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Universal Health Services (UHS) is an American Fortune 500 company that provides hospital and healthcare services, based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. In 2019, its annual revenues were $11.37 billion.

This corporation is exclusively focused on earning the corporate executives huge bonuses on the backs of the leadership of the individual hospitals. There is consistent lack of transparency from Corporate to the hospitals always adding more costs to the hospitals so the corporation can lower bonuses to hospital leadership. Corporate will even change the bonus criteria during the middle of the year if too many hospitals are meeting the targets to trigger hospital leadership to receive bonuses. Alan Miller routinely Corporately pays to have board members join him on trips to Las Vegas under the guise of work travel. None of the board members set foot on any of the hospital campuses. Alan will go to one or two of the hospitals and demand the hospital leadership team be available at his whim. Last time it was 8 AM on a Sunday morning, so much for my intention of going to church. Alan Miller demands you worship at the church of Alan Miller. This is a family owned business and from a corporate perspective behaves no differently than any other family business. From the way the board members are elected to the way corporate executive positions are held.


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Former Employee - Director says

"Profit outweighs patient care Management are unskilled and unprofessional Hostile work environment"

Accounting Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible leadership, the leadership team either lacked interpersonal skills or had zero experience. Most of the time both applied to management. When you have a manager that makes fun of everyone and then acts nice to their face it becomes more of a high school environment then a workplace. When you have a CFO that lacks some basic interpersonal skills and will call hourly staff on their time off, there is no boundaries."

Current Employee - Therapist says

"Low pay, corrupt management, horrible working conditions."

Social Services therapist (Current Employee) says

"I have been with UHS for over 5 years now & I keep wanting to believe the culture will change, it hasn’t and it won’t. Administration such as department heads do not reply to emails unless you continue to ask for a reply. Most directives get passed by word of mouth and no official documentation. It’s unprofessional. I love the work I do and absolutely hate the company I work for.Working with patients and coworkersTakes advantage of turnover rate, not competitive pay what so ever"

Former Employee - Case Manager says

"This place is so old school and such a boys club. Their administration have spent their whole working life at this hospital and run things the same way they always have. They never change, and if you try to suggest a change, you're called out an targeted. People who are liked, can do no wrong. But everyone else has to watch their backs. It's such a toxic working environment."

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"You are charmed into believing you have value but owner micromanages every working moment; no trust; he wants triple in productivity to what he pays you; healthcare benefits make working there unaffordable; no mileage reimbursement; too high expectations, only cares about bottom line; no training"

Former Employee - Chief Operating Officer says

"Zero work-life balance. Fear tactics used frequently by upper management"

Payment Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The atmosphere and work culture at this place is horrible and if that was better maybe the job would be more inviting but the work culture is a mess and the PTO is trash and I just would not recommend working here"

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