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The United States Postal Service (USPS; also known as the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service) is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government responsible for providing postal service in the United States, including its insular areas and associated states.

A dissapointed customer said this in a review: "USPS is the worst postal service in history, once I made a shipment and it never arrived at its destination, besides, they didn't give me an answer."


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CCA- City Carrier Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Pay & benefits"

PSE Mail Processing Clerk (Former Employee) says

"they don’t have any Management skills or supervisory training they literally promote who they feel is the coolest please get your education so you do not have to work Cons: Loooooong hours no days off liars"

Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"no customer service number, just a robot Cons: Everything"

CCA Mail Carrier (Former Employee) says

"Will stick you with trainer who I believe never trained before. No schedule or communication. Every time I showed up postmaster didn’ know I was coming. You are just a number they don’t care if you show up!! My ojt said she did two lopes two my one well off course if if I did same route everyday. Cca are treated horribly trust me you will see unless you are in a office that appreciates you!!!"

City Mail Carrier (Former Employee) says

"I have been diagnosed with depression & anxiety due to this organization. They hire management that cannot master their craft. You are treated like a 3rd grader. No talking! Get out of the office. Set your route up in a truck that has carbon monoxide in it. Also set up your route in the truck when it's 90 degrees above with no air conditioner or when it's 30 below with no heat! And then if that isn't enough become a number! That's all you are! No empathy for anything! Worst place in the world to work!!!!!!"

Letter Carrier (Former Employee) says

"its a political and racial organization where people of one color holds positions and let no new comer fit into their environment. totally discernment and abused. do not suggest to work specially in norfolk and hampton roads virginia area."

RCA Rural Carrier Associate (Former Employee) says

"They break every rule they spent days teaching you not to do. Unbelievable hostile work environment. People making fun of disabled people and others. Hazing and extreme standoffishness. Went brought to managers attention I was terminated."

Postal Service Mail Carrier (Former Employee) says

"They make you wait 2 and a half years before you become permanent that's with no benefits. And you are working your but off. Management talk crazy to you and you have to do other employees work."

CCA- City Carrier Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Not worth the stress whatsoever. Supervisors and management will look at you as incompetent and will treat you like children. Vehicle breaks down? Your fault! Dog attack occurs? Your fault! Wanna attend a family emergency or call out? Forget it, because they don't care about any of thay! You practically belong to them all 7 days of the week! When finally granted a day off, do not answer any of their texts or calls because you will be obligated to go into work and will threaten to terminate you for refusing to come in on your day off."

Rural Carrier Associate (RCA) says

"this is the worse job i ever had, still after a month of waiting i haven't received my last check just keep getting the run around .dont do it i had another job while transitioning to work at the post office just to get let go they don't even give you time to learn and i was only there 3 months and i mean all together with the training and everything and 2 weeks of that 3 months i didn't work at all, not only that they put me on 4 different routes at that time and than said i was to slow ...worse job ever."

Mail Handler (Current Employee) says

"Balance: None. Good supervisors: Raaaaare. Common sense in every day matters of the workplace: Void. Cleanliness in the plant: Laughable (and custodians are hired as regulars). Cons: Everything else"

CCA- City Carrier Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I moved here from another state (and another federal job) and decided to give this a try. Got hired as a CCA and did the initial training, filled with all sorts of safety reminders. They talked about how the post office is like family and safety A LOT. Seems there are lots of accidents, especially vehicular ones. Also, all isn’t well within the family. Lots of union complaints and grievances. Both of these I would later find out about. Cons: Everything"

Mail Handler (Current Employee) says

"Management creates a hostile work environment and I would not recommend working at this location to anyone. Preferential treatment is common practice and workers are treated unfairly daily. Instructed to work 8-10 hours a day 6 days a week. We haven't been given two days off since I've been there."

PSE Mail Processing Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Their was favoritism by management and supervisor to certain employee's they would always give them easier work which left others with difficult work to those who weren't favored. Those employee's were incredibly unprofessional to work with. They would also take longer lunches and breaks and if you brought it to the attention of managment they would do nothing so it was better not to say anything. Some cheat on their timesheet by having their friends time them in when others were late. Being favored you could choose your hours and wherever in the dept you wanted. Once I started working faster and work harder thinking it would help to move up in the company you would be targeted for harrasment and accused of stealing mail Cons: favoritism"

Clerk (Current Employee) says

"They don't try to work with your schedule even when it comes down to your kids. They work you long and hard. And there's very few hours. They are not professional at all."

