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Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is an American freelancing platform where enterprises and individuals connect in order to conduct business. In 2015, the Elance-oDesk merger was rebranded as Upwork and the company's full name is now Upwork Global Inc. Upwork is currently based in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California, though it serves clients around the world.

A freelancer shares his disappointing experience on indeed.com, "I was with Upwork for less than 2 weeks. Found out how scammers run rampant on my 1st job offer. To make things worse, Upwork doesn't warn you that you may get scammed because you're new. When you complain, you get a bunch of unprofessional so-called Community Gurus & Moderators making you feel like you did something wrong when all you do is ask for help. I was going to stay so I went to Upwork Community to find out how to stay away from that but was hit with people talking to me like I was a child and they were my parents. Didn't want to work in that atmosphere of people and then did research to find out people have been scammed for thousands of dollars. Upwork even has a forum where people say they've been scammed or an attempt has been made. I'm done with them and anything that resembles their company. I know it's not their fault for the scammers, but they could put more professional people in there to help those who ask for it."


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Accounts Executive (Former Employee) says

"Upwork "Trust and Safety Team" is the most stupid team on earth. Filled with stupid people. They are keep suspending accounts without any proof. Please check these.Your bank gives the information to someone else. To cyber criminals"

Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"I was with Upwork for less than 2 weeks. Found out how scammers run rampant on my 1st job offer. To make things worse, Upwork doesn't warn you that you may get scammed because you're new. When you complain, you get a bunch of unprofessional so called Community Gurus & Moderators making you feel like you did something wrong when all you do is ask for help. I was going to stay so I went to Upwork Community to find out how to stay away from that, but was hit with people talking to me like I was a child and they were my parents. Didn't want to work in that atmosphere of people an then did research to find out people have been scammed for thousands of dollars. Upwork even has a forum where people say they've been scammed or an attempt has been made. I'm done with them and anything that resembles their company. I know it's not their fault for the scammers, but they could put more professional people in there to help those who ask for it.NoneSCAMMERS & unprofessional representatives."

Freelancer (Current Employee) says

"They favor customers over freelancers. Freelancers get screwed over all the time and there processes to get freelancers to be able to work are extensive and tedious. They have a terrible user experience and need a much better design team because clearly they are not user focused at all."

Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"Upwork looks great when you first sign up as a freelancer. UNTIL they block your account for no reason and bombard your clients for information!Upwork blocked my account for "Irregular activities" and asked myself and my client for all of our personal information and evidence of all our communications and work together. After providing ALL of this Upwork still has both our accounts blocked and even is holding my money that I got paid for the job as ransom! I urge anyone reading this to be careful when using upwork as they seem to have no interest in helping people, just stealing their money!None if you cant get paidThey lock your payments and account"

Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"Upwork is for freelancers. This is not a job site. You are not an employee, you have to be in business for yourself. It is also pay-to-play. You will be charged fees to bid on RFP's. If you do not know what an RFP is, UpWork is not for you. They are falsely recruiting on Indeed to take your money. It will take weeks or months to get your first client. Run away! Tons of scammers on there - company does nothing to stop it. Even though you in business for yourself, they control everything and you must follow they rules. I left UW after 6 years because of the high monthly fees + taking 20% of your money off the top. Low quality of clients and the amount of scammers they allow to register on the website. You are paying to help the CEO maintain his lifestyle, You will make more money if you avoid Upwork altogether.No support, even though you are not an employee you will be ranked, clients lie or scam, you are competing with hundreds of thousands people all over the world for the same work, most of whom are in India and Pakistan, Lots of scammers on there and the company does nothing to stop it!"

Trust Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Absolutely terrible work environment!!! There are better freelancing platforms than Upwork. They will occasionally request a random interview and don’t mention they charge service fees upon sign up. Also, there are a lot of online threads about account suspensions out of the blue. This platform is like one of those apps that go bad after an update!"

Writer (Former Employee) says

"Upwork takes a huge cut of writer's pay, which means you're often losing more than 20% of your salary before tax. This means you have to price higher, but this makes your rate uncompetitive. They also threaten you with legal action if you try to take your business with a client off the site. Truly an unethical company."

