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No. 12 Group of the Royal Air Force was a command organization that existed over two separate periods, namely the end of World War I when it had a training function and from just prior to World War II until the early 1960s when it was tasked with an air defense role.

An angry former employee shared his/her experience working for the Royal Air Force on Indeed in October 2019:

"Many years ago the RAF used to be a proud organisation who had a good work hard play hard ethic. Unfortunately now the RAF has become a joke. Only happy to promote yes men. If you want to serve you country join the Navy or Army avoid the RAF at all costs."


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Marketing Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The recruiter is posting all these "fake" reviews as propaganda for new employees. Everyone is miserable in the office and management has no vision for the future. My best advice...stay away!! Cons: No potential for growth, condescending management, company without a credible plan"

Director, Marketing Services (Former Employee) says

"The most enjoyable part of the job was interacting with co-workers. Challenge was in dealing with products that client's found not to be very productive."

Support (Current Employee) says

"Younger atmosphere, but older leaders that are set in their ways. Constant emphasis on selling the company so job security has always been a question."

Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"Comfortable place to work. A typical day at work was productive but relaxed. It was a great experience to work there as a Graphic Designer. The managers were very nice."

Senior Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This was a fast paced postion. I learned to type fast. Managment was easy to talk too. Math was the hardest part. Being apart of a team was awesome.. Cons: No hands on training. You either sink or swim."


"I worked at V12 Group Cons: Nepotism and blatant favoritism. It is a shame."

Former Employee - Developer says

"I worked at V12 Group full-time for more than a year Cons: No match 401k plan. Crappy investment options from Fidelity. High cost medical insurance. Company always positioning itself to sell. Uncertain future. Only 12 paid vacations. Unclear career growth opportunities."