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Universal's Islands of Adventure (originally Universal Studios Islands of Adventure) is a theme park located in Orlando, Florida. It opened on May 28, 1999, along with CityWalk, as part of an expansion that converted Universal Studios Florida into the Universal Orlando Resort. The resort's slogan Vacation Like You Mean It was introduced in 2013.Islands of Adventure is modeled after a journey of after a journey of exploration, where guests embark on an adventure to visit a variety of themed islands. Initially, the park featured six islands. A seventh, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, was added in 2010, themed to the highly-successful Harry Potter franchise. It was Universal's largest investment since the resort's founding in 1990. The expansion led to a significant increase in attendance, and in 2013, Islands of Adventure ranked seventh domestically and eleventh internationally after hosting approximately 8.1 million guests. The eighth island, Skull Island, opened on July 13, 2016 and is themed to the King Kong franchise.

A customer shared their experience at the Universal Studio Theme parks in a review, "I would not stay at a Universal property again. The theme park is fun but way too expensive. We did the express pass that was ridiculously expensive. The Resort need updating. The best part is the free transportation between the resort and the theme parks. Not even the ride between the airport and the resort is included. I had the meal plan but it doesn't include the restaurants at the resorts. I love kids but try to get into the hot tub! Good luck! There were at least 20 kids in it at all times. I've been to Disney and that is where I will go from now on."

One employee also said in an interview, If you have family this job is not for you. If you have anything going on in your life this is not the job for you. If you love working and being alone and getting mistreated then this is the job for you! Hard times in your life they don’t care as long as you come to work your outside life is not important to them. I had a manage tell me “you knew what you signed up for” when I wanted to go part time what kind of response is that."


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Stuart Potter says

"Absolutely appalling company to deal with, Our holiday has been cancelled due to Covid 19 and the company will only refund part of our ticket price, we bought 5 tickets at £400 each but they are refusing to refund the full amount, they will only refund £300 per ticket!!! So they have taken £500 from us, when it was nothing we could do anything about, for a company to make money out of this terrible pandemic is beyond disgusting!! I have never come across such poor customer service!"

James Lynch says

"This company are refusing to give its customers refunds, they say they have to wait for there suppliers to refund them before they refund customers,but the customers paid Orlando Attraction Tickets not a third party? Disgracefull !!! message for the trust pilot team who removed my last post - I AM NOT A ROBOT"

Joanne says

"Still waiting for refund....... At the outset I contacted them to change our booking dates for all 10 people and also advised if we cannot do that, can I just get a refund then book again with you for the new dates or even supply a credit / voucher? due to our holiday been cancelled. The company's behaviour has been in my opinion shocking to say the least, based on my experiences with other company's willingness to meet customer expectations at this difficult time. From the outset this company has tried to apply charges for changes due to COVID. No other company I have dealt with has had the audacity to do so, what does this say about the company's ethics and values for a so called company that advertises tickets come with “Smiles included ®” - Stay well clear... Don't forget you can claim back from your Visa's if you used to pay for tickets, over £100 in the UK - Use it to get your money back and leave them with the headache! hope you all that are having trouble with them get sorted soon.."

andrew finch says


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