states to contact the shipper. Now they have no idea what happened to the check. They refused to do an electronic funds transfer to my account even though they have my correct bank information and have verified it. Will only stop and re-issue another check, so the issue will more than likely happen again. The check is now over a week late. Post office states that they cannot locate the package and it was more than likely not mailed at all. Called before lunch to speak to a supervisor, was told they would have to call me back and that call would be within the hour... They never called me back."


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Current Employee - Information Architect says

"You're on your own. Don't expect any benefits. Get paid (under W2 so taxes, etc will be taken from your paycheck) and figure out the rest."

Current Employee - Payroll Delivery Coordinator says

"Hire you saying they will convert to Fidelity. After years never do. They don't give you any benefits and the insurance they give you is a scam. Use it for experience but not a job. Do lots of unethical stuff. Overpay and underpay employees weekly. Misreport income and pay to government agencies like child support."


"1. No health/dental/vision insurance 2. No PTO 3. No tuition assistance 4. No vacation pay 5. No holiday pay 6. No sick pay 7. No room for advancement 8. You are just an 'A' number to them"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lie about pay increases to get you on the hook and real you in. Fake contract to hire. Big technology gap."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Here is an review that was not solicited to increase our score.. Who you know club, lacking training for new candidates, management doesn't care about anything but impressing their boss, draconian policies compared to real Fidelity emloyees. The executive team from Fidelity needs to really see the what is going on under the hood and listen to the people doing the job, not what management says they are doing. They care about reports, that is it, not the employees. Some new employees are not given a fair and honest training as they are thrown under the bus by current employees, they put out to pasture. We have lost many great people, others are frustrated, and many are looking outside Veritude. Metrics put on TA are ridiculous, all to sell a tool to Fidelity to make us at veritude look better. HR? Avoid. Personal issues, bonus reviews, increases are all out in public. If you need confidentially then don't go to HR. You should hear what is discussed on the floor. Broken promises l, changing policies, and these new task metrics all make it a sweatshop."

Current Employee - Operations says

"No advancement, outdated with the culture and pay structure, once you come on board you are stuck. Staffing is slow and getting beat by vendors so it's tough to make goals. HR rules the place and spills everyone's details, you know who is the favorites. So many unhappy people.are here and looking to make a move outside of the firm or direct to fidelity. Management doesn't listen, is more concerned with their image and reports than making real changes to better the company. Culture is bad, hr and tech can do whatever they want and TA is stuck in the office all the time. Business has changed but we are stuck with a poor model and dont look at market trends to keep employees happy. Lost a few good employees and others are fed up. Hopefully the new head of HR for fidelity can make some really needed changes he needs to look at this place and see what needs to change. Vendors keep taking my fills and that is all management cares about is making themselves look good and blaming the little grunts."

Former Employee - Transaction Processor says

"Low pay, will not get your full time hours, will not train you when you ask. Only care about their bottom line."


"very bad employer for w2, no pay raise though fidelity pays, these veritude reps discriminate and pay less to Indian"


"They always look to close the positions to be filled by internal referals"


"The main issue is that this company is in a commoditized space that is hard to differentiate. The strategy is very generic so long term growth plans are unclear"

Onsite Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Had to go through them - not helpful - didnt always get paid on time - wouldnt look into the issue - pay your employees on time if they are doing their jobsnonedidnt always get paid on time"

Financial Services Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The training method was unsatisfactory. Did not truly prepare us for the day to calls. Lack of support during and after training. Lot of room for growth.NaNa"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company uses racial profiling in selecting people. No matter how much experience you may have, if you are not of a certain color, you will not be selected."

End User Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management. Why so many job postings for this job? Typical Day at work involves constant micro management. Learned this is terrible work environment. Management is very bad and do not care about IT professionals.NoneMicro Manager who can not manage"

Staffing Administrator (Former Employee) says

"As a contractor working for Veritude, a Fidelity company, you are forced to work mandatory overtime anywhere from 6-8 plus hours with very little notice and to work weekends.There is no opportunity to go permanent in the department I worked in."

Human Resources Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"They micromanage and Management is not friendly and they don't listen. I was wrongly terminated and they would not listen to my side or intetview any of my witnesses that could verify what happened. After I was wrongly terminated; they terminated my immediate manager after co workers and witnesses stepped up and validated what I originally told them what.I h"

Health and Insurance Representative (Former Employee) says

"we were contracted to work at Fidelity, they did not respect us, once the busy season was done they would terminate everyone. managers had favorite employees and didnt even try to hide that fact."

