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The United Independent Party or "UIP" is a political party based in Massachusetts, United States. The chairperson of the UIP is Evan Falchuk, a former health care executive who submitted enough signatures to be on the 2014 gubernatorial ballot. When the party and Falchuk announced their intention to run in 2014, it billed itself as pragmatically progressive and fiscally sensible.

The party won more than 3% of the vote in the 2014 gubernatorial ballot and was officially recognized in Massachusetts as a major party, alongside Democrats, Republicans, and the Green-Rainbow Party. Following the 2014 election, the party announced that it would seek to enroll 50,000 Massachusetts residents in the UIP by the end of 2015.

The UIP was spearheading an effort to have a referendum on the Boston bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics before the bid was withdrawn. In November 2016, the UIP lost official party status in Massachusetts.

In February 2017, party President Evan Falchuk left the UIP and joined the Democratic Party. Falchuk hinted that he was leaving the door open for a possible run for governor in 2018 but declined to run.

A political science student aired his views about the party, he said " The political structure of the party makes it very difficult to be taken serious. The executives especially the flag bearer fails to understand the need to involve the grassroots supporters in making political policies which would be implemented when the party wins the elections. Benefits are shared based on affiliations with their executions and not on merits."


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