Rural Carrier Associate (Former Employee) says

"The postal service is extremely hard work. Delivering the mail is not difficult, however they are now delivering packages for Amazon. You deliver hundreds of pieces of mail each day and on top of that hundreds of packages. It is definitely not worth the stress or aggravation Cons: Everything"

City Carrier Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Post Office takes advantage of new hires. They are disorganized and the management throws people to the wolves. Very limited guidance from senior employees. Forced to do a different route most days with a lot of Amazon packages. Cons: No support. Vehicles beat up"

Letter Carrier (Current Employee) says

"Required to work days off with no notice. USPS calls it "drafted." Employees are not told they will be drafted regularly at hiring. Even with decades of employment people are still drafted. There is also "mandatory overtime." People in "the real world" will not understand why you cant say no to USPS. This is not a job, you will be selling yourself and all your time. The rate of divorce and mental issues is incredibly high here."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn't recommend it to know one too much abuse swearing and rumors very stressful job people dont care about u babies wimps not a fun place to workare are babies wimps"

CCA- City Carrier Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Ever wonder why you have a new mail person all the time? Cca position gets no benefits, no career advancement until someone retires, overworked, under appreciated. Times I worked 15-20 days in a row, including Sunday's delivering Amazon. They will give you a day off, but because of your position, they can call you and you have to go in. No room for family life."

Former Employee - City Carrier Assistant (CCA) says

"I worked at US Postal Service full-time for less than a year Cons: Horrible management. You get a day off every two weeks and you better pray they don't change it last minute, because they can. A good job done is rewarded with a pat on the back and given more work."

Current Employee - Office Manager says

"I have been working at US Postal Service full-time Cons: horrible supervisors with no leadership abilities or compassion for the employees"

Former Employee - Rural Carrier Associate says

"I worked at US Postal Service full-time for more than a year Cons: long hours, work load, no benefits"

Former Employee - City Carrier Assistant says

"I worked at US Postal Service full-time Cons: Everything else other than pay! They do not care about their employees, especially the new employees."

Current Employee - MHA (Mail Handler Assistant ) says

"I have been working at US Postal Service full-time for less than a year Cons: No outside life, rude management, forced overtime 12 hour days"

Former Employee - City Carrier Assistant (CCA) says

"I worked at US Postal Service full-time Cons: Can work for 20 years and still not have a promotion (according to those who have worked there for that long) Management doesn't care about you and will push you to deliver everything"

Former Employee - Clerk says

"I worked at US Postal Service full-time Cons: Work hours horrible pay is ok"

Current Employee - Usps says

"I have been working at US Postal Service full-time Cons: unprofessional supervisors keep important information doesn't want to pay"

Current Employee - USPS CCA says

"I have been working at US Postal Service full-time Cons: To many cons to list they treat there employees like slaves"

Current Employee - USPS RCA says

"I have been working at US Postal Service part-time for less than a year Cons: Mostly weekend work, part time forever."

Dee Rice says

"It has been actual MONTHS and I still haven’t received my packages. USPS sucks I am beyond disappointed, I’m actually DISGUSTED. Will now only use UPS 🖕🏾"

Brent Burkhart says

"90+ billion deficit in 6 years? Need I say more? Please, just go out of business like any other company as inadequate."

Byrus says

"Bad because bad"

Louis Stoll says

"One star is toooo many!!! WHAT are these morons doing?? Package sits in Miami for TWO days and stillllll not here. Six days to ship 1,200 miles??!! I say FIRE every last of the inept douchebags and replace em with robots. USPS WILL BE BANKRUPT by 2025!! Use UPS or FedEx. The US POST OFFICE SUCKS AND IS NOT A DEPENDABLE SHIPPING OPTION!"

Katelyn Cryderman says

"It has now been a week since my package arrived at my local post office, and it has just been sitting there. USPS never fails to amaze me at how horrible it can be."

John Weekly says

"I live in apartments and watched the USPS driver stop in front of my apartment building and then she drove off. I looked at my tracking update online and it said she was unable to find a front door / driveway not accessible. I can't believe how incredibly lazy she was."

Mayra Martinez says

"I use to send package every day with the premise that it will be delivery 1-3 day, this almost never happens, horrible service."

J Angus says

"No card left , Not possible to speak to a person will avoid at all costs."

Jesus Esparza says

"Horrible service!! Usps hasn’t update me about my package since Friday. It just says in transit but it’s been like that for a couple of days. Now it’s MLK day so I have to wait another day. Worst service. Y’all should learn from Amazon."

wd walker says

"i had a item that should bend here 1/15/21 now it is 1/18/21 and it not here yet i thank usps lost it or stole it who knows nothing will be done about it usps is a joke they cant do there jobs at all if i could give them a big zero on rating i would"

Doris Lindsay says

"Today is day 46 that a 2 pound package I mailed (paid for guaranteed 2 day delivery) from central New York to North Carolina is still not delivered by this horrible, egregious organization. It has been bounced between Maryland and North Carolina since December 17 and they still refuse to deliver it. We mailed a similar package to Ireland on December 18 by FEDEX and it was delivered in 5 days. On December 28, we mailed 9 similar packages to various US locations via UPS and all were delivered in 3 or less days. It's amazing that FEDEX and UPS are COVID immune but the postal service is not - what a bunch of bull for USPS to use COVID as an excuse. The postal union wants to get even with the world and refuses to deliver packages and mail so, EVEYONE: lets get even with the postal union and permanently boycott them and put them out of business. The stupid union workers should take a look at what happened to all of the factories that got tired of dealing with union bull and left the country, putting many people out of work."