Financial Services Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a contract employee at Veritude assigned to Fidelity's Call Center in Durham, NC. Training was not sufficient and new hires were taking live calls with little training or simulation time. In addition, during daily team meetings, each team member's performance metrics are displayed for other's to see. Your performance metrics should be between you and your manager, no one else.Displaying an employees individual metrics so blatantly in front your peers is a form of intimidation and shaming. In addition, you are literally micromanaged on everything, including breaks. This is a large Financial Services Company with grown adults as employees, not a nursery school. Have they ever heard of respect and trust? Team leaders make themselves unavailable and expect you to use skype to message them, rather than walk to your desk when needed. Workplace politics and favoritism are also rampant within management. Avoid this position at all costs. Not worth your time, stress and aggravation.Great CafeteriaOver reliance on metrics, micromanaged, lack of respect for employees"

Contractor, Fidelity Institutional Technology (Former Employee) says

"The relationship between Veritude and Fidelity isn't a benefit to the contractor. The contractor is left to wonder if anyone at Veritude actually cares about them."

Talent Acquisition Adminstrator (Former Employee) says

"This company does not care about temp workers. Many of them are let go with no notice or laid off. Poor management of temp workers. Workplace politics is a big issue with this company. Many managers do not discuss concerns with temp workers and instead leave their dirty work for Human Resource representatives. There is a big seperation between Veritude workers and Fidelity employees. It is better to go in through Fidelity. In many departments they leave temp workers on for years without being converted or let go.Nice trainingpoor advancement, poor management, workplace politics, managers hand dirty work to HR reps"

Administrative Professional (Former Employee) says

"Veritude is the absolute bottom rung of temping agencies. I've had first hand knowledge of their recruitment blunders, issues with the left hand now knowing what the right hand is up to, management creating a hostile work environment for recruits, huge issues with their own HR team and all of this is well known to those who have worked for and with them. Ask any hiring manager in the area who they would prefer to have working in their company - someone from Veritude or an actual, skilled administrative professional. My money is on the latter. Bottom line, go with any other temp/recruiting agency and get 100% better service. Absolutely noneVeritude itself"

Work-Place Associate (Former Employee) says

"nothing to say except be mindful of who's team you get selected on. That can impact you with advancement. Some managers & team leads don't know how to foster great learning environment and are inconsistence on call reviews- was placed on written for performance and when I escalated it to my managers boss - It was not the case - the manager was grading me incorrectly & inconsistently and was advised to discard the written."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management and onboarding staff are unorganized you’d expect nothing but the best especially from fidelity but was highly disappointed the only good part of working with veritude is having weekends off and the beautiful facility.Decent pay, beautiful facilityPoor management, unorganized"

Transaction Processor (Former Employee) says

"I was laid off after 5 months with no notice at all. Then they opened up new positions (same job) in other departments. You won't get your full 40 hours because they're trying to save money. I also asked to be trained in other departments to get my full time hours, and was denied time and time again. It's an office, but is more like a factory. Be prepared to get scolded or dirty looks if you have to use the bathroom and it's not your designated break time. If you're a kiss-a**, you might have a chance, but if not, they don't care about you.noneLess than full time (even when you're full time), low pay for the industry, mis-management"

Representative (Current Employee) says

"this role involves a lot of patience and dedication. time off during the full time hire process is discouraged. large environment and very numbers driven"

Consultant (Current Employee) says

"They never review you or even suggest giving raises unless you instigate it. No benefits at all. And their surveys are not anonymous which they should be."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Very productive work environment, but not desirable work shifts for a single mother."

Data Entry associate (Former Employee) says

"I had a Pleasant experience with veritude, They brought me and and started training promptly, working with a great diverse team, and i honestly enjoyed processing lunchesnot enough commication on training"

IT Consultant (Former Employee) says

"They are Fidelity. The culture is one of mistrust and backstabbing. What you are told is not what you are in for. Contractors are contractors. The benefits are terrible but The pay is about 5% over market. Most likely the job description is not true to the job. Be warned. You will not hear from a certitude HR, agent or any company rep until it's in Fidelity's interest.payno support. no advacement. you are a slave to Fidelity."

Temp/Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Ran medical grade filters threw a dryer. Rolls would last anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half. Would sit in frount of a back light looking for any defects in the filter.easy jobhated just sitting there watch the foam would rather be up and about"

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