Freelance Writer (Current Employee) says

"Not only do they take 10-20% of every dollar you make but they also charge you just for the right to apply to a job! Basically a scam at this point. I can't stress enough how awful they are to their freelancers"

Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"The beauty about working for Upwork is that they have remote job opportunities -- this is good for working mothers and students, as well as some people who are looking for a side line. However, because the company takes a big cut on the percentage fee, there is low net pay. So the good thing is that work can be done remotely. But it's not a good value for money."

designer (Former Employee) says

"with what one of their top rated earns in three years, I pay maybe three months' rent. not good for western professionals. customers are bad. they look for the cheap and what they find is bad quality. which they constantly complain about in their posts. you pay for the quality. the agency constantly takes professinists, every now and then pretends not to accept some profile. once on the site, you must be profitable, buying their subscriptions and continuous connections packages. (applying for a job has a cost). you are continually invited to purchase connection packages. so, they bullied you, by blocking your account, also subtracting the connections you have purchased. but, be careful, they do not close the account. rather, they prevent you from doing it independently. strange. I repeat, attention!"

Freelance Graphic Designer/Illustrator (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for. I got two clients that were trying to scam me and get my social security number. They do NOT verify customers. However, they verify the designers every time we change our profile. They harass us to upload driver's license and they want to do a video chat where they see you but you don't see them. And when you need help, there's nobody to talk to just a robot. When new customers sign up, they recommend designers they want to promote. I will not work for them again."

Freelance (Current Employee) says

"I am disgusted with this company’s complete lack of regard and interest of protecting the freelancer’s work and proper compensation. They side totally with the paying client even if the client is untrustworthy and reneges on compensation to be paid after the work has been completed. BEWARED MILESTONE PAYMENTS. They are used by dishonest clients who want to stiff the freelancers. And Upwork lets them do this and then withdraws funds already paid for projects back to these dirtbags. STAY AWAY. There are better freelance websites for you to check out."

Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"They demand you send them two separate pictures of your driver's license and do a video call to verify your identity. Their video calling system goes down ("We're currently upgrading") but they suspend your account for not giving them a video call. Then they suspend your account and cancel all of your proposals. Apparently in order to work on UpWork you need to give them your birth certificate, pass the Turing test, and let them sequence your genome. But their systems are down to actually let you do that anyway. When I asked them to restore my proposals, they said they won't, but if I provide proof of their system being down (how is that not something they already knew about/could check on), they "MIGHT CONSIDER" refunding the $2 I spent on making the submissions. Like that's even the issue. This isn't a company so much as a service and their customer service is absolute garbage. They don't weed out clients that are scammers and let people post 'jobs' that pay $3/hr. Meanwhile they put you through the wringer to try to weed out actual freelancers just trying to work with them. Just go use another service, this one is trash.They take a huge cut of your earnings, you can't actually find clients because they delete your proposals"

Freelance Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"Upwork takes a HUGE 20% cut of any earnings, they also make you pay for lots of little additions just to get work. This is a very deceptive process for freelancers. I also had customers create disputes just so they did not have to pay me. So my advice is to stay away from Upwork."

Freelancer (Current Employee) says

"I recently got a new contract via upwork and charged a high rate, which I was really pleased with. Upwork then gave me 7 days to upload photo ID - this has been done by me already several times over the course of 10 years. This year my passport expired only a few months ago and now I cannot withdraw any of my hard earned funds because my passport is not valid. I DONT DRIVE. I dont have any other form of photo ID. I have tried sending my recently expired passport but they wont accept it. I WILL NOT WORK FOR FREE UNTIL I GET A NEW PASSPORT. UPWORK are holding my funds now and to be honest, they can keep them - I have made upwork loads of money throughout the years. I need the UPWORK funds to pay for a new passport... they are messing with my livelihood. THOSE ARE MY EARNINGS!!! NOT YOURS UPWORK!!!"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"I paid $2300 for an mvp app and got nothing from the freelancer. He just left and Upwork can’t do anything to get my money back. Worthless program! Don’t waste your time with Upwork."

freelancer (Former Employee) says

"bad company no support no money. only wasting time. A lot of times reviews for my profile, no job, only paid money for nothing. They only use people to grab money. no help no useless"

health (Former Employee) says

"-not a good place for motivated and full-rounded people. -competition drives down labor wages -lower income countries professionals are only able to work with a price advantage -no assurance on pay"

Server (Current Employee) says

"I'd like to give an -1000 mark rating if there is option here. This website is running by Idiots and fools from India and cheap developers. They can easily suspended your account and take your time and effort. Don't use this platform forever, this will be end as soon as possible due to its big lack."