Mike smith says

"They suck typlcal government agency over paid and underworked, The only holidays they should have off is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and 4 of July. If they really worked they could have the other holidays off"

Joseph Calafactor says

"United States gooberment at it's finest! Moan and cry that they are losing money and need to increase postal rates for the pathetically undependable and unreliable service which, as unimaginable as it might seem, becomes even worse. As horrible as UPS and FedEx are at times ( mostly during peak shipping times, like the holiday season ) their "problems" are NOTHING when compared to the blatant incompetence of the USPS! Numerous packages previously sent "Priority Mail" ( inbound and outbound ) make it to the local distrubution center and bounce back and forth between two local hubs FOR DAYS before finally being delivered or, in the case of a returned item, it gets re-delivered back to me ( instead of being delivered to the addressee ). Once upon a time, it used to be that paying for "premium" USPS services meant that you could get a package to it's destination quickly. Now, it just means that the gooberment gets more money for the same pathetic service. I don't even bother to buy stamps anymore. If the business at hand can't be handled electronically, I will ONLY use UPS or FedEx. Eventually, USPS will seal their own demise and will go the way of the telegraph -- Good Riddance!"

Ben Johnson says

"My package was out for delivery for 10 hours, 6AM-4PM. I was waiting for the package to arrive for 3 hours sitting in my living room. I go to check the status and it says “delivery attempted, package held at post office per customer request”. 1. No delivery was ever attempted, and 2. I never requested the package be held at the post office. So now I have to wait an extra 2 days because of MLK day to go get my package. The worst part about it is this is the 4th time in 3 months that this has happened. This is seriously the worst delivery company on the face of this planet."

Hmong 100% says

"Box got to my house open and tape/box was tear the box was in a super bad shape like it got thrown off a 100 feet to the ground...not happy this pissed me off so bad"

Bodil Weirsøe says

"Why is it not possible to indicere Zorro or minus stars on this page? On December 17th 2020 I placed an order with the Company Noracora. On Apparently the USPS made a mistake in the delivery to our House in Port St Lucie, Florida. We were away for a few days and on January 12th received a mail from the USPS that they on January 7 - ie FIVE days prior unsuccesfully had tried to deliver my package but I could arrange a second delivery before Jan 18th. When we contacted the USPS we got the message that they had decided that our House was abandoned and therefore had returned the package to sender immediately, 11 days prior to the deadline for a second delivery that they promised in the mail (We have often had packages sent to this adress without any complications although this is not our registered adress). USPS maintained they could no longer trace it. This is a mistake on the part of the Uof course, (and I will post this review on their page too). When I turned to Noracoras customer service for help they informed me that according to USPS the package had been delivered thereby implicating that I was trying to commit fraud. Thus of course is extremely offensive to me as ir was the USPS that committed a mistake in the first place. The Noracora customer service has been unhelpful to say the least. I am out of ideas now so my only option is to get my bank to object to the deal. I don’t have much hope that we will succeed in this, I fear my money is lost. They withdrew it on december 17th when I ordered the goods ie long before delivery. USPS ref nr: HBPT00414134 Very bad experience with Noracora as well as the USPS"

EhMay Paw says

"😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡Very disappointed in you USPS!!!!! Such a horrible mail carrier! Not only did my package arrived late, the mail carrier open my package 📦 doesn’t close it back properly. And what’s worse is there were nasty tissue and a receipt which does not belong to me. What are those meaty tissues in my package are for ? I never ordered them. Now I’m worry so much about it. Would that have something to do with COVID-19? Because I know they are not suppose to be in there. I know and can understand what is going on right now with the world due to COVID-19 and all of that but I believe I don’t deserve to be treat this way because I also pay for the shipping alright. You (usps ) need to do a better job and take your service seriously. To be honest I had a very bad experience with you guys and this is not even the first time. If I could rate you 0-10 I’m going to tell you that you only deserve a zero."

Victor Roman says

"Wow very disappointing dealing with USPS my packages have been delayed. I should have received one of the packages 4 days ago..."

rob says

"Lost my stimulus check. It’s Saturday and it was on informed delivery for Monday. They are the worst. They constantly Leave packages in my box sticking out instead of just putting them at my door. It’s a joke. Hope they all get fired. I give up."

tom turner says

"USPS is awful!! Still looking for a package shipped 2 weeks ago. This is what you get when no one can get fired for not doing their job."

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