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United Microelectronics Corporation is a Taiwanese company which is based in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It was founded as Taiwan's first semiconductor company in 1980 as a spin-off of the government-sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

UMC is best known for its semiconductor foundry business, manufacturing integrated circuits wafers for fabless semiconductor companies. In this role, UMC is ranked behind competitors TSMC and GlobalFoundries.It has three 300 mm fabs, one in Taiwan, one in Singapore, and one in China.

A upset former employee said this in a review about the work environment "Long hours, unstoppable task assigned, low efficiency on conducting tasks, poor management, unacceptable culture, OT only accountable for weekend on duty. Salary in United Microelectronics is ok but work life balance is non-existent. No support and demanding attitude from upper management makes it hard to accomplish tasks. Office politics influence heavily on decision making."


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"no rule to follow. employee come and go so often. No attachment. Like small company; no former way of doing things."


"UMC is 2nd tier foundry and the top management team is 2nd class executives who don't have good strategy. Their strategy is to match TSMC process technology. Their existence is to provide another competition for fabless company such that they have alternative to negotiate price with TSMC. Their business will be very subject to the business cycle of semiconductor industry."

Former Employee - Process Engineer says

"High Resignation rate induce insufficient staff capacity. Insufficient management.Too much meaningless work.Chinese communication environment.Insufficient credit."

Former Employee - Equipment Engineer says

"Micro Management and Politics all the time"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- A LOT of Toxic, political work culture. - Supervisor are really micro-management, arrogant and unhonest enjoying taking people at their back. (maybe not all, guess only my team does). - Doesn't really work like a high-tech engineering company, lots of old fashioned middle management who sticks with antiquated process. - 'Clique' culture. Employee from certain cliques tend to band together and promote their interest. - Cronyism, favoritism, recognition is based on superficial factors rather than merit. Example the 'CHARMERS' are likely to get promoted over the competent. - Unreasonable, unfair performance evaluation, review based on hearsay, and who you know, who you hang out with, in the company/ department / team. - project...project...project... many projects are non-sense, only put up for show, cheating for job grade promotion. Again, only the 'CHARMERS' are selected to participate in the project. - Nationality-bias, Taiwanese hierarchy culture, this is a pure Mandarin speaking company, most of the top management is from Taiwan and China, inter-grade promotion difficult and depending on top management ."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Got a lot of OT pay for some sections."

Current Employee - Process Engineer says

"Expect to work overtime daily as the latter you left meant you done more work. Expect to be alert on all work related issue 24/7 Low starting salary although can earn OT on weekend Daily workload can stress the evry bit of you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"hard to adapt company culture"

Current Employee - Equipment Engineer says

"Stress culture not good. All people not more than 2 or three year experiences. No guide will be given and when thing mess come you are suck."

Process Engineer says

"1. High turnover rate 2. Endless paper works and projects 3. Ridiculous request from top management 4. Long working hours 5. Weekdays overtime without pay 6. No such thing as co-work (the louder one always win)"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"In IT domain, managers has no domain knowledge but has great power again.Employ are slave not companion"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Salary is good but work life balance is non-existent. No support and demanding attitude from upper management makes it hard to accomplish tasks. Office politics influence heavily on decision making.SalaryNo work life balance & office politics"

Advanced Process Integration Engineer (Former Employee) says

"In the company I did learn lots of knowledge of advanced semiconductor design and manufacturing. International customers also gave me the opportunity to cooperate with different type of companies and groups. I learn how to deal with huge data and transform data into information though this work position and that is the most important skill I got here.World class company with complete system.On call always and impact my life and health"

Factory Operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked in UMC TAIWAN for 3 years, i should say the working environment is so stressful especially if we working for 12 hrs everyday, and needs to meet the target quota daily.Other taiwanese co worker is nice and friendlyBosses are adding to much pressure to the worker"

Equipment Engineer (Former Employee) says

"• Inspected various types of semiconductor production equipment of furnace team • Engaged on wafers production duty which include testing • Performed scheduled preventive maintenance and extensive repairs on equipment • Analysed equipment malfunctions and failures and accordingly developed corrective actions • Prepared product failure analysis report and developed safety improvement initiatives"

Technical Assistant Vendor in UMC (Former Employee) says

"• Do Preventive Maintenance, troubleshooting and servicing on Single Wafer Machines and Chambers according to SOP. Change parts if there is necessary to change. • Check temperature and pressure valves and do calibration if there is necessary to do. • Check particles, leak checks and fix errors on machines and chambers. • Write reports and done other duties as assigned.ChallengingLong hours"

Customer Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Cost down company and move some dept. back to Asia. Customer service for related purchase orders."

Process Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Fast paced working environment - an ok place to learn. Pay lot attention on reports. Uncleared duty/task distribution. High risks. Managements are mostly Taiwanese..Medical insurance, lunch subsidy ($2 per meal), OT claim.Long hours, unstoppable task assigned, low efficiency on conducting tasks, poor management, unacceptable culture, OT only accountable for weekend on duty."

Section Manager (Current Employee) says

"這家公司堤共 1.比業界高的薪水 2.想往上衝得有機會升遷 3.提共很好的學習環境 4.上班打卡制 下班責任制"

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