Freelancer (Former Employee) says

"An absolute crapshoot of a website, where good freelancers have their accounts permanently disabled without any explanation, virtually no support whatsoever for freelancers and a very poorly put-together user interface."

Rachel May says

"I started trying to freelance with this company, however they stated saying other accounts were linked to my e-mail. This was 100% inaccurate and with that, they removed everything that was about me and the work I did complete. They owed me over $600 and decided not to pay."

Gerry R says

"I'd give them ZERO stars. Their communications lack any indication that they know how to run a business.
HORRIBLE! Plenty of other places to HIRE people and have the opportunity to interview them face to face.
Horrible - use at your own risk."

Shiv Linga says

"I have over 4-years experience, but they declined my profile don't know why."

Dylan Neill says

"This company is a joke. They continue spamming you with emails even when you tell them to stop. Terms and conditions are unclear and hidden. Avoid."

hn says

"DO NOT USE UPWORK - unless you have your Solicitor reading EVERY word of your requirements. Which most of use do not because we expect Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism.


The freelancers are JOKE and use legal maneuverability to LITERALLY STEAL your money with UPWORKS's blessing as this is how they make money!


Please Note: Most of the Excellent reviews are from Freelancers! A place where they are well catered for stealing money from unsuspecting, innocent customers.

UPWORK, from actual experiences of ours, is INFESTED with corrupt freelancers with no TALENT.


Vinod Kathi says

"Upwork is crazy and stealing freelancer/client's money.
- Upwork fee:
20% is large for freelancers.
- Client Job posting fee: 3% of the budget is large as well.
- Upwork bans accounts of many freelancers and stealing money and also their support team is lazy.
- There are a lot of fake clients and freelancers.

reza says

"hourly work upwork is the worst system of all freelancer sites"

Alyaa Taha says

"I had the most horrible experience with Upwork. I needed a website redesign service and hired a freelancer from Upwork thinking that this would be wise and I'll be protected since it is with a huge platform like Upwork. The freelancer was acting unprofessional and kept asking for money before completing the milestones, and even asking for money outside the contract. I have already released most of the milestones payment and asked her to complete the task first before I release the following payment.. she called me rude and kept getting into tangles of emotional drama. then called me rude again. I asked her to stop working on the project at that point. She went and erased all the work she had done and refused to refund me my money. I lost the year's most important season for sales, I lost my money during a bad financial time for small companies in addition to the unheard-of behavior. Upwork did nothing to help.. she even continued in her unprofessional insulting drama on the Upwork so-called Mediation thread and they haven't done anything. they refused to refund me and offered to credit not refund only a small fraction of the money. After a good, while I asked for that credit, they said they will refund that small amount if I wanted....... although they said it's not allowed at the beginning.. I am shocked about how they don't value their customers and care for our interests. Basically, you are not protected at all with Upwork as a client. they give the freelancer an easy ride and they can do whatever they want. while it should be mutual interest protection for both."

Monsur Ali says

"Dont use them, they do not protect your money and top they cancel your contract just because you're in active, at least secure the money before cancelling.

I lost 650 USD but i didn't get anything also they deduct money from my account when i am refunded and they say it its a currency difference

also the customer service are terrible
dont ever use them freelance are in cable of doing the jobs"

Lattuga Zucchini says

"Very bad experience.i am an artisan that make hand crafted theatre masks from Italy and i study in the cradle of art in Florence and i sent my CV and my resume accurately and they answered that for the moment they cannot accept my profile in order to work with them.they did not specify why nor in a polite manner.
It s a web site that offers work and give the possibility to employers to find the right person but firstly they should learn polite manners!"

Usama Hassan says

"Membership connects is not enough .every job take 4 to 6 connects its not fair."

İslam Orucov says

"TLDR: Unfair fees and cumbersome user experience with lots of customers who do not know what they want.

transfering your earnings to your account is super easy
multiple specialised profiles for different targets

The fees are ridiculously high and unfair. I've been on the platform for quite some time and have a well over 30 returning customers, so it doesn't affect me, I simply increase my rates and make sure to include whatever the fees are in the bill. But I have seen many starters who have failed to make a decent earning because of this abnormal strategy. Now they will claim that "this is a bussiness and blah blah" but as a bussiness advocate I highly doubt that this is the best longterm strategy. Not mentioning how disrespectful it is for those who literally depend on such platforms to make a living. But yeah, "it's a bussiness".

