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Verde Food makes it easier to enjoy fresh, nutritious food without compromise. ... We aspire to affect change in our community around nutrition and local food economy. Verde strives to be a zero-waste business model with a unique approach to responsible sourcing.

A former sales representative mentioned, "The managers at Verde were so bad I nearly had a panic attack thinking about going into work the next day. They discriminate big time against disability."


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Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The place itself was wonderful but the managers were so bad I nearly had a panic attack thinking about going into work the next day. They discriminate big time against disability. Cons: Everything else."

porteiro noturno (Former Employee) says

"Trabalhei sem registro por 3 anos e sai sem direito nenhum"

Director, Business Development (Former Employee) says

"The sales cycle is entirely too long. Different product pitches for different markets. All relatively focusing on the same ideals. Upper management is not on the same page. Very conflicted on how to grow. Excessively top heavy."

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Typical days at work were balanced, management lacked communication. I learned the importance of communication and soft skills in any enviroment. It was a good starting point."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Free food during most shifts, enjoyable managers and friendly coworkers. Certain events are high stress such as graduation, orientation, and football games, however most are pretty relaxed and slow-paced. Cons: No benefits, limited advancement"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work Cons: No Healthcare, short breaks, large need for physical labor, pay and hours were not great especially for college students"

torque and test operator (Former Employee) says

"no job security, no benefits, no vacation or sick time, laid off week before christmas without and warning or remorse. based n a decining oilfield"

Estagiária (Former Employee) says

"Parte comercial da empresa, divulgação, eventos e criação."

atendente de loja (Former Employee) says

"ambiente de trabalho agradavel, e bom trabalho em equipe. Cons: nao oferece vale alimentacao."

manutençao (Former Employee) says

"trabalho bom, libertade de actuaçao, ate o momento da mudança de cidade"

Head-Chef (Former Employee) says

"Good Experience to work every day . Cons: short time working"

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a team member for a long period of time before leaving. You aren't really paid well (they try to pull you in with the coax that a lot of your money will be made in tip-share, only about $50 a paycheck) and if you are a shift leader, you are severely underpaid for the area! Most pay $12-$14. Assistant manager was a jerk and a big one. At first, he seemed nice, then he turned into a hairy monster the moment something went wrong. Very passive-aggressive to anyone who asks questions."

Current Employee - General Laborer says

"I have been working at Verde full-time Cons: Any issues brought to the CEO, Greg, will not be handled properly, if at all. He is two faced and can't be trusted. Mandatory OT is regular. It is a very ablist environment. Employees and managers will harrass and gossip about anyone who misses work for any reason. Managerial communication is nonexistent but gossip is abundant. Raises are sparse but pizza parties are semi-regular. Items are never in their bin locations."

Current Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"I have been working at Verde full-time for less than a year Cons: Where does one begin? Let's start from the top down. Our CEO preaches a culture of acceptance, accountability, responsibility, but most importantly, profitability. That man does not care about the employees that work for him in the slightest. This is evident by his tone-deaf comments about working conditions when he decides to stroll through the warehouse once a month. Now let us move onto the staff in "Norte". With the amount of time in each day, the average person should be able to find time to check their email, read a message from a client about any urgent orders, and relate that message on to the warehouse workers who actually have to do all of the work associated with completing that order. Amazingly, these sloth like creatures seem only to be able to get this done at about 4pm each day, resulting in the pickers/packers/shippers becoming irate, chaos ensuing, and then taking the blame for the incompetence of the client managers. Warehouse managers, of which we have far too many, are essentially ghosts that occasionally haunt us each Monday morning with another meeting about how well the company is doing, how profits have never been higher, but also how working conditions and pay won't change. Not only do they never seem to help out on day to day warehouse duties, but will waste unwarranted amounts of time in weekly meetings. Two meetings per week that lead to no noticeable changes other than childproofing the software that the staff uses and making their jobs even more irritating. Lecturing employees on how company moral is dependent on their attitude is a bit off base. If you actually listened to your employees you might find that the reason they hate working there is because of pay, benefit, and complete dismissal of responsibility by their management which they then have to make up for. "But, keep morale high guys!" With the small amount that the employees get paid at Verde, it's miraculous that anyone who has any marketable skills willingly works there. Most employees are outspoken with their displeasure working there, and many are actively seeking employment elsewhere. It's fair to say that the employee turnover rate will be increasing significantly. HOWEVER, if you are seeking employment at this company, I warn you that the managers will print out copies of your resume to openly share with the entire warehouse, complete with offensive and off color notes written in the margins."

Former Employee - Senior Client Services Coordinator says

"I worked at Verde full-time for more than 3 years Cons: • HR department is not a real HR department. Any concern you bring up privately or closed-door will immediately be talked about to other people that are NOT in the HR department. • If pay day lands on a weekend day, no matter what, you will be paid on the following Monday, and possibly later in the day. • If you bring up any ideas/solutions to better practices within the company, they will not be taken seriously, as most of the management has a “my way or the highway mindset”. • Creative thinking is not normally encouraged (even if they say it is), and people usually just stick to what they’ve always done. • If you are of a Liberal mindset, (or anything other than extremely Conservative) prepare to be attacked for the rare times you decide to show a glimpse of your views. • While there are opportunities available for growth, it seems to be more of a popularity contest internally, or biased with outside hires based on friendships. • If you are a female and are harassed in the warehouse, the person who harassed you is not significantly punished, it is more of a slap on the wrist. • Subordinates should not be training their superiors to be competent at their jobs, no matter the position. • Rather than solving a problem or admitting fault when it was Verde in the wrong, they’d rather have you lie and go a roundabout ridiculous way to find a fake solution for a client’s temporary happiness. • Culture of the company leans towards throwing other departments under the bus instead of working as a team to find a solution. • A lot of drama within the company, a lot of rumors spread as well."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Verde full-time for less than a year Cons: Low pay , poor benefits"

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