Almost no regulations on how a job post should be. This eventually pollutes the marketplace with garbage posts that:
aren't well described - you can ingnore them but makes it a hell to go through garbage posts,
customers that aren't serious - you can ignore them if you're independent to some degree but let's be honest, most freelancers are not and they have to put up with such people and end up wasting their time,

pays that aren't fair at all - you can again set a filter but those with little to no experience have almost no chance of getting those fair paying jobs, they have to build up a portfolio having to slave through the cheap jobs for a quite some time, "that's just slavery with extra steps - r&m"

Also, even though you can report such cases - tame wasting customers, spams and such - there's no evidence that they are being taken care of. They will just pop up a message that says "yeah we took care of it" but in fact nothing will be done. For example if a customer had you working on a simple task for days because of ever-changing instructions, there's no way you can prove that the project failed because they had no idea what they wanted. What happens is, well you have just wasted a few days and nobody gives a damn.

Customer service representatives are extremely rude an unprofessional. This a very big deal for any bussiness and my most important criteria. If you have a problem with the sevice or the payment, you would be better of with just forgetting it, nobody's there to help.

Overall, it works fairly well for those with a good portofilo and a some number of monthly returning customers that are happy work woth them no matter what are the fees becaues it's just cheaper that hiring someone else.
Otherwise, by no means, do not rely on Upwork as a stable/permanent source of income if you lack the right experience, a nice portfolio with dozens of positive feedbacks or already established customer base.

I personally make a good living on a few freelancer platforms Upwork included but I rate it 1 start solely because how the platform does not care about the freelancers. And is centered around the strategy of making more money from whomever makes any."

Sumit C. says

"Bad experience with two contractors. Hate the design and structure of this website.
-Can't rate the contractor before he rates you.
-Can't cancel the contract without rating them.
I am sorry, who's paying for your and contactor's services?
Will never use the platform. Would recommend Fiverr over it."

Laura Hilber says

"Elance I used in 2014 was great. But now, known as Upwork, the quality of the freelancers have really deteriorated. Since 2016, it has been horrible experiences project after project. The freelancers are late, don't take accountability, mess things up, causes more work than helping us with the assigned tasks. The CSR at Upwork are really helpful ... now if only the freelancers could provide quality, professional, and reliable service ... that would be great. The people we hired have been from India and the Philippines ... not been happy experiences. And oh seems like the freelancers are less than open, honest and transpaprent ... so try and be careful"

Tom says

"The Freelancers on upwork are very good, However! Upworks business practices are very unethical. They do automatic debits with out providing any warning, no invoices, so statement as to what you are paying for. This in not good business practice. It is typical to invoice a customer before. Especially with auto debit is disabled."

MC says

"I was scammed twice. The last time I used it, the developer locked me out of my own website and demanded more money than what we initially agreed on. He wanted me to pay him $10,000 per month when I own a small business. Upwork was completely useless and they hid my review. Don't trust their reviews. If you absolutely have to use Upwork, change the settings to local and not global. Both scammers are still active-Shishir Babel and Babita"

Janett Chloe Nevarez says

"Avoid Upwork for your business. This is the lamest User Experience I've ever had with any freelance platform, and I've used quite a few to hire freelancers for my business. I haven't used Upwork in months, I could easily say almost a year, and they decided out of the blue suspend my account for policy violations. I didn't even realize it because I wasn't using it. One day I decided to give it a try for another gig and they let me create the job, hire a freelancer add my payment method, initiate the gig, while sending me notifications that my account was suspended months ago. The customer service was not surprisingly totally unhelpful. I don't know if this platform just has random technical glitches, but I have never been suspended for policy violations on any platform. As someone who works in digital marketing, that is an area I navigate very well. No wonder Fiverr is taking over."

Matt Vannini says

"Absolutely horrible decision. Our experience is that unless you use Upworks’ pay model the general population of “skilled devs” is littered with unemployable hacks who have exaggerated their experience to the point where it’s laughable. Upworks answer. Yes, you can receive better qualified people if you use our recruitment pay model. They’ve cost us clients, time and money. This was after several bad experiences."

Victor Aluko says

"Mostly a pleasant experience. The website has been having a cookie issue recently though. Keeps prompting me to confirm I am human. Apart from that, positive experience on the platform"

Maxim Sokolenko says

"upwork.com with its model of connects lost fight to the fiverr.com"

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